This is Toad Session #39 with Breakfast Muff, recorded on the 9th December 2016 in our warehouse recording space down in Leith - The Happiness Hotel.

These guys have been our pals for a few years, since before the fantastic David Cameron's Eton Mess compilation, and all three of Eilidh, Simone and Cal have been in loads of other bands we love too.

This stuff is short, sharp and ferocious, at the same time as being loose, flippant and funny. Not many bands I know can combine dark humour, angry politics, outright silliness and boisterous riffery like these guys and this session was an absolute ton of fun to do.

As usual, Mario Cruzado made the fantastic videos, with help from Jennifer Baker.

01. Breakfast Muff - Baby Boomers (Toad Session) (00.13)
02. Mary Column - Strange (14.35)
03. Passion Pusher - Sauchiehall Street (EP version) (08.05)
04. Breakfast Muff - Raspberry Pavlova (Toad Session) (23.11)
05. Duds - No Remark (31.27)
06. Youngstrr Joey - Billy is Drinking Pints With Dogs (34.14)
07. Breakfast Muff - Waving Cat (Toad Session) (39.56)
08. Towel - M8 (43.55)
09. Jealous Girlfriend - UR not Broken (45.24)
10. Breakfast Muff - RU a Feminist (Toad Session) (54.33)

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Tim the Mute and Kim Gray came over from Vancouver to tour in late Autumn and early Winter of 2016 and played a show for us at The Happiness Hotel on the 27th November. We managed to make time to squeeze in a wee Toad Session beforehand.

Tim runs the fantastic label Kingfisher Bluez and has become a good friend and musical ally over the years, partly because I love a lot of the music he releases, partly because I like how he goes about his business, and partly because he is just a lovely guy.

He's been over to play shows for us a couple of times now, co-released the first Adam Stafford record we did a few years back, and this year brought his friend Kim Gray with him on tour. They played a fantastic house gig at The Happiness Hotel and we recorded this session beforehand.

As usual, Mario Cruzado made the fantastic videos, with help from Jennifer Baker.

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