I am going to be spending an awful lot of time on motorways in the immediate future (this is after a Manchester round trip last week as well) so I figured calling this the Motorwaycast made some sense. So many white lines, so many headlights.

I actually don't mind long drives. I find them sort of meditative in a way, although that effect sort of diminishes when you've driven the same stretch of motorway a bit too often. Then it's just dull and frustrating, but in general long drives are kind of nice. I stick a pile of tapes on the seat next to me, get a coffee and just muse my way along the road for hours.

That car in the picture is not entirely like Shirley (our new 240 wagon) but not all that unlike, and because there will be a funeral involved in one of these trips I think Shirley is rather more suitable than Bette, covered in stickers and a ludicrous green racing stripe.  Shirley's good, though, she's handled a few good long round trips now so it looks like we have another long distance workhorse on our hands.

01. Le Thug - Outer Hebridean (00.37)
02. Dearness - It's OK, You're Fine (07.40)
03. Nada Surf - Popular (10.27)
04. Becky Becky - I Remember, I Remember (15.53)
05. Spinning Coin - Late Late Late (22.00)
06. Lush Purr - I Admit It, I'm a Gardener (23.46)
07. Tisso Lake - Carnival (29.39)
08. Corespondents - Winner of My Disco Tent (41.46)
09. If it Ain't Breakfast, Don't Fix It - Expensive Thrill (45.30)
10. Sacred Paws - Vince (50.47)
11. Slows Down - The Way Down Leering (57.59)

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