Virgin of the Birds Toad Session from Song, by Toad on Vimeo. Photos – Flickr Video - Vimeo - YouTube Session tracks Soundcloud – zip download (right click – save as) Interview podcast – mp3 – iTunes – Mixcloud (playlist at bottom of page) Virgin of the Birds first started to become part of the Toad family when he played our first ever New Year's House Gig back in, erm... I dunno, was it 2009 maybe? Jon's free EPs were pretty much all firm favourites around here, and despite the understatement of his music it was stuff I just kept going back to again and again. I liked them so much that when we released our 5 Year Box Set Jon and I put together a compilation of the very best bits to release on record, and then, despite having not had a formal Virgin of the Birds release for years he suddenly came up with a new album around the same time. The timing was ideal, and so we ended up releasing that in May as well, coincidentally around the time Jon came over to the UK to play some shows. Mrs. Toad and I had just moved house, and so this ended up being the first session recorded in our new place - with a whole new set of neighbours to annoy. Neil and Reuben from Supermoon helped out by playing on a couple of the tracks, the awesome Nic Rue took the pictures for us again, and Dylan, Ian and Steve all came round to say hello and occasionally get roped into helping me and Nic with the filming. So yes, this is what Toad Sessions are going to look like from now on. No more turquoise walls! Full Interview Podcast:


Toadcast #311 - Virgin of the Birds Toad Session by Song, By Toad on Mixcloud


Session Tracks: Session Videos:       Podcast Tracklisting: 01. Virgin of the Birds - Queen of Sweden (Toad Session) (00.22) 02. The Delgados - Been Accused of Stealing (live) (12.26) 03. Pavement - Frontwards (18.49) 04. Virgin of the Birds - Let Me Be Your Bride (Toad Session) (31.05) 05. The Savings and Loan - Catholic Boys in the Rain (44.10) 06. The Lovely Sparrows - Bury the Cynics (48:30) 07. Virgin of the Birds - The Serpent Plume (Toad Session) (58.19) 08. Meursault - Crank Resolutions (1.09.02) 09. Liz Phair - May Queen (1.13.55) 10. Virgin of the Birds - Ilona, You Should Still Be My Vampire Attendant (Toad Session) (1.25.57)

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