Epicast because this is indeed epic. A double-length podcast - well, almost - and all for the reason that I simply have to clear the decks a little. Next week I go away to the States for SXSW and after that I shall be driving Meursault on their first US tour.

With next week's podcast being the Adam Stafford Toad Session, the week after that being our traditional SXSW one in Peej's back yard, and fuck knows what I'll manage whilst on tour, this means that anything not played this week will be both woefully out of date and quite possibly (shamefully) forgotten by the time I get back. Besides, my inbox will build up so much after a month in the States that I'll be overwhelmed with new things by that point and barely able to process anything else.

So yes, an epic podcast, almost two hours long, but if you have the patience for both the length and my drunken rambling, then one which will reward you with some truly excellent new music. This really takes me back to the early days of the podcasts, back when I would get utterly obliterated and play songs for hours until I could barely speak.  Awful for the listener, I imagine, but kind of nostalgic for me

01. Panda Kid - A Long Long Summer (00.26)
02. Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams (06.47)
03. David Thomas Broughton - Problems (17.44)
04. Tissø Lake - Carnival (20.56)
05. The B-52s - Rock Lobster (27.44)
06. alansmithee - Half Measured Man (38.22)
07. Passion Pusher - Life in Transit (44.12)
08. iLLshORE - All Night (45.54)
09. Benjamin Shaw - Goodbye, Kagoul World (52.32)
10. Keel Her - Go (1.01.24)
11. Fear of Men - Luna (1.03.50)
12. Jargon Party - Lucy Melanie (1.10.32)
13. Miserable - Bell Jar (1.14.56)
14. Le Thug - Paints (1.22.17)
15. Magic Eye - Bollywood (1.26.55)
16. Sean Armstrong - Bright Review (1.33.03)
17. Glaciers - Cryptomeria (1.36.02)
18. Passenger Peru - Dirt Nap (1.45.31)

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 God we're shit at this. Even the most romantic thing Mrs. Toad and I can usually bring ourselves to do on Valentine's Day - i.e. get pished and do a ranty podcast together about how we hate Valentine's Day - didn't work out this year for, erm, somewhat predictable reasons: we got a bit too jolly before recording it and it was a bunch of rambling, tedious nonsense.

So a week too late you get me by myself instead, recording a podcast stone cold sober in the middle of the afternoon. Romantic, isn't it. Ah well, never mind, I never did much like Valentine's Day anyway.

Anyhow, Mrs. Toad is off in the States at the moment, being all important and financey, and in actual fact by the time she returns I won't have seen her for about ten days, which is loads. It'll be worse when I go to SXSW with Meursault though, because that will involve us being apart for three fucking weeks, which is the most we have ever managed since the time when I lived in London and she lived in Edinburgh. Sigh.

01. The Divine Comedy - Geronimo (00.07)
02. The Magnetic Fields - Love is Lighter Than Air (06.15)
03. Blur - To The End (La Comedie) (with Françoise Hardy) (11.46)
04. Pet Shop Boys - Left to My Own Devices (20.33)
05. Meursault - No Children (Mountain Goats cover) (25.36)
06. Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger Medley (35.31)
07. Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good (51.10)
08. The Ronettes - Be My Baby (57.56)
09. The Cure - Pictures of You (1.00.45)
10. Tom Waits - All the World is Green (1.12.59)

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Video – Vimeo – YouTube Photos – Flickr Session tracks Soundcloud – zip download (right click – save as) Interview podcast – mp3 – iTunes – Mixcloud (playlist at bottom of page) Todd Umhoefer from Old Earth came to Scotland on a sort of holiday/tour late last year and Song, by Toad collaborated with his UK label Mini50 Records to put on shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and we also took the chance to record a Toad Session as well. Old Earth were actually spotted by Mini50 because of a post on Song, by Toad so it seemed rather fitting to work together to make the tour and the session happen. This was another one of those sessions which ended with Mrs. Toad making an amazing meal, and with us all drinking an absolute shitload of wine and playing records late into the night. There was something of a skeleton crew this time around, with Rory Sutherland helping me out with recording and cameras, and extra video help by Steven Tonge. Rory also edited all the video for us this time, which is why it looks rather more stylish than usual! Full interview podcast:

Toadcast #290 - Old Earth Toad Session by Song, By Toad on Mixcloud

Session tracks: Session track videos Podcast playlist: 01. Old Earth - Higher Th'n Houses (Toad Session) (00.21) 02. Mat Riviere - The Garden (10.51) 03. Hiva Oa - Badger (14.34) 04. Old Earth - The rest, who cares? (Toad Session) (22.50) 05. Land of Vandals - Wildfire (29.25) 06. Altos - Never Named (32.47) 07. Old Earth - Themes & Alarm (Toad Session) (43.19) 08. Williard Grant Conspiracy - Early Hour (51.31) 09. Now Wakes the Sea - Seven Apples (56.26) 10. Old Earth - Unhunted further, four each (Toad Session) (1.11.02)

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