I am pretty pissed off at the moment. It's not particularly obvious - in fact it tends to manifest itself more as a smouldering sulk than any sort of rage, but you may believe me, the anger is under there somewhere.

Y'see, in the music industry, you're always supposed to maintain some sort of level of politeness - never burn any bridges, never lose your rag, you never know when you might need to be friends with someone. But you know what, bollocks to that. I spend so many hours of my life working on making things good - artwork, endlessly repetitive PR stuff, designing posters for gigs, trying to drum up some sort of interest in our gigs, our releases, our bands, and you know what - FUCK PEOPLE.

People are just fucking wrong about music. They approve of shite bands, they listen to garbage they're too lazy to move beyond, they write about bands they already know are popular rather than ones which are new and might be interesting, and they generally just don't give a shit and then pretend that it's your fault for not grabbing their lazy, indifferent attention. So fuck people, fuck music, and fuck you. Welcome to this week's podcast.

01. PAWS - Winners Don't Bleed (Toad Session) (00.21)
02. Billy Bragg - Some Days I See the Point (08.19)
03. The Leg - Silver Dog (16.43)
04. Trips and Falls - You Should Really Get Yours (20.35)
05. Yusuf Azak - Swim (28.17)
06. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Early Hour (32.56)
07. Eef Barzelay - Well (44.47)
08. Brown Brogues - (48.42)
09. Meursault - William Henry Miller (Part 2) (Single Version) (54.21)
10. Trips and Falls - The Freedom of Homogeneity (1.00.15)
11. FOUND - Mullokian (Toad Session) (1.09.04)
12. The Leg - Celebrating Love (1.14.03)

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This is called the Unioncast because I have had a really bad habit of working into the evenings recently, as well as all bloody weekend, and I am starting to thing I need a union representative to protect me from my own boss. Who, rather sadly, happens to be me. Stand up against myself for the downtrodden worker!

I had no idea what I was going to play this week, but it turned into a surprisingly good playlist, including personal highlights from SWF and the awesome new EP by Shilpa Ray.

Right, enough blabbering about this one, I am off up to the Pleasance to see Rob St. John, Adam Stafford and Ian Humberstone. It's an amazing venue, so I am really looking forward to it. And there's the mega double-blowout label showcase next week as well, so all sorts of musicfuns for you to take advantage of.

01. Lambchop - Hey, Where's Your Girl (00.22)
02. Basketball Shorts - The Reaper (06.56)
03. Vikesh Kapoor - The Ballad of Willy Robbins (13.45)
04. Lesley Riddle - John Henry (18.30)
05. Temple Songs - I Can't Look After You (24.51)
06. Los Angeles Police Department - The Only One (27.57)
07. Shilpa Ray - Posted By Anonymous (35.07)
08. SWF - Turtle Brain (39.10)
09. Octopuses - Ghost in the House (43.51)
10. Boardwalk - Crying (49.17)
11. Doc Watson - John Henry (54.29)

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Video – Vimeo – YouTube Photos – Flickr Session tracks zip download (right click – save as) Interview podcast – mp3 – iTunes – Mixcloud (playlist at bottom of page) This session was recorded back in March, so once again I find myself apologising to the band for taking so long over it. I blame Beer vs. Records, Sparrow and the Workshop and the Pale Imitation Festival for taking such a lot of time and work that I ended up distracted. The same old disorganised shite as usually happens, in other words. The Yawns emerged late last year when they released their debut album as a pay-what-you-want download to pretty much no fanfare at all. Slowly but surely, however, word seemed to spread around the internet and it turned out that a lot of people were really into the record. I was released on tape by one label, then vinyl by another and actually ended up doing better than loads of stuff people put all their time and energy into promoting. I loved it too, of course, so I asked them to play in Edinburgh in January, and then I enjoyed the show so much a Toad Session ensued. And this is it. Many thanks to the team once again - Gavin, Rory, Matthew and Ian who helped with the filming, Rory who took the photos, Neil who recorded it and Mrs. Toad who made AWESOME brownies! And, I suppose, to the cats, for not massively disrupting everything like they usually do.  Puss-tards.

Toadcast #279 - The Yawns Toad Session by Song, By Toad on Mixcloud

The Yawns - Diamond (Toad Session) [audio: http://www.matthewjamesyoung.com/ToadSessions/TheYawns-Diamond-ToadSession.mp3] The Yawns - Jean Thumb (Toad Session) [audio: http://www.matthewjamesyoung.com/ToadSessions/TheYawns-JeanThumb-ToadSession.mp3] The Yawns - Romeo Done (Toad Session) [audio: http://www.matthewjamesyoung.com/ToadSessions/TheYawns-RomeoDone-ToadSession.mp3] The Yawns - Butterfleyes (Toad Session) [audio: http://www.matthewjamesyoung.com/ToadSessions/TheYawns-Butterfleyes-ToadSession.mp3]

01. The Yawns - Diamond (Toad Session) (00.17) 02. Sean Armstrong - Dying in the Garden (08.50) 03. Battery Face - Cider Says (10.23) 04. The Yawns - Jean Thumb (Toad Session) (16.41) 05. Dolfinz - Yeah Right (23.51) 06. The Side Pony - Repeat and More (26.27) 07. The Yawns - Rome Done (Toad Session) (32.44) 08. Mac DeMarco - Stars Keep On Calling My Name (36.34) 09. The Clean - Getting Older (39.01) 10. The Yawns - Butterfleyes (Toad Session) (47.17)

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Smash as in smash hits, of course, we don't condone vandalism here at Song, by Toad! No, this week we have a podcast full of what can really only very tenuously indeed be described as banging number one smash hits. Or, perhaps more accurately, a lot of single releases.

We've the next 7" from Gerry Loves Records, some new stuff by Vadoinmessico, the new single from local favourites Honeyblood and Halfrican, and the something off the new Black Tambourines album. I add to the smash hit single vibe by including a couple of absolute corkers from varying degrees of yesteryear, in the form of The Animals and the Shout Out Louds, largely because they've been on tapes in the car while we were driving to France and back to visit Mrs. Toad's family.

While I was there I took the opportunity to mix a whole pile of new Toad Sessions, and they're all awaiting editing now, so I thought I'd also include one from the recent Old Earth Session as well. I think you've heard stuff from The Yawns and Sparrow and the Workshop already, so I figured something new might be interesting for you. And there you go, that's pretty much the lot. Pour a big ol' gin, as I am about to, and wrap yer lugs round this little lot.

01. The Animals - House of the Rising Sun (00.44)
02. Honeyblood - Bud (08.34)
03. John Knox Sex Club - Animals (13.44)
04. Over the Wall - Tell Her I Love Her (18.26)
05. Old Earth - Themes and Alarm (Toad Session) (28.27)
06. Halfrican - Cocksucker (36.17)
07. Vadoinmessico - Perfect Strangers (42.25)
08. The Black Tambourines - Out Cold (46.07)
09. Dim Peaks - Reason (52.53)
10. Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have to Leave it (1.01.29)

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