It's, erm, okay to make fun of old people injuring themselves isn't it? I mean on the internet, not in real life of course, that would be barbaric. But on the internet this shit is okay, right? I mean, we even let the Daily fucking Mail on here, we can't be that picky.

I only ask because the reason this is called the Ribcast is in salute to my cantankerous old father, who managed to fall off a ladder the other day and break a couple of ribs. This, like most rib injuries, has proven to not be all that dangerous, so all we have is a bad tempered old man in lots of pain, unable to laugh, roll over in bed, cough or - heaven forbid - sneeze!

I've cracked ribs myself, before, although never broken them, and it really is an incredibly painful injury. Coughing and laughing are everyday occurrences, but holy shit you fucking notice them when this happens to you. Sneezes are terrifying, because holy crapsticks they fucking hurt! But as long as it's not life-threatening then pain is quite funny, right?

01. The Leg - Chicken Slippers (00.24)
02. Trips and Falls - Destruction is Always More Exciting (07.03)
03. Monoganon - Arc of the Tuna Fish (15.35)
04. Joanna Gruesome - Lemonade Grrrl (24.24)
05. Brown Brogues - Baby, it's Alright (26.34)
06. David Wax Museum - All Sense of Time (33.35)
07. Belgian Fog - You Drive Me to Madness (37.47)
08. Fascinator - Girl I Want You (41.55)
09. Pool Whales - What Was Her Name (50.27)
10. Honeyblood - Bud (55.51)
11. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Incident at Mono Lake (1.02.53)

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Yep, a couple of days into September and Scotland really has decided that it's Autumn now, all of a sudden it's fucking Autumn. Cold, crappy rain, wind, all the usual fun and games. Season OVER! We are into shitty territory now, just you accept it!

Anyhow, I have never figured out whether good (more likely to leave the house) or bad weather (more likely to want to be inside in a venue) weather is more likely to lead to good gig attendances, but I suppose it's always nice to have the excuse either way if no-one turns up to your gig.

One nice thing about the weather turning shitty, of course, is that the fucking builders who repaired our roof - Traditional Roofing and Building - whilst excellent in every other respect, managed to paint my office windows shut and are ignoring my requests to come out and fix them. So at least if it's cold I won't just be sat up here fucking sweltering all day. Enjoy the tunes!

01. Temple Songs - Passed Caring (00.16)
02. John Murry - Southern Sky (07.45)
03. Sparrow and the Workshop - Odessa (remixed by White Label) (15.47)
04. Samantha Crain - For the Miner (23.57)
05. Vandaveer - Poor Edward (29.27)
06. Stefan Noons - Signals (35.26)
07. Playlounge - Grandma Death (40.01)
08. The Hundredth Anniversary - Last Drive (43.02)
09. Monster Rally - Orchids (48.44)
10. Califone - Move Music Kills a Kiss (54.23)

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