The Plumbcast is so named because we are currently having an awful time with plumbers. My flat in Leith has a leak into the flat below and we've had three different fucking plumbers out to look at the thing and they just can't find anything wrong. Couple that with a general lack of desire to take on a difficult job - and after all why would you when there are far easier jobs out there for good money - and we are having a godawful fucking time with the plumbers of Edinburgh and the moment.

Anyhow, domestic frustrations aside, this is a fine podcast of, for once, the very best new music.  I know I am usually all over the place when it comes to the timely playing of exciting new songs, but I think this week's playlist is fairly on the ball for a change.  I have stuff from the new Pictish Trail and Rick Redbeard albums - both out around now - new tunes by Anna-Anna and The Leisure Society, and a couple of fresh from the vine Toad Session recordings.

Yep, we are the new NME. Probably.

01. The Yawns - Butterfleyes (00.20)
02. The Leisure Society - The Sober Scent of Paper (07.03)
03. Woodpecker Wooliams - Crow (Toad Session) (13.20)
04. Samantha Crain - Churchill (Toad Session) (17.56)
05. Anna-Anna - Marianne Will Live Forever (24.37)
06. Meursault - Dearly Distracted (Seb Reynolds Remix) (30.42)
07. Rick Redbeard - Any Way I Can (39.45)
08. The Pictish Trail - I Will Pour it Down (45.06)
09. Roy's Iron DNA - Under My Skin (51.24)
10. Old Earth - Nonetitled (58.19)

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Another podcast from the South Coast, as I am down in Brighton again this weekend, visiting my parents.  My wee brother happens to be over visiting from the States as well, so we went to see Brighton & Hove Albion yesterday, which was rather fun, despite the rain.

Tonight there will be roast pork and gins and tonic, and then tomorrow we will walk into Brighton to see how good a job our distributors are doing at getting Song, by Toad Records releases into the music shops around these parts. It feels a bit sneaky, checking up on people like that, but it has to be done I suppose.

Anyhow, next week I am hoping to have a new Toad Session for you. About fucking time blah blah get on with it etc... I know, I know, but I promise I really am doing my best to get these edited and out for you - honest!

01. D. Gwalia - In Puget Sound (00.04)
02. The Bee Gees - New York Mining Disaster 1941 (05.27)
03. Naked - Lie Follows Lie (09.56)
04. Plastic Animals - Ghosts (14.07)
05. Fnords - Surfer of the Apocalypse (21.00)
06. Tom Waits and Keith Richards - Shenandoah (28.49)
07. Flamingods - Taishogoto (35.31)
08. Leonard Cohen - Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye (42.17)
09. Alela Diane - The Rifle (45.26)
10. Pagan Moon - Your Swan (48.37)
11. Woodpigeon - Sufferin' Suckatash (52.51)

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Welcome to 2013, Toadcast listeners.  As is tradition around these parts, we start the year with a podcast of songs we will be releasing this year on Song, by Toad Records, combined with a few we have released quite recently.

There are a few things I didn't put on here, because it seemed a shame to spill the beans too early - we have a new Rob St. John single coming soon, as well as a new album by The Leg and that collaborative album between Jill from Sparrow and the Workshop, Neil and Pete from Meursault, Rory from Broken Records and Reuben Taylor and Rob St. John - but it didn't feel right to play anything from those just yet.

What we do have is new stuff from Trips and Falls, stuff from our next split 12" with Magic Eye, Zed Penguin, Le Thug and Plastic Animals, as well as brand new and hugely exciting label signings Adam Stafford and Sparrow & the Workshop, who we'll be doing a couple of EPs with as they prepare their new album.

All in all, this is going to be a fucking amazing year for the label, I think, and I am really, really looking forward to it.  Hopefully by the end of this podcast, so will you.

01. Sparrow & the Workshop - Shock Shock (00.26)
02. Meursault - Lament For a Teenage Millionaire (05.37)
03. Le Thug - New Balance (11.21)
04. Plastic Animals - Best Friend (16.37)
05. Adam Stafford - Vanishing Tanks (25.21)
06. Yusuf Azak - Go Native (31.53)
07. Lil Daggers - Faces and Names (33.59)
08. Trips and Falls - Freedom of Homogeneity (45.44)
09. Magic Eye - Golden Circle (52.17)
10. Zed Penguin - Letters (56.17)
11. Rob St. John - Doomino (1.07.43)

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