Ah yes, the Hypecast, so called because some of the discussion on the Chvrches thread made me think about what it is I really dislike about the concept of hype, and why I mistrust it.

It's an area where I struggle to be consistent, honestly. I abhor hype, but I seem to recall being very much caught up in the mystery and excitement around Silver Columns, for example. And I spend most of the Rough Guide to Self-releasing an Album exhorting bands to be more prepared and more organised, and yet I get funny when bands are too organised, and start wondering if they're really there to be a band or just want to get famous. And then I get annoyed at people getting too excited about the excitement itself, but would still accept that it's probably the most effective way for a DIY band on a tight budget to actually generate basic levels of awareness when they can't afford to carpet-bomb the world into submission with PR like major label bands often do.

And then there's always the far more traditional and straightforward old chestnuts that I hate feeling press-ganged into liking something because I just a bloody contrarian, whether the crowd are right or not, and of course that I am always mortally offended when other people are Wrong About Music.  So many opinions out there, and none of them correct except mine - it's a heavy burden to bear, I promise you!

01. Silver Columns - Warm Welcome (00.10)
02. Gene - Sleep Well Tonight (09.12)
03. Voxtrot - Soft and Warm (17.47)
04. Vampire Weekend - Walcott (Insane Mix #2) (21.52)
05. Broken Records - Dia Dos Namorados (30.14)
06. Village - Nowhere (36.00)
07. Darkstar - Timeaway (40.00)
08. The Bluetones - Bluetonic (45.37)
09. Blur - Yuko & Hiro (53.13)
10. Lana Del Rey - Video Games (59.41)

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