The Philcast is named after the detestable little Tory weasel Phil Collins, as a result of this comment on this post by James who writes Appetite for Distraction.  So you can all blame him.

In addition to Phil Collins, we have some Phil Spector, Phil Ochs, Phil & the Osophers and, somewhat more tenuously, Esther Phillips.  Also, for some utterly inexplicable reason, the Spider Man theme song came up when I searched my iTunes library for 'Phil'.  Any ideas?  Was it written by Phil Phillips from Philadelphia?

Also, we have the first 'Fucking Preposterous Song of the Week', in the form of Phil Collins' Easy Lover.  For reasons of being a fuckwit, mostly, I suppose, I'd quite like to make this a regular feature.  Next week Turn Around Bright Eyes by Bonni Tyler or Hello by Lionel Richie - whaddaya reckon!

01. Billy Bragg - I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night (01.20)
02. Phil Ochs - Jim Dean of Indiana (08.20)
03. Pet - Black Arts (15.49)
04. Money - So Long (God is Dead) (20.10)
05. Phil Collins - Easy Lover (27.05)
06. James Yorkston - Catch (33.26)
07. Esther Phillips - Home is Where the Hatred Is (37.46)
08. Crystals - Then He Kissed Me (41.10)
09. The National - The Rains of Castamere (47.07)
10. Stagnant Pools - Dead Sailor (49.40)
11. Phil & the Osophers - Uses of a Man (56.01)

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Seeing as we are in Canada for the weekend (dear thieves, the house is not unoccupied, and the lad staying there is a fighty little fucker), I figured some Canadian songs might be in order.  I am actually half-Canadian, which is a bit odd, because I've never actually lived there.  So it's always weird coming here, to a country I'm technically from, but which I really don't know at all.

Given we played Born Gold, Odonis Odonis, Slow Down Molasses and Hot Panda on last week's show, however, I figured that was probably enough new Canadian bands for the time being, although the excellent Hooded Fang did sneak on this one at the beginning.

But mostly, apart from the more usual new stuff I tend to play, I've included a handful of nostalgic songs by Canadian bands, most of which I haven't listened to in quite a long time.  And I must say it was sort of nice to look this stuff up again, after so long.

01. Hooded Fang - E.S.P. (00.44)
02. The Tragically Hip - Ahead By a Century (09.26)
03. UMA - Drop Your Soul (feat. Silver Apples) (16.20)
04. White Heath - In a Glasshouse (19.36)
05. 54-40 - Casual Viewin' (33.11)
06. Bruce Springsteen - Circus Song (Live on WBCN 9th Jan 1973) (41.07)
07. Giant Giant Sand - Detained (47.35)
08. Alan Watts - Africa Bats (51.37)
09. Barenaked Ladies - Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1.00.59)
10. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Kiss and Say Goodbye (1.08.12)
11. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Heart Like a Wheel (1.11.00)

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Ian and myself were down in Brighton for most of last week with The Great Escape, and that's pretty much what this podcast is about from start to finish.  It's hardly a studied analysis of course - and I sincerely doubt you'd expect one - instead it's more of a chatter about the Brighton fun we've had and the people we've met.

Scotland is actually rather isolated when it comes to music.  Hence, I suppose, the importance of the local Scottish music community to bands and labels based up here. Nevertheless, it is really important to connect with the rest of the UK.

A lot of our most appreciated supporters are people I know only from Twitter and the other end of an email, be they fans, label customers, writers and broadcasters who have supported us or labels who have inspired us.  So, in the interests of cementing these relationships, meeting new people and drinking an absolute fucking shitload of beer, off to Brighton we went...

01. Hot Panda - Fuck Shit Up (00.24)
02. Slow Down, Molasses - Light (07.44)
03. Born Gold - Lawn Knives (16.19)
04. Odonis Odonis - Tick Tock (23.07)
05. PAWS - Bainz (26.17)
06. The Black Tambourines - Let You Down (Toad Session Sneak Preview) (34.15)
07. Fear of Men - Doldrums (44.06)
08. PINS - Eleventh Hour (47.13)
09. Perfume Genius - Lookout, Lookout (55.02)
10. Fanzine - L.A. (62.51)

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The Nightcast.  Yes, night.  I am recording this at about two in the morning for the simple reason that for all I aim to do these once a week, on the weekend, once again it has been just plain impossible to actually get the damn thing done on the weekend just gone, so here I am squeezing it into the ungodly hours of Tuesday night.

Well, Wednesday now.

And of course I am off to The Great Escape in the morning.  Actually, it already is the morning.  Oh all right then, by the time this is uploaded and ready to go and I can actually get some sleep, I think I might be due to get out of bed in two hours time.  Cock and balls.  I thought the night time was supposed to be a little more glamorous than this.

01. The Pictish Trail - Of Course You Exist (FOUND Remix) (00.26)
02. Plastic Animals - Ghosts (07.56)
03. Playlounge - Boner Hit (Keel Her cover) (15.24)
04. Yoofs - Love at 140 (18.17)
05. Dead Rat Orchestra - The Geshin & the Guga (23.15)
06. The See See - Fix Me Up (30.24)
07. Meursault - Flittin' (36.26)
08. Woody Guthrie - So Long, it's Been Good to Know You (40.37)
09. PAWS - Misled Youth (46.20)
10. Blank Canvas - Golden (53.53)
11. The Eighteenth Day of May - Cold Early Morning (59.04)

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