The Procast is so called because this week has been an awfy professional one.  The third Meursault album is approaching, and because there are publishers, managers, bookers and all sorts involved in this one we had to have a Serious Meeting about it and make sure the planning was all being done properly.

We did all the grown-up stuff like minute the meeting, assign people deliverables and all sorts of stuff.  It was the closest to being back at my old job that I have experienced since I left, in all honesty - lists, management, timescales, budget discussions and all sorts.

That sounds dismal, I know, but it was quite fun actually.  I know I like releasing under the radar, awkward releases, but at the same time, if a band starts doing well and achieving things I don't want them to have to necessarily leave our label in order to do so, and it's quite satisfying (and actually quite interesting too) to be involved in a project on a slightly larger scale to usual.

01. John Knox Sex Club - Above Us the Waves (00.17)
02. Interpol - Obstacle #1 (10.44)
03. Elbow - Any Day Now (15.07)
04. Hiva Oa - Badger (26.47)
05. The Soft Walls - Black Cat (34.00)
06. King of Prussia - Black Cat (38.11)
07. British Sea Power - Oh Larsen B (45.07)
08. iLiKETRAiNS - The Beeching Report (50.40)
09. Unknown Artist - Bird Cage (56.09)
10. eagleowl - Into the Fold (62.11)

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After last year's relatively sensible podcast (I think the BBC cameras scared us into some degree of sensibleness), this years is far, far less sensible.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it's probably a little more honest.

This time around, as well as the more usual suspects of Messrs. Galloway, Reid, Thomas and myself, we are joined by The Two Jamies: Webster who manages Three Blind Wolves and Gilmour who manages We Were Promised Jetpacks.  This is helpful because instead of drunken fuckwits gabbling at one another, we actually have some proper insight from people who have brought bands out to SXSW and have something useful to add.

And for the rest of it me, Vic, Peej and Stuart just take the piss out of one another.  So umm... well, you have to take the rough with the smooth I suppose.

01. Grave Babies - Nightmare (00.21)
02. Pond - Leisure Pony (5.59)
03. The Animals - We Gotta Get Outta This Place (16.28)
04. Bruce Springsteen - Excerpt from SXSW keynote speech (19.37)
05. Roy Orbison - Crying (21.33)
06. BITCHES - Cage Babies (27.26)
07. Yellow Ostrich - The Shakedown (34.32)
08. The Twilight Sad - Sick (45.21)
09. We Were Promised Jetpacks - The Walls Are Wearing Thin (59.56)
10. OFF - Jeffrey Lee Pierce (61.47)
11. Thulebasen - Gate 5 (77.22)
12. Samuel L. Jackson - Go the Fuck to Sleep (83.00)

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 The Airconcast?  Yes, because I am recording this in our hotel room in Austin, surrounded by a noisy fridge and an even noisier air-conditioning unit.  It was so loud I actually turned it off during the recording, but the room then quickly became uncomfortably stuffy, so this podcast was recorded with me sitting in my pants in a slightly uncomfortable  sweat - picture that if you will.

We are, as you will have guessed, out here for SXSW again, but seeing as next week's podcast is going to be our now-traditional chat with Peej, Vic Galloway and Stuart Thomas about this year's festival, I figured you probably didn't want two SXSW podcasts in one week so I'd lay off this time and just make it about music.

01. Trogons - Solo Amor (00.10)
02. Pond - Mystery (06.45)
03. FLATS - Foxtrot (13:14)
04. Mariee Sioux & Bonnie Prince Billy - Mad Mad Me (19.49)
05. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Andes (23.47)
06. Ender Belongs to Me - New Light (28.33)
07. Ira Lee - Drinking Alone in Paris (feat. Scream Dream Baby) (38.13)
08. The Teardrops - Tears Come Tumbling (44.26)
09. Robert George Saull - A Jug of This (47.19)
10. Stagnant Pools - Consistency (53.57)

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I honestly thought I was done with politics.  Watching us commit genocide in Iraq despite the protests across the entire country, and then watching the Lib Dems spinelessly capitulate to the rapacious, craven Tory lizards once they got their little sniff of power just sickened me.

Right, I thought, I am done with this shit, it is just a gigantic waste of everyone's time.

However, the Tories haven't just been shit, they've been a repellent disgrace, governing with a sort of vindictive, cackling glee generally reserved for people in plastic armour in the Star Wars movies.  Between that and the SNP deciding that forcing all minor cultural events to require a financially prohibitive and bureaucratically obstructive license, I find my simmering rage for politics to be reinvigorated.  There's no fucking point voting whatsoever, but that doesn't mean you can't get stuck the fuck into these cunts.

01. Aidan John Moffat - Dear Donald (00.25)
02. Speck & the Specktones - Fruitcakes (01.37)
03. Galaxie 500 - Tugboat (09.57)
04. Big Deal - Chair (14.02)
05. Youthfall - Goodbye Horses (Q Lazzarus Cover) (25.09)
06. Barna Howard - Horizons Fade (32.00)
07. New Fabian Society - Lost in Berlin (49.21)
08. Fry & Laurie - Police Privatisation (55.32)
09. Hookworms - Medicine Cabinet (58.33)
10. Barton Carroll - Those Days Are Gone, and My Heart is Breaking (71.20)
11. Beat Happening - Indian Summer (79.36)
12. Lana Del Duck (82.37)

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