Welcome to Toadcast number 215.  This is called the Kingcast because I have been on a bit of run promoting gigs recently, with three in the last eight days or so.  Given almost none of my friends or music associates came to these gigs and that the list of attending guests on the Facebook event pages made for pretty grisly reading, I was grimly expecting the gigs to be absolutely awful - barely attended wastelands of funlessness - but every single one was brilliant.

The people who came were almost all people I didn't know, with a few welcome exceptions, and the gigs themselves were absolutely immense fun.  There was probably more dancing this weekend that at anything Toad-related in history.  

So today I have been looking through the forthcoming gigs and getting my ticket links live and stuff like that, and realising that we have some absolute stonkers coming up.  So with a bit of luck, and rather depending on whereabouts in the world you're listening from, I might well see you there.Dancing!  At a Toad gig!  I know!

01. Withered Hand - Heart Heart (00.26)
02. Willy Mason - Restless Fugitive (07.57)
03. Robert George Saull - One Sugar Day (16.47)
04. Narrow Sparrow - Joe Meeks Dream (22.59)
05. The Dirty Three - Sometimes I Forget You've Gone (28.41)
06. Jad Fair, Hifiklub & KPT Michigan (32.20)
07. Jonnie Common - I'll Be Back (38.17)
08. Shudderpulps - Time (45.10)
09. Honeyblood - No Spare Key (48.33)
10. The Soft Walls - Black Cat (54.06)

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I am rather embarrassed to confess that we recorded this session absolutely bloody ages ago. First the Festival, then the mixes, then intervening sessions, and finally just the sheer amount of time these take to edit managed to delay things. But now, finally, at long, long last here it is: the Kid Canaveral Toad Session.

This was another relatively messy, drunken one I'm afraid. We were nice though - we made them dinner and supplied them with a beverage or several, and it happened to be a nice day too, so we were even able to sit out in the garden for a bit.

The team this time around consisted of Neil from Meursault, who recorded the session (and I hope I've not offended him with my mixes!), Fiona and Dylan who took the photos, and Dylan also did a lot of the video work as well. And cooked. Whereas I just sat around, drank beer and swore at people mostly.

Kid Canaveral - And Another Thing! (Toad Session)
Kid Canaveral - Homerun and a Vow (Toad Session)

Kid Canaveral - You Only Went Out to Get Drunk Last Night (Toad Session)

Kid Canaveral - Her Hair Hangs Down (Toad Session)

01. Kid Canaveral - And Another Thing! (Toad Session) (06.44)
02. The Shivers - Irrational Love (14.45)
03. Sleeper - What Do I Do Now? (18.33)
04. Kid Canaveral - Homerun and a Vow (Toad Session) (31.46)
05. Washington Irving - SiSi (38.47)
06. Popup - A Year in a Comprehensive (43.16)
07. Kid Canaveral - You Only Went Out to Get Drunk Last Night (Toad Session) (52.57)
08. Built to Spill - Carry the Zero (59.42)
09. Hall & Oates - Maneater (65.13) 10. Kid Canaveral - Her Hair Hangs Down (Toad Session) (78.02)

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Don't worry, this podcast really isn't about football.  I might have been tempted, but in all honesty, but I can't really think of all that many good songs about football and if I am being truthful with myself I can't imagine you lot really enjoying a podcast about football all that much.

More to the point, I am back playing football myself now, after something like two years out with back problems.  Two years really is a long time to miss out on something you love doing, and even more so when you're past your mid-thirties and every year you miss is one of the last you'll get the chance to play at all.

So, in amongst the new songs and all the usual things you would expect from a Toadcast (i.e. mostly swearing) there are a couple of songs which represent my reaction to getting back to playing football again, and my reaction to some of the more newsworthy moments of the footballing week as well.

01. Morris Major - Seymour Grove (00.17)
02. Chris Devotion and the Expectations - A Modest Refusal (07.27)
03. Billy Bragg - A Lover Sings (20.13)
04. Bob Dylan - Oxford Town (24.07)
05. PAWS - Bainz (30.17)
06. Coast Jumper - Lawless (37.49)
07. That Ghost - Morning Now (42.09)
08. Now Wakes the Sea - Propranolol (50.31)
09. Smackvan - 4am (54.19)
10. Mark Lanegan Band - Bleeding Muddy Water (64.01)

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Ah, Tartan Shortbread, that most wonderful of sardonic Scottish put-downs. 

For those unfamiliar with the term, this is the offhand dismissal used to describe the sort of mawkish, clichéd tourist tat which masquerades as Scottish heritage and culture for those with woefully little imagination.  Alternatively, I suppose you could say that Tartan Shortbread is a blanket term for Scottish heritage as a sort of motorway service station take on national identity.

Anyhow, given I work very much at the coalface of the DIY music world in Scotland, I find that I have been oddly unsupportive of a large number of Scottish who have emerged in the last couple of years to considerable enthusiasm from the Scottish music press, both professional and amateur.

For some reason, the recent bands who have shown some likelihood of cracking an audience wider than the relatively narrow confines of the five million or so people in Scotland itself just haven't appealed to me, with a few notable exceptions.  However, sitting down to assemble the playlist for this week I noticed that there were something like seven of the ten songs which happened to be by Scottish bands.  Oh, I thought to myself, I appear to be Scottish again.  How nice.

01. Django Django - Default (00.17)
02. Andrew Bird - Eyeoneye (08.41)
03. Lower Dens - Brains (12.47)
04. Randolph's Leap - Bile (26.17)
05. Clean George IV - XP Avenue (32.51)
06. Dumb Instrument - Reverse the Hearse (35.57)
07. The Occasional Flickers - When the Sky Looks so Grey (41.11)
08. R.M. Hubbert - Sunbeam Melt the Hour (with Marion Kenny & Hanna Tuulikki) (50.20)
09. The Twilight Sad - Don't Move (55.49)
10. Brown Brogues - Anyone But You (62.04)

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