Grinch, not because I am being deliberately all Scroogey and slagging off Christmas, just because I am somehow entirely failing to find any Christmas spirit at all.

I like Christmas actually. Although, I suppose to be fair, like a lot of people I despise the hysteria of the presents and all that shit.  Particularly the way the shops start punting it in late September, and the fucking adverts ladle on the emotional blackmail to imply that anything less than an entry-level mortgage spent on presents is some sort of horrendous slight on your loved ones.

Fairly standard anti-commercialisation moaning aside, though, I like the cold and the darkness and the time spent quietly with family doing next to nothing. I also like the ritual preparation of a huge meal, and then lying on the sofa watching Back to the Future or Star Wars or Indiana Jones all evening because you're too bloody full to do anything else.

But I'm not doing that this year, am I. No, I am doing the accounts and editing sessions.  Because I'm a dick.

01. Eddie Izzard - Covered in Bees (00.26)
02. Onions - Christmas (Not as Much as We Would Like) (02.47)
03. The Pictish Trail - The Handstand Crowd (08.47)
04. Kid Canaveral - Low Winter Sun (13.47)
05. Eeek! - Down and Out in Harrison Fjord (20.16)
06. Adam Balbo - Do What You Do (23.50)
07. Yo La Tengo - Ohm (30.09.)
08. Paws - Asthmatic (Laptop Demo) (39.36)
09. S.E. Land Otter Champs - Wolf Like Howls From the Bathhouse (43.27)
10. Kiki Pau - Tomte Mars (48.24)
11. Bob Dylan - Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (59.37)

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What the fuck am I doing calling something a Currycast, I hear you ask.  Music cannot be curry-themed, and nor is it.  This is called the Currycast simply because I am visiting my Granddad in Manchester and he has just asked me to cook a curry for him tomorrow night.

I have never cooked curry before, and Mrs. Toad makes such a fine one that I have never really been motivated to have a go, myself.  Why bother making the second-best curry in the house, after all. However, I made a gigantic leg of roast lamb today, so there are lots of leftover bits of cabbage, carrots, lamb juice and bits to make a fine stock base, and so as long as the flavour is right the richness should be okay.

Despite being raised abroad, when we were kids roast dinners in my grandparents' house were amongst our most vivid memories, so the fact that me and my little brother get to come here ourselves to cook roast dinners now is a really nice feeling.  It feels like we're helping to continue a tradition in which we were raised, despite the fact the he lives in America and I in Scotland means neither of us spend much time in Manchester these days.

01. Inspector Tapehead - I Am Your Pedigree (00.12)
02. Mothersday - Shoulder Soldier (08.59)
03. King Post Kitsch - Blood and Glitter (15.52)
04. Flutes - Auld Archie (20.11)
05. Flume - Star Eyes (24.33)
06. Sweet Baboo - Let's Go Swimming Wild (32.12)
07. Harness Flux - Stockholders (38.41)
08. Nehemiah St. Danger - Nehemiah St-Danger Lost and Alone in a New Paradigm (Venus of the Tumbling Towers) (44.15)
09. The Hand to Man Band - The Down Moveables (46.42)
10. Adios Amigo - Take Me to Heaven (54.01)
11. Meursault - Song For Martin Kippenberger (Jonnie Common Remix) (1.01.11)

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Don't worry, the chances of me actually playing party music on a Toadcast are about as good as Lana Del Rey getting some semblance of life back into that blank, empty, defeated gaze of hers.

No, in reality this is called the Partycast because we are having the label Christmas Party tomorrow at Summerhall, and so tomorrow I shall be running around all day collecting a PA, and shitloads of absolutely awful tinsel and dreadful Christmas decorations.

Also, rather tragically. I shall be trying my very best (and probably failing) not to get too utterly obliterated because I will have to be up early in the morning to return the bloody PA and get all our merch stuff through to Chambre 69 to try and sell to people of Glasgow in vast, lucrative quantities. But umm... well I think it's time to accept that I am going to feel like a menstruating badger on Saturday morning.

01. Francobollo - Basketball (00.17)
02. Rick Redbeard - Cold as Clay (The Grave) (06.25)
03. Lil Daggers - Faces & Names (13.21)
04. King Post Kitsch - Every Face (19.29)
05. These Brittle Bones - Blood + Snow (24.09)
06. Matthew E. White - Big Love (30.57)
07. Dolfinz - Yeah Right (38.25)
08. Slowcoaches - Proper Job (40.39)
09. Silverbacks - Orange Light (44.56)
10. King DJ - Hold Me Down (50.14)
11. WTCHS - Adult Crimes (54.42)

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Winter has been slow to arrive this year, but it certainly feels like it's here now. The last few days have been pretty cold, but more importantly when you live this far North, it's getting fucking dark. It's not something I dislike, actually.  We may not get much real cold in Edinburgh, nor indeed very much which anyone else would describe as Summer, but Edinburgh is at a surprisingly high latitude and during the Winter months it really is dark around these parts.

So there I was sitting at my desk at four in the afternoon and it was already really rather fucking dingy outside, and in the absence of an obvious theme it seemed about as relevant as anything else I could have come up with.  And let's face it, without that this is just a mish mash of new stuff which has been piling into my inbox over the last little while, and where's the fun in that, eh? Well? Where?

01. Temples - Shelter Song (00.21)
02. Eels - Peach Blossom (06.54)
03. PVT - Shiver (13.01)
04. Milk and Biscuits - White Noise (16.49)
05. Murals - Eyes of Loves (24.32)
06. Lady Lazarus - Lapsarian (31.44)
07. Garden of Elks - This Morning We Are Astronauts (38.47)
08. Palms - Cold (41.07)
09. These Brittle Bones - Anchor Bleed (48.11)
10. Qurious - Gold (55.16)

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Videos: Vimeo - YouTube Photos: Flickr Audio: zip download - mp3s below For the utter shame of it, we actually recorded this Toad Session back in December last year. I know we can be a little tardy publishing these fuckers, but this has to be something of a record. I blame the fact that The Leg, The Foxx, Meursault and the Split 12" albums all ended up being released within a month or so of each other for knocking me firmly out of my stride, but well, there's always an excuse isn't there. We actually recorded this on the Monday after a fearsomely brilliant gig at Henry's Cellar Bar last Christmas, and did a session with the brilliant Joanna Gruesome on the same day. It was a bit rough, just a little bit like hard work, and I have no idea how the neighbours decided not to complain to the coppers, but I hugely grateful that they didn't. Massive thanks for this one are owed to Dylan Matthews and Ashley Hampson for their video camera work, to the consistently awesome Nic Ruefor taking the pictures, and to Rory Sutherland for helping me with the recording, the mixing, and for also wielding a video camera during the session itself.

The Black Tambourines - Bad Days (Toad Session) [audio:] The Black Tambourines - Let You Down (Toad Session) [audio:] The Black Tambourines - Ghost at a Party (Toad Session) [audio:] The Black Tambourines - School Level (Toad Session) [audio:]
Direct download: Toadcast #250 - Black Tambourines Session Subscribe to the Toadcasts on iTunes Subscribe to the Toadcasts on Mixcloud

01. The Black Tambourines - Bad Days (Toad Session) (06.37) 02. Jeff the Brotherhood - Bone Jam (11.27) 03. Ringo Deathstarr - So High (14.39) 04. The Black Tambourines - Let You Down (Toad Session) (21.02) 05. T. Rex - Life's a Gas (26.53) 06. Can - Moonshake (29.29 ) 07. The Black Tambourines - Ghost at a Party (Toad Session) (37.00) 08. The Germs - Forming (41.04) 09. Y Niwl - Dau (42.55) 10. The Black Tambourines - School Level (Toad Session) (46.54)

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My folks are spending a couple of months in Rottingdean down on the South coast, and after the Meursault, Rob St. John and Withered Hand gig at the Islington Assembly Hall in London on Tuesday I have come down to spend a few days with them, before pootling on back to Edinburgh tomorrow.

This may not excuse but most certainly does explain the fact that the blog has been slightly more erratic than usual this week.  I've squeezed in posts where I can, but parents don't take all that kindly to you spending your entire visit buggering about on the internet, so I've had to cool it slightly.  Although I did force them to sit through an hour of my inbox yesterday, just so they would know how the internet makes me suffer.  Boo fucking hoo.

Anyhow, Rottingdean is very near Brighton, which I visited for the first time for the Great Escape this Spring, so it was sort of nice to be back, in an odd way. I spent way too much money at Resident again, so I will have explaining to do when I get home. Mrs. Toad is an unforgiving beast, when it comes to my vinyl obsession.

01. Elton John - Ballad of a Well-Known Gun (00.10)
02. Holy Modal Rounders - Hey, Hey Baby (08.06)
03. Alabama 3 - Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlife (11.30)
04. Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - Thunder Road (15.40)
05. Simon & Garfunkel - Blues Run the Game (23.32)
06. Younghoon Beats - Ours (31.06)
07. The Douglas Firs - The Possessed (38.15)
08. ABC - Poison Arrow (42.26)
09. Holy Modal Rounders - Blues in the Bottle (45.59)
10. Bagel Project - The Chariot Tale (51.33)
11. Rob St. John - The Mandrake (57.07)

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Coffeeeeeee... so very, very much coffee! Christ on a bike, I know I need to not be dozing off at my desk at the moment but I've had so much fucking coffee in the last couple of days I am starting to go fucking cross-eyed.

Mostly this is down to trying to get my head together after the Cold Seeds 2/Wolf Bear Crystal Toads recording sessions over the weekend which, despite my lack of real direct involvement, still managed to knock the usually ruthlessly efficient Toad machine somewhat cockeyed for a few days.

Anyhow, the disruption continues with a trip to London for the Meursault show at the Islington Assembly Hall next week, and some panel appearances in Aberdeen and at Unconvention in Preston both coming up as well. And you thought I just fucked about on the internet all day!

01. Elvis Costello - Couldn't Call it Unexpected No.4 (00.31)
02. The Woken Trees - Yells (07.55)
03. Arran Arctic - Covers (13.09)
04. September Girls - Green Eyed (15.33)
05. Laurence Made Me Cry - Intelligent Mr. Toad v2 (feat. Dementio13) (20.17)
06. Woodsman - Sonic Tomb (26.35)
07. Yoofs - Welcome Home (31.50)
08. The Failed NASA Experiment - So I Met This Girl (38.41)
09. Fairport Convention - Who Knows Where the Time Goes (44.04)
10. Woodpecker Wooliams - Crow (49.07)
11. Yo La Tengo - Stupid Things (56.16)

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The Ivorycast centres, not altogether surprisingly, on the piano. I remember being mocked at school by someone (a fucking idiot) I knew for swithering on whether the piano or the violin was my favourite instrument in pop music.  She was adamant that the obvious and only answer to that question was the guitar, but then she also liked Lenny Kravitz, so I think that her opinion can be utterly disregarded on principle.

Anyhow, there's not much old music on this one, which I suppose there could easily have been.  Instead, there's a few very new things, a few things from about five years ago, some stuff from about ten years ago and a couple of tunes from the early nineties.

Also, it's not supposed to be exhaustive, definitive nor indeed at all academic.  This is just a bunch of songs I like with a lot of piano on them, not a verbal essay on the history and importance of piano music.

01. The Divine Comedy - Geronimo (00.26)
02. Billy Joel - Piano Man (04.00)
03. Hem - Leave Me Here (12.30)
04. Grandaddy - Underneath the Weeping Willow (16.36)
05. Glacis - Spring/Summer (21.36)
06. Mavis the Dog - Council For The Queen (26.29)
07. Yusuf Azak - Swim (30.04)
08. The National - Fake Empire (35.51)
09. Sufjan Stevens - Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois (39.19)
10. White Rabbits - While We Go Dancing (42.37)
11. Geoffnet - The Little Parisian Music Box (50.12)
12. Ben Folds Five - Mess (51.49)
13. Tom Waits - Innocent When You Dream (78) (58.22)

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So, after a couple of slightly misnumbered podcasts - 245 coming after 243, and then 244 having to come after that to try and correct the mistake, hoping two wrongs might , if not make a right exactly, at least gloss over the original wrong somewhat - we are back on track with #246.  In the right order and everything.

There's no real theme to this week's podcast, although we have a fair bit of new stuff in there - some by The Walkmen, The Douglas Firs, The Spook School, Monster Island and a couple of others.

Next week I was thinking of doing The Ivorycast, with loads of piano music, and then perhaps one about freak folk next, assuming I manage to successfully tie down what the fuck that is.  Dirty, psychedelic folk music, as far as I can tell, is about the easiest way to approximate it.  Ah well, a bit of digging should do the trick easily enough. In the meantime, however, this:

01. Yusuf Azak - Smile Tactics (00.22)
02. Glass Animals - Cocoa Hooves (07.16)
03. Stoney and Meatloaf - Jessica White (14.44)
04. Elbow - On a Day Like This (17.35)
05. The Walkmen - Vermeer 65 (26.00)
06. Silkies - Red (32.07)
07. The Douglas Firs - Backroads (37.01)
08. The Spook School - Here We Go (39.44)
09. Professor Lafferty - A New Definition of Love (Part 1) (46.47)
10. Monster Island - Ferris Wheel (52.46)
11. Zucchini Drive - Gospel Oak (58.47)

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Ah yes, the Hypecast, so called because some of the discussion on the Chvrches thread made me think about what it is I really dislike about the concept of hype, and why I mistrust it.

It's an area where I struggle to be consistent, honestly. I abhor hype, but I seem to recall being very much caught up in the mystery and excitement around Silver Columns, for example. And I spend most of the Rough Guide to Self-releasing an Album exhorting bands to be more prepared and more organised, and yet I get funny when bands are too organised, and start wondering if they're really there to be a band or just want to get famous. And then I get annoyed at people getting too excited about the excitement itself, but would still accept that it's probably the most effective way for a DIY band on a tight budget to actually generate basic levels of awareness when they can't afford to carpet-bomb the world into submission with PR like major label bands often do.

And then there's always the far more traditional and straightforward old chestnuts that I hate feeling press-ganged into liking something because I just a bloody contrarian, whether the crowd are right or not, and of course that I am always mortally offended when other people are Wrong About Music.  So many opinions out there, and none of them correct except mine - it's a heavy burden to bear, I promise you!

01. Silver Columns - Warm Welcome (00.10)
02. Gene - Sleep Well Tonight (09.12)
03. Voxtrot - Soft and Warm (17.47)
04. Vampire Weekend - Walcott (Insane Mix #2) (21.52)
05. Broken Records - Dia Dos Namorados (30.14)
06. Village - Nowhere (36.00)
07. Darkstar - Timeaway (40.00)
08. The Bluetones - Bluetonic (45.37)
09. Blur - Yuko & Hiro (53.13)
10. Lana Del Rey - Video Games (59.41)

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Today I rediscovered toast.  Yes, let it be proclaimed that toast is an awesome snack and that I deserve to be booed and hissed for neglecting it for so long.  At university I pretty much subsisted on cups of tea, toast and tins of Heinz Big Soup, but for some reason despite working from home, I haven't resurrected the toast habit.  Well today I put that right, and it was awesome.

Toast goes so well with jam, with marmite, with cheese and with just plain butter, and it takes a second to make and it's just so darn tasty.  So yes, there you have it, this week I shall be mostly eating TOAST! Or Toadst, if you will.

Anyhow, after a couple of fine slices of toast I sit down to bring you this week's installment of songs which have been making me happy this week, starting with a new and vastly, vastly overdue single from Magic Arm.  And, well, I suppose you'll have to listen to find out where we go from there.  Toast!

01. Magic Arm - Put Your Collar Up (00.27)
02. The Magnetic Fields - Love is Lighter Than Air (08.32)
03. Calexico - Black Heart (11.44)
04. Old Earth - Less Words (18.17)
05. Trapped Mice - Mona Lisa (22.56)
06. Woodpecker Wooliams - Gull (30.50)
07. Immigrant Union - My Heart's a Joke (33.54)
08. Sealings - Face Basement (39.16)
09. Hot Panda - One in the Head, One in the Chest (45.46)
10. Monster Island - Pilot Whales (49.20)
11. Juffage - My Weakness (56.50)

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The recovery in the title of this podcast is down to the fact that I actually managed to spend a full, undisrupted week in the office last week.  Whilst that is a ludicrously banal thing to be celebrating, getting things back on the rails, or at least moderately close to being back on the rails, does feel like something of a relief at this stage.

The accounts desperately need doing as well, which is another little rock 'n' roll tidbit for you.  I can keep this up all day - there's loads more fascinating little insights where this came from. Did I tell you the one about how I need to move a pile of our stock from the downstairs hall to the new shelving I've assembled in the office?  Fuck me it's going to be thrilling.

Actually, after all this I really do feel the need to go out and inject heroin into my eyeballs or punch a tiger in the face or something, just to resurrect some pretence of excitement for anyone (myself included) who might expect the coal face of new music production to be a slightly more exciting place.

01. Cold Pumas - Fog Cutter (00.26)
02. The Lemonheads - Malo Cup (08.11)
03. Pillars & Tongues - Dogs (10.25)
04. Shelter Point - Braille (19.29)
05. Nadine Shah - Aching Bones (27.25)
06. R. Ring - Fallout & Fire (32.35)
07. Playlounge - Sweet Tooth (36.14)
08. Fear of Men - Mosaic (38.33)
09. Blur - Strange News From Another Star (45.10)
10. Hiva Oa - These Hands (51.36)
10. The Twilight Sad - Nil (Liars Remix) (57.17)

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Given how little time I've had to do anything recently, I certainly haven't been able to make time for new music.  So this means that this week's podcast is a little backward-facing really, looking at some of the 80s and 90s music I was into at the time - not the most famous stuff, just some of the stuff I personally liked the best, of course.

Back when I was at Uni in the 90s, when 80s music was utterly reviled, I remember making a tape of 80s music I thought was good, and really, really enjoying it.  Had I made a similar tape for the 90s a few years back, when they too were taking their turn at the bottom of the pile, then bands like Arnold, The Delgados (although they straddled the 90s and the 00s), Yo La Tengo, Eels and Clem Snide would have been right in there.

I can't quite bring myself to do the same for the early 2000s just yet, but they too will inevitably be hated in their turn. If you doubt me, just mention The Killers, Razorlight, The Ordinary Boys, Hard-fi or The Libertines to any self-respecting music snob!

01. Morrissey - You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side (00.57)
02. Yo La Tengo - Big Day Coming (10.20)
03. The Delgados - Pull the Wires From the Wall (19.17)
04. LeThug - Lux (25.03)
05. Magic Eye - Holy Male (30.25)
06. Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - From the Hip (35.27)
07. Eels - Not Ready Yet (42.04)
08. Clem Snide - 1989 (46.35)
09. Arnold - Fleas Don't Fly (52.09)
10. Hazy & the J's - It's Fantasy Man (57.48)

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The Stagcast is a confused, late and distinctly creepy podcast.  There are a few reasons for this, and they all sound vaguely like the making of inadequate excuses but umm… well, I hope you'll hear me out.

Firstly, and most creepily, this was recorded in a small flat in Holland surrounded by sleeping people.  So to avoid waking anyone up I ended up speaking largely under my breath.  The result, instead of the tact and sensitivity for which I was hoping, was pretty much the radio debut of the Toad Paedo Voice.  Hooray.  Super.

And on top of that, just to make things even more awkward, there is some Bon Jovi.  I think - or at least I dearly fucking hope - that this is a first for the Toadcasts, but nevertheless you can believe me when I say that this makes me as uncomfortable as it does you.  Want to know who to blame?  The fucker getting married next weekend who will probably prevent me getting next week's podcast done punctually as well.  What a bastard.

01. The Pixies - Where is My Mind (00.16)
02. Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up (07.42)
03. The Reservations - Dogs in the Day (19.12)
04. Manners - Will Pt.1 (22.22)
05. Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built (28.21)
06. The Wilderness of Manitoba - The Ark (34.31)
07. Apostille - Wrong (41.00)
08. Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark (49.06)
09. Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer (53.17)
10. The Lemonheads - Style (59.33)

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Yes, mosherama!  This podcast draws its name, slightly sadly, not from the fact that I have been in one insane moshpit after another this week, which might have been quite cool, but from the rather more mundane circumstance that I have simply been to quite a lot of gigs.

I did mosh, in a sense. In the fat, sad old man sense that I stood sort of in the middle and nodded my head vaguely in time to the music.  I know, I know, who will save society from such excess? This must be a job for Carol Vorderman.

Defeatist self-mockery aside, I genuinely did see three fantastic gigs one after another this week, so the podcast is going to reflect this.  Once again we have multiple Grandaddy songs, which means my fandom is probably tipping the balance into sad, slavering fanboy territory but umm... well, it's too late for me to make a last-minute scramble for dignity anyway, so fuck it, they were absolutely fucking amazing and you are just going to have to sit through it and pretend to love them as much as I do.

01. Grandaddy - Stray Dog & the Chocolate Shake (00.21)
02. Mark Lanegan Band - Strange Religion (07.21)
03. Thula Borah - Skye Falling (18.44)
06. Pinact - Into the One (23.33)
05. PAWS - Homecoming (32.49)
06. Eagulls - Moulting (36.21)
07. Noun Verb Adjective - Inside of You (42.52)
08. Dalton - Wood Frames (47.42)
09. Mark Lanegan - The Winding Sheet (52.10)
10. Grandaddy - For the Dishwasher (1.01.32)

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The Curiocast because there are indeed some odd little bits and pieces on this week's podcast.  Listen to it and you might not notice much different - it's not exactly shocking or all that strange or anything like that, but there are most certainly a few odd little things here and there.

Geographically, we have music from Karachi, Vienna and Novosibirsk.  Genre-wise, we have some of the first R&B(ish) music ever to appear on a Toadcast and then we end with seven minutes of choral folk singing performed in Hamilton Mausoleum, reputed to have the longest echo of any building in the world. 

So none of it will knock you off your feet in a 'what the flying fuck is that?' sort of a way, but there's definitely some odd little bits and pieces on this week's podcast.  Which I like.

01. Toy - Motoring (00.27)
02. Angel Olsen - Tiniest Seed (08.14)
03. Bagel Project - Back and Forth (15.44)
04. OverUnda - She Falls to the Floor (17.35)
05. Sun Stains - Fortify Perfect (24.09)
06. Menomena - Heavy is as Heavy Does (28.59)
07. Basheer & the Pied Pipers - Circling Nowhere (36.19)
08. Heatherwood - Insight (47.35)
09. Mile Me Deaf - Troubles Caught (51.17)
10. Daughter - Smother (56.06)
11. Wounded Knee - Hamilton (1.02.22.)

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This weekend I was dragged down to the Beacons Festival in Yorkshire because pals of mine had spare tickets and umm... well, I figured why the fuck not.  Also, go to the website and take a look at that lineup. Amazing!

So yes, at five o'clock on Friday morning, five lads all over six feet tall squished  their way into a Ford fucking Focus and pootled on four hours down the motorway into deepest, darkest Yorkshire. We even got the 'Ee, ba gum' treatment in the café we stopped at for a bacon sarnie on the way down.

Anyhow, this podcast features bands we saw over the weekend, and given the hipster-friendly lineup at the festival should prove to be a rather hipster-friendly podcast as well, after the relative (and shameful) lack of interest show in last week's comedy, I reckon this should prove rather more successful.  My inner hipster is certainly excited.

01. Fawn Spots - Spanish Glass (00.05)
02. Juffage - Small Fires (Viola Version) (06.57)
03. Best Friends - Break My Neck (14.22)
04. King Krule - The Noose of Jah City (17.19)
05. Still Corners - Endless Summer (24.55)
06. PINS - Shoot You (35.03)
07. Japandroids - The Nights of Wine and Roses (38.26)
08. The Wave Pictures - I Love You Like a Madman (47.27)
09. Hookworms - Teen Dreams (50.30)
10. Willy Mason - We Can Be Strong (59.22)

Direct download: ToadcastNo238.mp3
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This podcast, I suppose I am going to have to accept from the start, really isn't going to be for everyone, is it.  There is plenty of music in here, but not all that much which would make it onto a regular Toadcast.

Mixed in with those few more traditional tunes is a little musical comedy, a genre with which I have a very patchy relationship indeed, and also some outright stand-up. It's the Edinburgh Festival and some friends and I were talking about how we generally avoid the whole boiling pot of shit, but that there were some comedians we would make an effort to see nevertheless.

Because, with the exception of Stewart Lee, I don't have any of their stuff this isn't about people I may or may not see here in August just some stuff by comedians I happen to a/ like and b/ happen to have handy (because I am lazy).  So it may not be the usual cutting edge hipster tunefest, but it's still a very good podcast if you're into this sort of shit.  Plus it's a nice change.  So deal with it.

01. Richard Cheese - Rape Me (00.22)
02. Doug Anthony Allstars - If You're Happy/Waco (05.09)
03. David Cross - Certain Leaders In Government Look Or Act Like Certain Pop Culture References! (08.14)
04. Phil Ochs - Talking Cuban Crisis (14.54)
05. Doug Anthony Allstars - Gilbert & Sullivan (17.36)
06. Half Man Half Biscuit - Surging Out of Convalescence (19.03)
07. Animaniacs - International Friendship Song (26.15)
08. Bill Hicks - Dinosaurs in the Bible (29.17)
09. Doug Anthony Allstars - Gilbert & Sullivan 2 (35.06)
10. David Cross - Women, Please Rinse Off Your Vagina and Anus (36.17)
11. Richard Cheese - Milkshake (43.36)
12. Jeff Foxworthy - Redneck Games (46.20)
13. Doug Anthony Allstars - Gilbert & Sullivan 3 (49.57)
14. Me First & the Gimme Gimmes - Stand By Your Man (51.35)
15. Inspector Tapehead - I am Your Pedigree (54.49)
16. Tim Minchin - Pope Song (1.00.26)
17. Stewart Lee - Top Gear (1.02.41)

Direct download: ToadcastNo237.mp3
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 I have named the Nursecast in honour of the fact that Mrs. Toad has been unthreateningly but rather inconveniently ill for the last few days and I have been nursing her gently back to health.  And by nursing of course I mean taking the opportunity to lounge around in bed next to her and watch stupid videos while she suffers.  I know, I know, I'm a gem.

We have a couple of new and exciting announcements from Tom Waits and Jason Lytle on this podcast, as well as a rather interesting-sounding new band from about as far North in Scotland as it is possible to get before you fall into the sea and have to paddle frantically for Iceland.

And, just to cheer us all up, the sun has finally come out, which is at least some consolation for the fact that the Edinburgh International Festival of Overpriced Shit landed on us last week, and will have to now be studiously avoided for the next month

01. Texas Tea - Heart Says Yes (Head Says No) (00.26)
02. Tom Waits - I Breathe Better Underwater (05.40)
03. Jason Lytle - Dept. of Disappearance (06.01)
04. Sex Hands - Way, No Way (12.27)
05. Onions - Gemsbok (14.57)
06. The Maginot Band - Slow Down Sundial (22.34)
07. OnlyReal - Cadillac Girl (27.52)
08. White Poppy - Mirage Man (35.04)
09. Noun Verb Adjective - Darwinian Lust (39.40)
10. Lost Left - Thank You For the Lung (43.26)
11. Lord Huron - Time to Run (48.34)
12. The Von Bondies - Rock 'n' Roll Nurse (56.27)

Direct download: ToadcastNo236.mp3
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So, as I said last week, we should now be stumbling back to something vaguely resembling equilibrium here at Song, by Toad.  The releases are out, nowt else has a fixed date, we're cruising into Summer and dammit I better find something to do soon before I get a fit of the lazies.  Which is what happens to me when I have too little to do.

So this podcast is a fairly normal trip through a pile of shiny new songs, with a brief detour to mark the occasion of Mrs. Toad and I celebrating our sixth anniversary, which we did this weekend just past.

Dress Sexy at My Funeral may sound like a rather inappropriate song for an anniversary, but I like it nevertheless.  The sentiment has a certain degree of 'fuck you' to it, which is one of the things which makes our relationship rather fun to be in, from my perspective.

And as I said when introducing the Billy Bragg song, it's a funny thing to think that Mrs. Toad and I first met at school as fifteen year olds.  And presumably back then we were just normal high school kids thinking about normal high school things, with not the slightest inkling that this embryonic friendship would turn out to be the most important relationship in our lives.  Which I think is rather sweet, actually.

01. Ringo Deathstarr - Rip (00.22)
02. H. Hawkline - Black Domino Box (07.36)
03. Smog - Dress Sexy at My Funeral (15.51)
04. Billy Bragg - The Fourteenth of February (22.07)
05. Popstrangers - In Some Ways (27.27)
06. The Marble Vanity - The Autumn Woods (32.09)
07. The See See - Automobile (40.11)
08. The Louche - Salt (43.49)
09. Woodpecker Wooliams - Sparrow (48.50)
10. Dolly Parton - Little Sparrow (57.32)

ringo deathstarr, h hawkline, smog, billy bragg, popstrangers, marble vanity, the see see, the louche, woodpecker wooliams, dolly parton

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Wow.  I am just - only just, mind you - about back in my right mind after the Fence Collective's awesome Away Game Festival on the Isle of Eigg.  After spending three days in the Inner Hebrides, embracing Scotland's talent for wildly variable weather to its absolute fullest, we journeyed back yesterday, stopping off to record a Vic Galloway session for BBC Radio Scotland.

That meant we got back in around one in the morning, and after eight hours' kip and a very long, very hot shower, I now feel just about ready to face the world again.  Not to take in on in a carpe diem, up and attem boy sort of a way, just ready, just about, to handle real life once more.

This podcast is, as I assume you will have noticed by now, going to be all about Away Game, with all but a couple of the songs by bands I saw play at the Festival.  And what a fucking awesome festival it was.  Well played Eigg, and well played Fence.

01. Water World - Catch Yrself (00.26)
02. King Creosote - Not One Bit Ashamed (07.09)
03. OLO Worms - Strays (17.55)
04. Y Niwl - Undegnaw (22.09)
05. Rob St. John - The Whites of Our Eyes (29.15)
06. Scott Rudd - Bullshit Love (38.01)
07. Jo Schornikow - Bird's Nest (39.47)
08. The Twilight Sad - I Became a Prostitute (Acoustic) (46.26)
09. Sparrow & the Workshop - Faded Glory (50.17)
10. Luna - Malibu Love Nest (55.49)
11. eagleowl - No Conjunction (1.04.52)

Direct download: ToadcastNo234.mp3
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Delivered to you live(ish) from Istria, welcome to Toadcast No. 233, the Crocast, recorded whilst travelling some of Europe's prettiest coastline.

Or sort.  Actually it is recorded in one of the most horrendous resort complexes either of us has ever seen, but this is just a mere stop on the way; tomorrow we shall be travelling some of Europe's prettiest coastline!

We even managed to turn up at the rent-a-car place with an expired driving license and credit card which didn't actually work, and they still gave us a car without so much as blinking.  This is an awesome holiday!  Tonight: buttery, garlicky grilled fish and dry white wine.  And actually, the local dry whites, despite us hearing awful reports about Istrian white wine, have been really good so far.  As you can probably tell from this podcast.

01. Vadoinmessico - Archaeology of the Future (00.45)
02. Murals - Eyes of Love (09.20)
03. Sharon Van Etten - Kevin's (20.49)
04. The Lovely Sparrows - While Sailing (24.55)
05. Errors - Relics (33.24)
06. Buttonhead - Champion Bread (42.37)
07. Caravan Club - Tongue Tied (Rough Mix) (54.24)
08. Honey - Cape Canaveral (58.06)
09. Fantasy Rainbow - O, Weirdo (1.07.54)
10. The Blank Tapes - I'm Back (1.14.45)

Direct download: ToadcastNo233.mp3
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This was originally supposed to be called something vaguely phlegm-related, due to the amount of hacking and coughing I have been doing over the course of the last few days.  It's the reason this podcast never appeared on Sunday or Monday, that's for sure, and had I tried to record it then you'd have just heard me growling my way through links like I was auditioning to replace that guy who does the voiceovers for all those macho trailers in Hollywood.

"Forced to choose between his old ways and the family he would do anything to protect" - that kind of shit, y'know?

Anyhow, sitting in muggy Edinburgh while rain interrupts play at Wimbledon, and with a rather odd tennis-themed song on this week's playlist I figured The Ballscast would be more suitable.  I am not fussed about tennis at all, but being back at my grandparents' house in Manchester during the Summer holidays and watching Wimbledon is a rather significant childhood memory for me. As was then going out to play tennis on my Granddad's carefully cultivated lawn and completely destroying it, much to his silent fuming!

01. Blur - The Puritan (00.22)
02. Zed Penguin - Heathens (07.20)
03. Vitamin Pets - Fried Eggs (11.06)
04. Paul Banks - Summertime is Coming (16.36)
05. Indian Wells - Wimbledon 1980 (21.16)
06. Keaton Henson - To Your Health (31.59)
07. Trans Manna Ray - Woman Killed, Fetus Removed (37.00)
08. The Traps - Your Headland (45.53)
09. Conner Youngblood - Gold (49.19)
10. Two Gallants - Broken Eyes (56.57)

Direct download: ToadcastNo232.mp3
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Despite this being called the Applecast (imaginative, don't you think?) and being recorded in New York, it has preciously little to do with anything American.  We just happen to be here at the moment.

As soon as I record and publish this I will be heading out to watch England's inevitable hard-luck story as we go out of the Euros to Italy in the quarter finals, as seems to be traditional with England. And then I get on a ferry to the Governor's Ball, which is a music festival on Randall's Island, which looks like it will be rather fun.

Mrs. Toad might actually be able to get a three-month secondment out here, which might be fun.  We'd have to find some way of making sure the cats were fed in our absence, and that the house was looked after in general, but given I can basically work from a laptop pretty much anywhere, it seems like it would be a really rather fun thing to do, don't you reckon? The Song, by Toad Records New York office!

01. Milk Maid - Stir So Slow (Toad Session) (00.16)
02. New Fabian Society - Necropolis (06.02)
03. Jesus H. Foxx - Permanent Defeat (13.56)
04. Yola Fatoush - Celine (20.25)
05. Min Diesel - A Bitter Pop Song (23.29)
06. Rick Redbeard - Now We're Dancing (31.49)
07. I Am Oak - Palpable (40.15)
08. Meursault - Lament For a Teenage Millionaire (43.25)
09. Eels on Heels - Kaleidoscope (51.09)
10. Barna Howard - Timber, Nails and Tears (56.46)

Direct download: ToadcastNo231.mp3
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So, I know what you're all thinking (well, those of you that give a shit anyway).  Yes, that's right, last week, for the first time in about three years, I missed a weekly edition of this podcast.  I can whinge about excuses all I like, but you don't really care do you?  Suffice to say that I genuinely was too busy.

Or, I suppose, too hungover.

Because there was a window - one, tiny, podcast-recording-shaped window of time - where I could actually have got the damn thing done, in the middle of the afternoon in Iceland, before the England game I suppose I might have been able to squeeze it in but you know what?  Yes, I bottled it.  I bottled it because I was hungover. I know.  I feel the shame.

So there you go, whinging out of the way, let's get on with this week's music choices.

01. Adam Stafford - Vanishing Tanks (00.07)
02. Kate Nash - Underestimate the Girl (10.37)
03. Glass Animals - Cocoa Hooves (18.11)
04. Eagulls - Coffin (22.25)
05. David Byrne & St. Vincent - Who (27.35)
06. Loch Awe - The Diamond King & Six Holy Mirrors (34.44)
07. Keel Her - Prize Catch (41.19)
08. Mission of Burma - Second Television (44.49)
09. Hut - Smiley (Demo) (48.36)
10. Fantasy Rainbow - Sun is a Drug (53.19)
11. Brer - Sea of Doubt (60.02)

Direct download: Toadcast230.mp3
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It's Jubi-fucking-lee weekend, so whilst we are all engaging in various levels of plotting against the Royal Family and being resentfully grateful for a couple of days off.  Although given we've had this fucking pantomime and that grotesque carnival of obsequiousness and vulgarity of a Royal Wedding, surely we wouldn't have to be pillaging old people's pensions if we'd just made the fuckers pay for it all themselves, and kept the people's money in the people's coffers.

Mind you, given that their hands are permanently in the fucking public purse anyway, the idea of 'their money' and 'our money' is a little blurred.  Burn the fucking lot of them I say.  Burn them alive and do it in public.

Why?  Because having done away with inherited rule, we now have another stratum of unelected persons running countries, in the form of the pornographically super-rich.  Burning the Royal Family alive might just serve as a warning to the bankers that we like the people who run the country to actually be fucking accountable, thank you very much.

01. Chumbawamba - Farewell to the Crown (00.)
02. Playlounge - Conor, Oh Burst! (07.41)
03. Joanna Gruesome - Tugboat (Galaxie 500 cover) (Toad Session) (09.25)
04. Piano Magic - The Slightest of Threads (16.43)
05. The Thlyds - I Fucked the Queen (22.12)
06. Silver Jews - Secret Knowledge of Back Roads (25.05)
07. Easter - Begin Again (30.54)
08. Onions - Louise Louise (36.52)
09. North American War - Geraniums on a Spit (42.16)
10. The Grand Gestures - There's No Place Like Home (47.22)
11. Sonny & the Sunsets - I See the Void (53.09)
12. Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen (58.10)

Direct download: ToadcastNo229.mp3
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The Philcast is named after the detestable little Tory weasel Phil Collins, as a result of this comment on this post by James who writes Appetite for Distraction.  So you can all blame him.

In addition to Phil Collins, we have some Phil Spector, Phil Ochs, Phil & the Osophers and, somewhat more tenuously, Esther Phillips.  Also, for some utterly inexplicable reason, the Spider Man theme song came up when I searched my iTunes library for 'Phil'.  Any ideas?  Was it written by Phil Phillips from Philadelphia?

Also, we have the first 'Fucking Preposterous Song of the Week', in the form of Phil Collins' Easy Lover.  For reasons of being a fuckwit, mostly, I suppose, I'd quite like to make this a regular feature.  Next week Turn Around Bright Eyes by Bonni Tyler or Hello by Lionel Richie - whaddaya reckon!

01. Billy Bragg - I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night (01.20)
02. Phil Ochs - Jim Dean of Indiana (08.20)
03. Pet - Black Arts (15.49)
04. Money - So Long (God is Dead) (20.10)
05. Phil Collins - Easy Lover (27.05)
06. James Yorkston - Catch (33.26)
07. Esther Phillips - Home is Where the Hatred Is (37.46)
08. Crystals - Then He Kissed Me (41.10)
09. The National - The Rains of Castamere (47.07)
10. Stagnant Pools - Dead Sailor (49.40)
11. Phil & the Osophers - Uses of a Man (56.01)

Direct download: ToadcastNo228.mp3
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Seeing as we are in Canada for the weekend (dear thieves, the house is not unoccupied, and the lad staying there is a fighty little fucker), I figured some Canadian songs might be in order.  I am actually half-Canadian, which is a bit odd, because I've never actually lived there.  So it's always weird coming here, to a country I'm technically from, but which I really don't know at all.

Given we played Born Gold, Odonis Odonis, Slow Down Molasses and Hot Panda on last week's show, however, I figured that was probably enough new Canadian bands for the time being, although the excellent Hooded Fang did sneak on this one at the beginning.

But mostly, apart from the more usual new stuff I tend to play, I've included a handful of nostalgic songs by Canadian bands, most of which I haven't listened to in quite a long time.  And I must say it was sort of nice to look this stuff up again, after so long.

01. Hooded Fang - E.S.P. (00.44)
02. The Tragically Hip - Ahead By a Century (09.26)
03. UMA - Drop Your Soul (feat. Silver Apples) (16.20)
04. White Heath - In a Glasshouse (19.36)
05. 54-40 - Casual Viewin' (33.11)
06. Bruce Springsteen - Circus Song (Live on WBCN 9th Jan 1973) (41.07)
07. Giant Giant Sand - Detained (47.35)
08. Alan Watts - Africa Bats (51.37)
09. Barenaked Ladies - Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1.00.59)
10. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Kiss and Say Goodbye (1.08.12)
11. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Heart Like a Wheel (1.11.00)

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Ian and myself were down in Brighton for most of last week with The Great Escape, and that's pretty much what this podcast is about from start to finish.  It's hardly a studied analysis of course - and I sincerely doubt you'd expect one - instead it's more of a chatter about the Brighton fun we've had and the people we've met.

Scotland is actually rather isolated when it comes to music.  Hence, I suppose, the importance of the local Scottish music community to bands and labels based up here. Nevertheless, it is really important to connect with the rest of the UK.

A lot of our most appreciated supporters are people I know only from Twitter and the other end of an email, be they fans, label customers, writers and broadcasters who have supported us or labels who have inspired us.  So, in the interests of cementing these relationships, meeting new people and drinking an absolute fucking shitload of beer, off to Brighton we went...

01. Hot Panda - Fuck Shit Up (00.24)
02. Slow Down, Molasses - Light (07.44)
03. Born Gold - Lawn Knives (16.19)
04. Odonis Odonis - Tick Tock (23.07)
05. PAWS - Bainz (26.17)
06. The Black Tambourines - Let You Down (Toad Session Sneak Preview) (34.15)
07. Fear of Men - Doldrums (44.06)
08. PINS - Eleventh Hour (47.13)
09. Perfume Genius - Lookout, Lookout (55.02)
10. Fanzine - L.A. (62.51)

Direct download: ToadcastNo226.mp3
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The Nightcast.  Yes, night.  I am recording this at about two in the morning for the simple reason that for all I aim to do these once a week, on the weekend, once again it has been just plain impossible to actually get the damn thing done on the weekend just gone, so here I am squeezing it into the ungodly hours of Tuesday night.

Well, Wednesday now.

And of course I am off to The Great Escape in the morning.  Actually, it already is the morning.  Oh all right then, by the time this is uploaded and ready to go and I can actually get some sleep, I think I might be due to get out of bed in two hours time.  Cock and balls.  I thought the night time was supposed to be a little more glamorous than this.

01. The Pictish Trail - Of Course You Exist (FOUND Remix) (00.26)
02. Plastic Animals - Ghosts (07.56)
03. Playlounge - Boner Hit (Keel Her cover) (15.24)
04. Yoofs - Love at 140 (18.17)
05. Dead Rat Orchestra - The Geshin & the Guga (23.15)
06. The See See - Fix Me Up (30.24)
07. Meursault - Flittin' (36.26)
08. Woody Guthrie - So Long, it's Been Good to Know You (40.37)
09. PAWS - Misled Youth (46.20)
10. Blank Canvas - Golden (53.53)
11. The Eighteenth Day of May - Cold Early Morning (59.04)

Direct download: ToadcastNo225.mp3
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This is called the Repeatcast because I sometimes wonder that the constant flow of new music I fire into these podcasts might just passing you by.  I know I struggle to stay on top of things sometimes myself, so maybe you just listen when you can be bothered and sometimes things just go in one ear and out the other.

I've been considering doing an artist of the week thing, like Ted from where he plays two tracks from an artist one week (well, one month now that the show's monthly) and then one from the same artist the next week as well, so there is a degree of reinforcement

Knowing me, I doubt I'll ever get round to it, honestly, but you know, it seems like a good idea.  Or something vaguely like it seems like a good idea, because it would be a shame if all this music just vanished into the ether.  So this week we have a lot of repetition of bands already played on the podcasts, just to make sure you're paying attention properly.  Like you should be.

01. Easter - Damp Patch (00.21)
02. The Spyrals - Long Road Out (06.40)
03. Mac DeMarco - She's Really All I Need (11.40)
04. Apostille - Journal (17.42)
05. Apostle of Hustle - National Anthem of Nowhere (28.26)
06. The Babies - My Name (35.46)
07. Islet - A Warrior Who Longs to Grow Herbs (41.17)
08. Niilo Smeds - Summer Air (45.26)
09. Kalle Mattson - Miles (51.35)
10. Slowcoaches - We're So Heavy (58.19)

Direct download: ToadcastNo224.mp3
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This is called the Justcast because, whilst it may well be late, it is entirely justifiably late, so piss off and stop moaning at me. And come on, stop being coy, I know you're secretly tutting.  Or at least I fucking hope you are, because the other option is that you don't really give a fuck, and where would that leave us?

So, having worked all through the working week, and then having spent all of Saturday working at Record Store Day stuff, I got to Sunday and was honestly just not up for doing anything at all, sorry. I was pooped.  Bushed.  Knackered. Tuckered. Done for.  So I did fuck all, and I actually felt guilty about this for a while, and then realised that actually, every cunt gets a fucking weekend, so stop feeling sorry for yourself, embrace a day of doing bugger all, and just do the podcast as soon as you can reasonably manage.  So there you go.

Next week I might do a bit of a podcast on my Record Store Day purchases (and there were many) but not this week, because I haven't had the chance to sit down and listen to them yet.  Maybe Thursday that might happen.  And/or Wednesday.  And then I will waffle on about them on the internet next week, for which I am sure you will all be truly grateful.

01. The Leg - Witch on the Speaker (00.15)
02. Algiers - Blood (05.33)
03. The Walkmen - Heaven (14.17)
04. Milk Maid - Do Right (18.49)
05. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - The Powers and the Glory of Love (23.44)
06. Daily Life - Alabaster (29.26)
07. Possimiste - Clockworkbird (33.17)
08. Liars - No.1 Against the Rush (40.16)
09. Richard Hawley - Leave Your Body Behind You (46.13)
10. The Babies - My Name (57.33)

Direct download: ToadcastNo223.mp3
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We are in St. Andrews this weekend for the Fence Collective's Eye of the Dug Festival.  Needless to say, The Dugcast or something to that effect might have been more suitable, but there are so many golf twats around town that I really couldn't ignore them, not after all the effort they make to look like complete prats.

I get the impression that with golf, the costumes became so ludicrous that really the only way to look cool, instead of dressing like a normal person, was to try and look like an even bigger fuckwit than the rest of them.  Which, given the exceptionally high bar that has already been set, takes some doing.

Anyhow, there is no danger of me ever taking up golf.  None at all.  I already find playing pool frustrating enough, and it strikes me as really quite similar in the following crucial way: you play what turns out to be a perfect shot, then the next time you do what feels like the exact same fucking thing, and yet somehow the shot you produce is dreadful.  With no clue what you've done differently.  It would drive me round the fucking bend.  Anyhow... erm, oh yes, the podcast:

01. Broncho - Try Me Out Sometime (00.09)
02. Silence at Sea - Gladiators on Repeat (05:13)
03. Fat Bicth - The Seagull (12.49)
04. Slowcoaches - 54 (15.57)
05. Mac DeMarco - Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans (20.54)
06. Islet - This Fortune (27.15)
07. Werk - Giant Isopods Have Stolen My Gameboy (33.54)
08. Ziggy Bolus & the Thomas Fergusson Band - Me, Myself and Isopod (37.10)
09. The Spyrals - Calling Out Your Name (42.39)
10. Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler (46.27)
11. R.M. Hubbert - Sandwalks (with Stevie Jones & Paul Savage) (55.54)

Direct download: ToadcastNo222.mp3
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The Dutchcast was named after football.  I was at the pub all day watching United play QPR and City getting done by Arsenal.  For some reason this reminded me of living in Holland, primarily because Arsenal have dropped off the pace in the Premier League a lot recently, but when I was in Holland it was the height of the Wenger vs. Ferguson clashes, so watching the team play again and actually caring about the result reminded me really strongly of a time when Arsenal actually mattered as a football club.  Harsh, but fair.

So yes, in my reminiscences of my time spent living in Holland I have popped in a couple of songs I was introduced to by pals when I lived out there, as well as a cracking track by Bettie Serveert, one of the most well-respected Dutch indie bands out there.

Added to that are a couple of new things from the internet, not least the new track from Owen Ashworth's new project Advance Base, as well as a demo from our pal Tom Western, who recorded four gorgeous demos in our living room about a month ago.  These songs are awaiting a proper recording, but for now the demos themselves are lovely enough.

01. Supergrass - Cheapskate (00.26)
02. Weeping Willows - Failing in Love (08.51)
03. Bettie Serveert - I'll Keep it With Mine (12.45)
04. Tom Western - Green Broom (Demo) (19.52)
05. Advance Base - New Gospel (27.53)
06. Dennis Driscoll - Bury Me Beneath the Weeping Willow (33.06)
07. Niilo Smeds - Summer Air (37.46)
08. The Verve - Lucky Man (45.26)
09. Grandaddy - Summer Here Kids (52.41)
10. Symphonic Pictures - Feathers (59.35)

Direct download: ToadcastNo221.mp3
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April Fool's Day really does bore me to tears.  The jokes are so weak and obvious most of the time that they really are pointless, although Avalanche's Withered Hand futon did make me laugh.

It's the forced bonhomie which I find the most tedious, I have to confess. 'Oh yes, ha ha, very funny, well done you, gosh how everso fucking hilarious'.

And then just occasionally you hear news, like Viva Brother splitting up which, whilst it is painfully obviously an April Fool, is just too close to real, actual good news we'd actually all want to hear to cause any real merriment.

And then there's the Republican candidates for the presidency of the United States.  Tragic, frightening, comical, and depressing. And sadly not an April Fool's joke either.

01. Two Tears - Heisse Hexe (00.22)
02. Magic Eye - Flamin' Teenage (06.49)
03. North American War - Me & My G.I. Joes (14.02)
04. Palms  - Wolf (18.57)
05. Habibi Band - Sunsets (25.39)
06. Woodsman - Supernal Radionics (30.55)
07. Sex Hands - The Moist Maker (39.25)
08. The Leg - Bake Yourself Silly (43.30)
09. Father Sculptor - Ember (48.39)
10. Kurt Vile - Freak Train (57.09)

Direct download: ToadcastNo220.mp3
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The Procast is so called because this week has been an awfy professional one.  The third Meursault album is approaching, and because there are publishers, managers, bookers and all sorts involved in this one we had to have a Serious Meeting about it and make sure the planning was all being done properly.

We did all the grown-up stuff like minute the meeting, assign people deliverables and all sorts of stuff.  It was the closest to being back at my old job that I have experienced since I left, in all honesty - lists, management, timescales, budget discussions and all sorts.

That sounds dismal, I know, but it was quite fun actually.  I know I like releasing under the radar, awkward releases, but at the same time, if a band starts doing well and achieving things I don't want them to have to necessarily leave our label in order to do so, and it's quite satisfying (and actually quite interesting too) to be involved in a project on a slightly larger scale to usual.

01. John Knox Sex Club - Above Us the Waves (00.17)
02. Interpol - Obstacle #1 (10.44)
03. Elbow - Any Day Now (15.07)
04. Hiva Oa - Badger (26.47)
05. The Soft Walls - Black Cat (34.00)
06. King of Prussia - Black Cat (38.11)
07. British Sea Power - Oh Larsen B (45.07)
08. iLiKETRAiNS - The Beeching Report (50.40)
09. Unknown Artist - Bird Cage (56.09)
10. eagleowl - Into the Fold (62.11)

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After last year's relatively sensible podcast (I think the BBC cameras scared us into some degree of sensibleness), this years is far, far less sensible.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it's probably a little more honest.

This time around, as well as the more usual suspects of Messrs. Galloway, Reid, Thomas and myself, we are joined by The Two Jamies: Webster who manages Three Blind Wolves and Gilmour who manages We Were Promised Jetpacks.  This is helpful because instead of drunken fuckwits gabbling at one another, we actually have some proper insight from people who have brought bands out to SXSW and have something useful to add.

And for the rest of it me, Vic, Peej and Stuart just take the piss out of one another.  So umm... well, you have to take the rough with the smooth I suppose.

01. Grave Babies - Nightmare (00.21)
02. Pond - Leisure Pony (5.59)
03. The Animals - We Gotta Get Outta This Place (16.28)
04. Bruce Springsteen - Excerpt from SXSW keynote speech (19.37)
05. Roy Orbison - Crying (21.33)
06. BITCHES - Cage Babies (27.26)
07. Yellow Ostrich - The Shakedown (34.32)
08. The Twilight Sad - Sick (45.21)
09. We Were Promised Jetpacks - The Walls Are Wearing Thin (59.56)
10. OFF - Jeffrey Lee Pierce (61.47)
11. Thulebasen - Gate 5 (77.22)
12. Samuel L. Jackson - Go the Fuck to Sleep (83.00)

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 The Airconcast?  Yes, because I am recording this in our hotel room in Austin, surrounded by a noisy fridge and an even noisier air-conditioning unit.  It was so loud I actually turned it off during the recording, but the room then quickly became uncomfortably stuffy, so this podcast was recorded with me sitting in my pants in a slightly uncomfortable  sweat - picture that if you will.

We are, as you will have guessed, out here for SXSW again, but seeing as next week's podcast is going to be our now-traditional chat with Peej, Vic Galloway and Stuart Thomas about this year's festival, I figured you probably didn't want two SXSW podcasts in one week so I'd lay off this time and just make it about music.

01. Trogons - Solo Amor (00.10)
02. Pond - Mystery (06.45)
03. FLATS - Foxtrot (13:14)
04. Mariee Sioux & Bonnie Prince Billy - Mad Mad Me (19.49)
05. Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Andes (23.47)
06. Ender Belongs to Me - New Light (28.33)
07. Ira Lee - Drinking Alone in Paris (feat. Scream Dream Baby) (38.13)
08. The Teardrops - Tears Come Tumbling (44.26)
09. Robert George Saull - A Jug of This (47.19)
10. Stagnant Pools - Consistency (53.57)

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I honestly thought I was done with politics.  Watching us commit genocide in Iraq despite the protests across the entire country, and then watching the Lib Dems spinelessly capitulate to the rapacious, craven Tory lizards once they got their little sniff of power just sickened me.

Right, I thought, I am done with this shit, it is just a gigantic waste of everyone's time.

However, the Tories haven't just been shit, they've been a repellent disgrace, governing with a sort of vindictive, cackling glee generally reserved for people in plastic armour in the Star Wars movies.  Between that and the SNP deciding that forcing all minor cultural events to require a financially prohibitive and bureaucratically obstructive license, I find my simmering rage for politics to be reinvigorated.  There's no fucking point voting whatsoever, but that doesn't mean you can't get stuck the fuck into these cunts.

01. Aidan John Moffat - Dear Donald (00.25)
02. Speck & the Specktones - Fruitcakes (01.37)
03. Galaxie 500 - Tugboat (09.57)
04. Big Deal - Chair (14.02)
05. Youthfall - Goodbye Horses (Q Lazzarus Cover) (25.09)
06. Barna Howard - Horizons Fade (32.00)
07. New Fabian Society - Lost in Berlin (49.21)
08. Fry & Laurie - Police Privatisation (55.32)
09. Hookworms - Medicine Cabinet (58.33)
10. Barton Carroll - Those Days Are Gone, and My Heart is Breaking (71.20)
11. Beat Happening - Indian Summer (79.36)
12. Lana Del Duck (82.37)

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Welcome to Toadcast number 215.  This is called the Kingcast because I have been on a bit of run promoting gigs recently, with three in the last eight days or so.  Given almost none of my friends or music associates came to these gigs and that the list of attending guests on the Facebook event pages made for pretty grisly reading, I was grimly expecting the gigs to be absolutely awful - barely attended wastelands of funlessness - but every single one was brilliant.

The people who came were almost all people I didn't know, with a few welcome exceptions, and the gigs themselves were absolutely immense fun.  There was probably more dancing this weekend that at anything Toad-related in history.  

So today I have been looking through the forthcoming gigs and getting my ticket links live and stuff like that, and realising that we have some absolute stonkers coming up.  So with a bit of luck, and rather depending on whereabouts in the world you're listening from, I might well see you there.Dancing!  At a Toad gig!  I know!

01. Withered Hand - Heart Heart (00.26)
02. Willy Mason - Restless Fugitive (07.57)
03. Robert George Saull - One Sugar Day (16.47)
04. Narrow Sparrow - Joe Meeks Dream (22.59)
05. The Dirty Three - Sometimes I Forget You've Gone (28.41)
06. Jad Fair, Hifiklub & KPT Michigan (32.20)
07. Jonnie Common - I'll Be Back (38.17)
08. Shudderpulps - Time (45.10)
09. Honeyblood - No Spare Key (48.33)
10. The Soft Walls - Black Cat (54.06)

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I am rather embarrassed to confess that we recorded this session absolutely bloody ages ago. First the Festival, then the mixes, then intervening sessions, and finally just the sheer amount of time these take to edit managed to delay things. But now, finally, at long, long last here it is: the Kid Canaveral Toad Session.

This was another relatively messy, drunken one I'm afraid. We were nice though - we made them dinner and supplied them with a beverage or several, and it happened to be a nice day too, so we were even able to sit out in the garden for a bit.

The team this time around consisted of Neil from Meursault, who recorded the session (and I hope I've not offended him with my mixes!), Fiona and Dylan who took the photos, and Dylan also did a lot of the video work as well. And cooked. Whereas I just sat around, drank beer and swore at people mostly.

Kid Canaveral - And Another Thing! (Toad Session)
Kid Canaveral - Homerun and a Vow (Toad Session)

Kid Canaveral - You Only Went Out to Get Drunk Last Night (Toad Session)

Kid Canaveral - Her Hair Hangs Down (Toad Session)

01. Kid Canaveral - And Another Thing! (Toad Session) (06.44)
02. The Shivers - Irrational Love (14.45)
03. Sleeper - What Do I Do Now? (18.33)
04. Kid Canaveral - Homerun and a Vow (Toad Session) (31.46)
05. Washington Irving - SiSi (38.47)
06. Popup - A Year in a Comprehensive (43.16)
07. Kid Canaveral - You Only Went Out to Get Drunk Last Night (Toad Session) (52.57)
08. Built to Spill - Carry the Zero (59.42)
09. Hall & Oates - Maneater (65.13) 10. Kid Canaveral - Her Hair Hangs Down (Toad Session) (78.02)

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Don't worry, this podcast really isn't about football.  I might have been tempted, but in all honesty, but I can't really think of all that many good songs about football and if I am being truthful with myself I can't imagine you lot really enjoying a podcast about football all that much.

More to the point, I am back playing football myself now, after something like two years out with back problems.  Two years really is a long time to miss out on something you love doing, and even more so when you're past your mid-thirties and every year you miss is one of the last you'll get the chance to play at all.

So, in amongst the new songs and all the usual things you would expect from a Toadcast (i.e. mostly swearing) there are a couple of songs which represent my reaction to getting back to playing football again, and my reaction to some of the more newsworthy moments of the footballing week as well.

01. Morris Major - Seymour Grove (00.17)
02. Chris Devotion and the Expectations - A Modest Refusal (07.27)
03. Billy Bragg - A Lover Sings (20.13)
04. Bob Dylan - Oxford Town (24.07)
05. PAWS - Bainz (30.17)
06. Coast Jumper - Lawless (37.49)
07. That Ghost - Morning Now (42.09)
08. Now Wakes the Sea - Propranolol (50.31)
09. Smackvan - 4am (54.19)
10. Mark Lanegan Band - Bleeding Muddy Water (64.01)

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Ah, Tartan Shortbread, that most wonderful of sardonic Scottish put-downs. 

For those unfamiliar with the term, this is the offhand dismissal used to describe the sort of mawkish, clichéd tourist tat which masquerades as Scottish heritage and culture for those with woefully little imagination.  Alternatively, I suppose you could say that Tartan Shortbread is a blanket term for Scottish heritage as a sort of motorway service station take on national identity.

Anyhow, given I work very much at the coalface of the DIY music world in Scotland, I find that I have been oddly unsupportive of a large number of Scottish who have emerged in the last couple of years to considerable enthusiasm from the Scottish music press, both professional and amateur.

For some reason, the recent bands who have shown some likelihood of cracking an audience wider than the relatively narrow confines of the five million or so people in Scotland itself just haven't appealed to me, with a few notable exceptions.  However, sitting down to assemble the playlist for this week I noticed that there were something like seven of the ten songs which happened to be by Scottish bands.  Oh, I thought to myself, I appear to be Scottish again.  How nice.

01. Django Django - Default (00.17)
02. Andrew Bird - Eyeoneye (08.41)
03. Lower Dens - Brains (12.47)
04. Randolph's Leap - Bile (26.17)
05. Clean George IV - XP Avenue (32.51)
06. Dumb Instrument - Reverse the Hearse (35.57)
07. The Occasional Flickers - When the Sky Looks so Grey (41.11)
08. R.M. Hubbert - Sunbeam Melt the Hour (with Marion Kenny & Hanna Tuulikki) (50.20)
09. The Twilight Sad - Don't Move (55.49)
10. Brown Brogues - Anyone But You (62.04)

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This session was recorded in Glasgow before Josh's performance at Oran Mor on 22nd November last year. The first attempt to record a session with him was at Stereo, but recording in a venue really didn't work out, so this time we decided to take up the kind offer of Phil from PAWS to record it in his bedroom instead.

Again we were a little pressed for time, because Josh had a marathon day, recording a session with the BBC and conducting an interview before doing our session, and then having the gig to play afterwards. So we only recorded three songs, and for simplicity's sake we did the interview in one chunk and I have just chopped bits of it into the podcast where appropriate. Given the incredibly punishing schedule he tends to have I really do appreciate Josh taking the time to re-record this session, as well as the infallibly good humour and cooperative nature showed by both himself and Peter and Tom, his management team. It may have been tight to get done, but this is a really, really nice session if you ask me.

As usual, the videos can all be found on our Vimeo and YouTube pages and the photos, which were jointly taken by Stephanie Gibson and Dylan Matthews, are collected on our Flickr page. The session mp3s can be downloaded below, or in a zip file here, the session podcast can be played or downloaded below too, and the tracklisting for the podcast can be found at the bottom of the page. Player

Direct download: Toadcast #211 - Josh T. Pearson Toad Session Subscribe to the Toadcasts on iTunes Subscribe to the Toadcasts on Mixcloud
Josh T. Pearson - Woman When I've Raised Hell (Toad Session) [audio:]
Josh T. Pearson - Country Dumb (Toad Session) [audio:]
Josh T. Pearson - Covers Medley (Toad Session) [audio:]

01. Josh T. Pearson - Woman When I've Raised Hell (Toad Session) (02.54)
02. Lift to Experience - To Guard and to Guide You (12.30)
03. Perfume Genius - All Waters (19.06)
04. Josh T. Pearson - Country Dumb (Toad Session) (25.26)
05. The Dirty Three - Some Summers They Drop Like Flys (31.43)
06. Papa M - The Lass of Roch Royal (38.17)
07. Judy Collins - Wild Mountain Thyme (53.03)
08. Howe Gelb - Can't Help Falling in Love (55.37)
09. Josh T. Pearson - Covers Medley (Toad Session) (61.54)

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After reading Vic Galloway's rather nice article in today's Herald on the rise of bands in Scotland influenced by both grunge and lo-fi slacker indie rock.

Recording for our upcoming split 12" with Manchester bands Waiters and Sex Hands has seen pals recommend I have a good listen to The Meat Puppets too, if that's the kind of stuff I'm into - particularly if that's the kind of guitar sound I am enjoying at the moment.

So that's what this podcast is loosely about.  As I explain, despite growing up at the perfect time to have been into all this stuff the first time around, I ended up being only vaguely aware of it, due to being almost entirely insulated in the bubble of the international expat community in Vienna at the time, and hence only really having MTV to introduce me to new music, beyond what I happened across by accident in the record shops around town.  Which generally wasn't Dinosaur Jr.

01. Nirvana - Love Buzz (Shocking Blue cover) (00.26)
02. Feel Right - She's No Good (08.47)
03. Shudderpulps - Time (10.46)
04. Spectral Park - Colours (16.13)
05. Dinosaur Jr. - Repulsion (24.24)
06. Shift-Static - Sky Burial (Waskerley Way remix) (30.20)
07. The Meat Puppets - Lake of Fire (40.54)
08. Sparklehorse - My Yoke is Heavy (42.57)
09. Narrow Sparrow - Spooky Head (47.40)
10. The Magnetic Fields - Andrew in Drag (52.00)
11. Pavement - Spit on a Stranger (59.40)

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The Fishcast is so called because Dolfinz are here recording for our split 12", and erm, well dolphins aren't fish are they, but umm... well it sounded better than The Aquaticmammalswhichlookabitlikefishbutaren'tcast.  

Dolfinz played a pretty big drum kit - three toms, three ride cymbals, a double bass drum pedal, and the result was an absolutely frightening racket which must have been shaking the bloody pictures off the walls next door.  We're recording the PAWS songs for the split in about ten days' time, and after that I think we'll have to give the neighbours  a good long break from the kind of noise we make in here from time to time or they'll go fucking mental.

In the meantime, we have some songs chosen by the Dolfinz lads, some new stuff from my inbox and a couple of things I should have really got into ages ago but for no good reason at all, just didn't.  Shame on me.

01. Fuck (00.20)
02. Cum Stain - Broke My Dick (03.27)
03. Smackvan - Black Eyes (07.59)
04. Keel Her - Enid Coleslaw (16.23)
05. The Distillers - Dismantle Me (20.04)
06. LeThug - Swam (25.47)
07. Benjamin Shaw - How to Test the Depth of a Well (36.57)
08. The Leg - A Rat's Health (42.43)
09. Flight - Witch Hunt Town (48.57)
10. Coolrunnings - Spirit of the High (53.20)
11. The Divine Comedy - A Seafood Song (60.27)

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For this podcast I am joined by Ian, who is now a member of the Song, by Toad Records team, to go through a bit of a run-down of what's going to be happening on the label this year.

We've got a couple of our more recent releases, like Rob St. John and Lil Daggers, as well as some of our confirmed and ready new albums for next year, by the likes of The Leg, Jesus H. Foxx and Yusuf Azak.

I've also got a couple of tracks from bands we'll be releasing on a split 12" in the Spring.  We'll be recording that stuff in our house next week, so the songs we chose to represent those bands are for obvious reasons not the final ones we'll be releasing, just tracks by the bands so you can get a bit of a flavour of what we're up to.

With Ian on board and based on the good press we managed last year I am hoping we can really kick on with the label this year and make a decent impression.  Obviously the third Meursault album will  help, what with them being our most established band, but we have a good spread of stuff, from bands like Dolfinz with only a few demos to their name, to the likes of Yusuf Azak and The Leg who people know already and then the Foxx album, which has been 'much anticipated' for a while now.

So all in all it should be an exciting year, I reckon.  Enjoy!

01. Mongrels - I'm Gonna Murder Justin Bieber (00.21)
02. King Post Kitsch - The Make the Same Faces Whether Fuck or Fight (02.46)
03. Meursault - Flittin' ( Piano Version) (08.49)
04. Rob St. John - The Acid Test (17.59)
05. Lil Daggers - Dead Golden Girls (22.05)
06. Paws - Bloodline (Toad Session) (31.52)
07. Jesus H. Foxx - This is Not a Rental Car (40.31)
08. The Leg - Twitching Stick (43.00)
09. Sex Hands - Jinglebitch (51.56)
10. Dolfinz - Blowhole (55.36)
11. Yusuf Azak - Lay Me Down (63.12)

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Sparkcast? Spark?  YES, any kind of fucking spark whatsoever will do the trick. 

I remember getting in trouble at my former day job a couple of years ago for writing something rather negative about that awful sensation of being back at your desk after the excesses and indolence of Christmas.  I am not feeling negative about it now, which is good given I am self-employed, but I am certainly struggling to spark my brain back into something resembling life at the moment.

So yes, I have two new releases to get moving, by Jesus H. Foxx and The Leg, and I have five Toad Sessions to get edited and published, and a split 12" to record (starting in about a week), so whether or not it proves to be a challenge, the old grey matter has to be brought back to life somehow, be it kicking and screaming or otherwise.

01. Jesus H. Foxx - So the Wind Won't Blow it All Away (00.13)
02. The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop (07.47)
03. Post War Glamour Girls - Suburban Barbarian (14.40)
04. Now Wakes the Sea - Another Pair of Hands (18.32)
05. Orienteers - Do You Hear What I Hear? (23.23)
06. Damon Moon & the Whispering Drifters - Seasonal Suite No. 62 (32.40)
07. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Is This Love? (41.27)
08. The Specials - Gangsters (44.30)
09. Simone Felice - New York Times (48.59)
10. Spectral Park - The Thief's Journal (57.04)

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