Toadcast #206 - The Scroogecast

Here we are at the penultimate podcast of the year, and the one immediately preceding Christmas.  I really don't like 99% of Christmas music so there's pretty close to none of it at all on here, although I have made a couple of exceptions as a lazy sort of nod to the season.  Let's face it, if the druids can be arsed dancing about like idiots around Stonehenge and people can fall out over half-defrosted turkeys then I can probably make the effort to shove a couple of token musical nods onto a single podcast, can't I.

I actually take a lot of this podcast from my recently-published albums of the year list, and from my as-yet-unpublished Festive Fifty, so it's a bit of a yearly roundup as well.

And in fact, seeing as Christmas is a Sunday, I won't actually be posting until Boxing Day now, so this will be the last post before Christmas so umm, in the off-chance I don't bump into you on Facebook, Twitter or down the pub, I better wish you Happy Christmas now, hadn't I.

01. Tom Lehrer - A Christmas Carol (00.23)
02. The Black Tambourines - Bad Days (05.09)
03. The Low Anthem - Boeing 737 (10.42)
04. Timber Timbre - Woman (13.31)
05. Sons of Joy - Pig (20.25)
06. The Japanese War Effort - Our Land Could be Your Life (24.51)
07. Jonnie Common - Hand-Hand (31.37)
08. Earth Girl Helen Brown - Girls of My Dreams (35.39)
09. Weird Era - Garage Honeymoon (41.37)
10. The War on Drugs - Your Love is Calling My Name (47.46)
11. Sons of Joy - In the Bleak Midwinter (58.07)
12. Sons of Joy - Coventry Carol (60.00)

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Toadcast #205 - The Baublescast

The baubles in question would be twofold:

Firstly, the Song, by Toad readers are awarding their own baubles for the year's musical endeavours, both in terms of anointing their song and their album of the year.

And secondly, the very second I post this I am heading up into town to Kid Canaveral's Christmas Baubles, their second of what I assume will become an annual Christmas knees-up, this time hosted at Edinburgh's rather amazing Summerhall.

This week on Song, by Toad I will be publishing my own top twenty albums of the year, and then moving on to the Festive Fifty - basically your average predictable blogger's December rituals.  If you don't like it I guess you're a bit stuck until the new year I'm afraid.

01. Mongrels - Massive Cunt (00.25)

02. Tom Waits - Face to the Highway (06.14)

03. Waiters - Tomorrowland (14.27)

04. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Bats in the Attic (Unravelled) (24.03)

05. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - The Copper Top (27.33)

06. Hookworms - Medicine Cabinet (34.56)

07. Grant Lee Phillips - Josephine of the Swamps (45.21)

08. The Dears - Lost in the Plot (50.49)

09. Warpaint - Billie Holiday (60.27)

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Toadcast #204 - The Phewcast

PHEW!  Thank fuck that's (more or less) over.  This year has been a bit full-on, I have to confess, but the bulk of the hard work now seems more or less over.  Our last release (Lil Daggers) came out last week, and our label Christmas Party is now done and dusted which leaves me a relatively comfortable run into the Christmas period from now on, which is some for which I am quite grateful.

Nevertheless, The Leg album, the Jesus H. Foxx album and the second album by Yusuf Azak are all on the menu for early next year, so those need to be nudged into motion, so it's not exactly like my feet are going up and my hands reaching for the remote control and a bag of popcorn.

Well maybe, but mostly between Christmas and New Year, I can't really bring myself to work then!

Next week I'll be going through the Song, by Toad readers' top five songs and albums of the year vote, so if you want to chip in then just fill in your top albums of the year on this week's Friday Five.

01. Coolrunnings - Rusk (00.04)
02. The National - I Need My Girl (09.35)
03. Islet - This Fortune (15.44)
04. Saintseneca - Acid Rain (20.45)
05. Doe Paoro - Can't Leave You (25.46)
06. Mark Lanegan Band - The Gravedigger's Song (32.47)
07. Micah P. Hinson - My God, My God (40.30)
08. Liars - Scissor (43.17)
09. Jackson C. Frank (51.43)
10. Monster Rally - Creeping Ghost (58.22)
11. Monster Rally - Sahara (59.57)
12. Monster Rally - Crystal Ball (62.09)

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Toadcast #203 - The Lardcast

Bleerch, bleurgh...  I feel completely disgusting. I had a really good sleep last night, but that translated into a day spent wasting my time fannying about and just lolling in that way that seems like a good idea at the time, but invariably ends up making you feel completely disgusting by the end.

Also, to make matters worse, we ordered pizza, which is something we hardly ever do and something which we absolutely always regret.  So here we sit on a Friday evening feeling bloated and slightly soiled and wondering whether at this time of the night there's any point really trying to redeem the day, and perhaps it's best just to forget it and wait for tomorrow.  Bleuch.

01. Joanna Gruesome - Madison (00.27)
02. The Mutton Birds - Anchor Me (06.36)
03. Monster Island - Pilot Whales (14.42)
04. Former Bullies - It Might Be Okay (17.36)
05. Video Thrills - Our Plush Selection (21.05)
06. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Some Candy Talking (Peel Session) (25.16)
07. Bottle of Evil - I Can See Your Face (31.20)
08. The Black Tambourines - White Album (39.37)
09. Dolfinz - Teenage Doom (42.47)
10. The Ramones - Psycho Therapy (48.50)
11. Samoan Punks - Everyday (51.42)
12. Waiters - Black Stuff (59.27)

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