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This session came together in an extremely short space of time, and as such I am extremely pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out - from an audio point of view in particular these are some of my favourite session recordings. We invited Milk Maid to play an Ides of Toad gig in June, they arrived the night before the gig, and we happened to be having beers and listening to some records when I mentioned that we sometimes record in our living room. I showed them the Scottish Enlightenment Toad Session, and they suggested recording a session too, the next day, before the gig.

Recording a band with a full drum kit, two guitarists and a bass in one room made me nervous enough, and actually getting anyone to help seemed improbable at such short notice, but thankfully Fee and Rory were able to make it down, so I owe them both a massive debt of gratitude for their help.

As per usual we have a full set of photos, freely downloadable session mp3s, a full interview podcast (immediately below, and with the tracklisting at the bottom of the page) and videos of both the whole day (above) and each individual song (below). Enjoy!

01. Milk Maid - Can't You See (Toad Session) (04.11)
02. Women - Black Rice (12.14)
03. Weird Era - Summer Heights (15:26)
04. Milk Maid - Girl (Toad Session) (20.19)
05. Irk the River - Mind That Child (26.22 )
06. Daily Life - No Eyes (28.43)
07. Milk Maid - Stir So Slow (Toad Session) (36.32)
08. Evan Dando - Hard Drive (45.12)
09. Easter - Holy Island (48.24)
10. Milk Maid - Not Me (Toad Session) (62.50)

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