Toadcast #175 - The Floydcast

The Floydcast is named after that furry fuckwit in the picture: the Song, by Toad house cat and Mrs. Toad's imbecilic companion of the last seven years.  Last night we had him killed.  I know you're supposed to say 'put to sleep' or whatever, but when the poor wee fucker is looking plaintively at you because you're the only person at the vet's that he actually trusts it really does feel like execution.

We think he had lung cancer of some form or other.  His lungs had clouded up, the vet had tried more or less every trick they could, and he was still battling for every breath.  In the end we had him put down because his poor wee lungs were so fucked that even in the off chance we could have found what was wrong and put it right, he would still have been limping his way through what remained of his life on half a gulp of breath.

Anyhow, as much as a nuisance as I found the wee bastard I really will miss his idiotic presence, capering about the house like an arse and getting in the way whenever you try and do anything.  He would come and sit in my lap when I was trying to write this and try and lick my fingers as I typed, and that's the least of it.  Fucking pain in the arse, he was.  And I really, really will miss the wee fucker.

01. Bombadil - So Many Ways to Die (00.09)
02. Yajé - True Love Will Find You in the End (Daniel Johnston cover) (09.24)
03. The Douglas Firs - A Military Farewell (13.31)
04. Sebastian Dangerfield - Morris (22.05)
05. Glass Animals - Drips (28.14)
06. The History of Apple Pie - Tug (33.40)
07. The Twilight Sad - Suck (Wedding Present cover) (39.50)
08. U.S. Girls - If The Walls Could Talk (45.42)
09. BITCHES - Wallet (47.53)
10. Tied to the Branches - Backwards (50.56)
11. Cold Seeds - Leave Me to Lie Alone in the Ground (57.59)

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