Toadcast #167 - The Shoppingcast

This podcast is all about our week's record shopping in Austin, although I promise I am done going on about SXSW, so those of you bored to tears by the whole business are entirely safe, I promise.

We did buy a fair bit of vinyl while we were over there though, whether it be directly from the bands at their shows (usually whilst still pished and giddy from enjoying the gig) or on one of our particular excursions to either End of an Ear or Waterloo Records.

There is such pleasure to be had from poking through rack upon rack of vinyl, and whilst I have no real quibble with digital music, I think the sheer ritual and physical relationship it sacrifices can't really be matched in the digital realm.

01. X-Ray Eyeballs - Crystal (00.22)
02. The Magnetic Fields - All the Umbrellas in London (08.15)
03. Sparklehorse - Homecoming Queen (11.33)
04. The Coathangers - Chicken 30 (17.35)
05. Lost in the Trees - Walk Around the Lake (24.30)
06. Kurt Vile - My Sympathy (32.44)
07. Pavement - Range Life (35.15)
08. Warm Ghost - Open the Wormhole in Your Heart (43.57)
09. The Books - The Future, Wouldn't That be Nice (50.19)
10. Deerhunter - Earthquake (58.27)

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Toadcast #166 - The Tequilacast

Apologies for the lateness of this week's podcast, but inevitably the chaos of SXSW nudges schedules into the background a little. 

Last year, several margaritas the worse for wear, we sat down with Ben from Instinctive Racoon, Stuart from Creative Scotland, Vic Galloway from BBC Radio Scotland and Peej from Dear Scotland, and recorded a ramshackle, lurching podcast about the fun of the week.

This year, perhaps goaded into something bordering on professionalism by the presence of the BBC camera crew who have been following Vic around all week, things were a little smoother.  Although this may also have been related to the fact that the margarita-hoovering didn't actually start until afterwards this time. Ben wasn't here this time, but we did have myself, Peej, Vic and Stuart sharing a beverage on Peej's back porch and talking something approaching the usual gubbins.

Oh, and the Detour Scotland Big Walk video we mention in the podcast can be found here.

01. Admiral Fallow - Squealing Pigs (00.37)
02. Withered Hand - Religious Songs (10.40)
03. Menomena - Taos (23.02)
04. Clock Opera - A Piece of String (28.13) 
05. Ringo Deathstarr - Imagine Hearts (35.32)
06. The Twilight Sad - Cold Days From the Birdhouse (48.50)
07. Josh T Pearson - Sweetheart I Ain't Your Christ (62.27)
08. Erland & the Carnival - My Name is Carnival (74.19)
09. King Creosote - Grace (Jeff Buckley cover) (82.49)

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Toadcast #165 - The Torrentcast

 Fucking hell, it's been battering it down for the last few days - 'torrent'ial, see, nothing to do with the naughty internets!  We've had snow in the morning and pishing rain for the rest of the day - fucking rotten.  Combine this with our worryingly leaky roof and honestly, it's a bit of a surprise I am not in a worse mood.  

As it is, however, I feel relatively chirpy.  There is footie tonight, and I will sit up late with some wine and make mixtapes for... well, for no obvious reason whatsoever I have to confess, apart from the fact that I am getting fed up of being embarrassed by the music taste of my nineteen-year-old self whenever I randomly select a tape to play in the van.  Also, making tapes is a nice way to listen to vinyl singles which might otherwise be neglected. 

01. David Thomas Broughton - Ain't Got No Sole (00.29)
02. Lab Coast - Really Realise (06.54) 
03. M.J. Hibbett & the Validators - The Gay Train (17.49) 
04. Bonnie Prince Billy & the Cairo Gang - Island Brothers (24.19)
05. Bob Dylan & the Rolling Thunder Revue - Romance in Durango (29.12)
06. Dolfish - Your Love is Bummin' Me Out (35.56)
07. Daniel Knox - Ghost Song (39.59)
08. The Honorable Worm - Behind the invisible hedges, into the unimaginable fields... (43.29)
09. Elbow - Lippy Kids (52.37)
10. Honeydrum - Those Babes (63.17) 

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Toadcast #164 - The Roadcast

I really am running out of stupid names for these fucking things.  I'm sure I'm going to end up just numbering them in future, but for now you're going to have to put up with the bloody silly names I'm afraid.

In my effort to squeeze eleven songs into an hour I actually don't ramble very much on this one, only to find out that the podcast ends up being much less than the usual hour and a bit, for a change.  Do I really talk so fucking much the rest of the time?

Anyhow, this is a fucking ace podcast of new music.  I don't generally pay too much attention to how cool (or otherwise) these things might be, but I reckon any haircut merchants out there might rather enjoy this one.  For the rest of you, those without Haircuts with a capital haitch, well, just get on as best you can.  Let's face it, if I love it all, it can't really be all that cutting edge, can it.

01. FOUND - Machine Age Dancing (00.25)
02. Girls Names - Seánce on a Wet Afternoon (07.00)
03. Sonny & the Sandwitches - A. Grassley - Throw My Ashes From This Pier When I Die (12.19)
04. The Honorable Worm - Wouldn't Mind Dying (14.46)
05. Li'l Daggers - Ya Tu Sabe (22.54)
06. The Louche FC - Back Bedroom Casualty (29.27)
07. Milk Maid - Such Fun (33.24)
08. Brown Brogues - Treet U Beta (35.56)
09. The Honey Pies - Hair of the Dog (41.07)
10. Zed Penguin - This Town (46.49)
11. Manners - Knives (56.44)

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