Toadcast #160 - The Crapcast

The Crapcast is so named because I am in one of the dingiest hotel rooms I have ever been in.  In isn't even entertainingly bad, which would be something, just like being dressed in clothes from Marks and Spencer and being trapped inside a grey cardboard box listening to Keane's greatest hits.

Anyhow, the shower was really good, and I can forgive almost any other atrocity in a hotel room, as long as the shower is hot and the pressure is good.

Anyhow, I am abandoning the Hotel of Beige for a friend's house tonight, and then tootling back up to Edinburgh tomorrow evening to see my nice lady again.  It makes a bit of change for me to be away on business instead of her, so I can go back and gloat about being a mover and a shaker… until she puts me firmly back in my place my reminding me that when she goes away it is to China and New York and Australia, not just a long weekend in London.

And yes, I do refer to a bit of 'verbal writing' in this.  Don't judge me too harshly.  I was wrecked.

01. Billy Bragg - The Saturday Boy (00.56)
02. Pet Ghost Project - Glitch Shake (10.09)
03. We Are Losers - Cheerleaders (18.27)
04. Yuck - Rubber (21.15)
05. King James - A Big Black Dog (30.41)
06. Eef Barzelay - Ballad of Bitter Honey (37.13)
07. Elbow - Station Approach (41.04)
08. David Dondero - Don't Cry No Tears (47.37)
09. The Veils - Bloom (52.00)
10. Micachu & the Shapes - Everything (58.19)

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