Toadcast #163 - The Fat Possumcast

Almost a year and a half ago now my friend Craig came round to record a podcast about early blues which we, somewhat unimaginatively, called the Craigcast.

A great deal of that conversation centred around Fat Possum Records (Wikipedia), and how Matthew Johnson struggled for years to keep it trundling along, despite being near bankruptcy for most of the time.  It wasn't until soul legend Solomon Burke decided to release his comeback record with them that they finally got out of the financial woods with some finality.

Craig's interest in the label is based around an obsession with old blues music, but from a modern indie kid's perspective Fat Possum are still one of the best record labels in the world - The Walkmen, AA Bondy, Andrew Bird, Sonny and the Sunsets, Band of Horses, The Black Keys, Dinosaur Jr., The Felice Brothers, Wavves and Yuck all release with them.  So this is absolutely all about Fat Possum and their bands.  Sort of a tribute, and sort of a public demonstration of me being absolutely green with envy.

01. R.L. Burnside - Snake Drive (00.15)
02. Dinosaur Jr. - Almost Ready (14.11)
03. Junior Kimbrough - Meet Me in the City (21.34)
04. Andrew Bird - Plasticities (Live) (28.46)
05. Johnny Farmer - Ocean Blues (38.37)
06. Townes Van Zandt - Pancho & Lefty (46.26)
07. Sonny & the Sunsets & Death Cream (59.02)
08. The Walkmen - Donde Esta la Playa (61.45)
09. Cedell Davies - Keep on Snatchin' it Back (68.03)
10. T-Model Ford - Take a Ride With Me (76.47)

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We actually recorded this Toad Session in the Queen Charlotte Rooms in Leith before the Song, by Toad Christmas Party back in December.  Partly this was because it seemed like a fun thing to do, and partly because swapping our traditional and rather overpowering turquoise backdrop for their Christmas lights and tinsel.

Also, we had six different bands playing the Queen Charlotte Rooms that night, as sort of a Song, by Toad Records Christmas celebration, and as Rob had only just agreed to release his debut album on Song, by Toad Records (later this year – probably in the Autumn sometime) it seemed fitting that he headline one of the rooms on the night itself.

In terms of manpower we were woefully, woefully understaffed for this session.  The only person who could help at all was Wee Matthew, and even he couldn’t make it for the start, so I pressed my parents into service.  Well come on, they’ve got be more use than just glue, eh?  So my mum took some pictures and did some filming, I set up the recording and the main camera, and then she passed the video camera on to Matthew when he arrived and the stills camera on to me.

And miraculously, it wasn’t a total disaster.  In fact, the actual recordings, whilst more than a little noisy, in part due to the hum of the fridges behind the bar, are some of my favourite-sounding Toad Session recordings.  As usual, we have all the individual song videos embedded below, or on our Vimeo or YouTube pages, and the photos can be found on Flickr. The main interview podcast can be streamed or downloaded immediately below, as can the individual session tracks, with the playlist for the podcast at the bottom of the page. As per usual feel absolutely free to share and pass around any of this stuff – that’s what it’s for.

01. Rob St. John - Whites of Our Eyes (Toad Session) (07.33)
02. Smog & the Dirty Three - Cold Discovery (Peel Session) (15.20)
03. James Yorkston & the Athletes - Hermitage (21.33)
04. Rob St. John - Your Phantom Limb (Toad Session) (29.35)
05. Grouper - We've All Time to Sleep (36.07)
06. Ben Frost - Hibakusja (39.17)
07. Rob St. John - An Empty House (Toad Session) (51.19)
08. Earth - Hung From the Moon (57.29)
09. Micah P. Hinson - Patience (65.13)
10. Rob St. John - Muted Flourish (Toad Session) (72.06)

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Toadcast #161 - The Slappercast

 Mrs. Toad and I do NOT approve Valentine's Day, and I have to say the fact that she genuinely seems to hate it (rather than just saying so, but secretly still expecting flowers) is a very liberating thing.  It means I can know finally forget about the whole bloody nonsense once and for all, and never ever have to figure out exactly how much I am expected to spend in order to demonstrate my affection for someone.

There is, after all, very little that can be less romantic than obediently making protestations of love for no other reason than that everyone else is doing so and you are expected to conform.  Seriously?  I actually think it's just plain fucking insulting, frankly.  

'Hello darling, I thought we might go out for a meal tonight.' 
'Yes dear, what a lovely idea, what made you think of that?'

In what possible world can 'because the shops told me to' be considered a better answer than, say, 'because we've both been really busy recently and I miss spending time with you'.  And assuming that the latter is obviously the more romantic answer, what the fuck does that have to do with the fourteenth of February?

01. Cracker - Mr. Wrong (00.18)
02. The Dead Kennedys - Your Emotions (08.39)
03. Fear of Pop - In Love (13.25)
04. The Veils - Don't Let the Same Bee Sting You Twice (22.02)
05. Bill Callahan - Our Anniversary (24.33)
06. The Wedding Present - Nobody's Twisting Your Arm (36.00)
07. Tom Waits - Frank's Wild Years (39.40)
08. The Clash - White Riot (46.15)
09. Taxrat - Burn Down Slow (48.32)
10. Josh T. Pearson - Honeymoon is Great, I Wish You Were Her (55.25)

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Toadcast #160 - The Crapcast

The Crapcast is so named because I am in one of the dingiest hotel rooms I have ever been in.  In isn't even entertainingly bad, which would be something, just like being dressed in clothes from Marks and Spencer and being trapped inside a grey cardboard box listening to Keane's greatest hits.

Anyhow, the shower was really good, and I can forgive almost any other atrocity in a hotel room, as long as the shower is hot and the pressure is good.

Anyhow, I am abandoning the Hotel of Beige for a friend's house tonight, and then tootling back up to Edinburgh tomorrow evening to see my nice lady again.  It makes a bit of change for me to be away on business instead of her, so I can go back and gloat about being a mover and a shaker… until she puts me firmly back in my place my reminding me that when she goes away it is to China and New York and Australia, not just a long weekend in London.

And yes, I do refer to a bit of 'verbal writing' in this.  Don't judge me too harshly.  I was wrecked.

01. Billy Bragg - The Saturday Boy (00.56)
02. Pet Ghost Project - Glitch Shake (10.09)
03. We Are Losers - Cheerleaders (18.27)
04. Yuck - Rubber (21.15)
05. King James - A Big Black Dog (30.41)
06. Eef Barzelay - Ballad of Bitter Honey (37.13)
07. Elbow - Station Approach (41.04)
08. David Dondero - Don't Cry No Tears (47.37)
09. The Veils - Bloom (52.00)
10. Micachu & the Shapes - Everything (58.19)

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