Toadcast #159 - The Vinylcast 2

After enjoying the Vinylcast I recorded a couple of weeks ago, I'm afraid I wasn't able to resist the temptation to come bacl to my record collection for this week's podcast as well.  In fact, I think I can safely say that this is now something which is going to become a regular feature of Song, by Toad podcasts because... er, well just because it's fun I suppose.

This week I went to the Shelter charity shop on our street and bought about half a dozen records: some Bessie Smith, Shirley Bassey, Ella Fitzgerald, Kid Thomas and his Algiers Stompers, and a couple of old Dylan records.

If I end up ever developing a taste for jazz I am pretty sure I will be able to trace it directly to a sense of misplaced nostalgia, and the charity shops of Scotland.  I am a long way from being a jazz fan, but there's something so fitting about the crackle of vinyl on an old jazz record.  I never used to listen to this stuff as a kid, but for some reason I get a nostalgic feeling from listening to it now.

01. The Meteors - Wrecking Crew (00.22)
02. Kurt Vile - I Wanted Everything (07.16)
03. The Ad Libs - He Ain't No Angel (15.01)
04. Tom Waits & Crystal Gale - Little Boy Blue (17.39)
05. The Velvet Underground - Stephanie Says (24.07)
06. U2 - Twilight (29.00)
07. Girls Names - Graveyard (33.19)
08. Rene - Destination: Mars (40.00)
09. Ambitious Tugboat - Age Rings (43.07)
10. Manners - My Will (48.27)
11. Otis Redding - Pain in My Heart (56.36)

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Toadcast #158 - The Refreshcast

I think I have figured out why Fence Records hate the internet.  Or at least, I feel like I am starting to get some insight into what is an intensely troubled relationship.  The two of them just don't get along at all, and the mutual antipathy has boiled over into outright hostility this afternoon, with the rush to buy Homegame tickets from the Fence website actually breaking the whole internet.

So while I wait for normal service to be resumed, and with it the opportunity to buy tickets for Homegame this year, I thought I might record a podcast.  Or at least, so I thought.  But it turned out the Facebook chat about the interminable (three hour) wait was too entertaining, and the paralysing fear of the site suddenly coming back online and me missing out on tickets was too much.

So I faffed about, went out and got pissed, and ended up recording this after our gig tonight, sorry.

01. Edinburgh School for the Deaf - Love is Terminal (00.17)
02. Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi off the Bridge (07.34)
03. The Great Valley - Tall Smoke (11.53)
04. Hezekiah Jones - I Love My Family (Album Version) (20.47)
05. Lift to Experience - These are the Days (29.14)
06. Titus Andronicus - Fear & Loathing in Mahwah, NJ (33.09)
07. Byrds of Paradise - Touch Tunnel (42.54)
08. Eels on Heels - G (48.59)
09. Balkans - Edita V (52.40)
10. The Caulfield Sisters - I See Your Face (59.37)

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Toadcast #157 - The Vinylcast

I've been itching to do this podcast for a while, but only now got my arse in gear to do it: record a podcast straight from vinyl.  It's a bit of a nuisance, because I have to switch back and forth from the mic, for the chatty bits, to the USB input for the records... oh never mind, you don't care about my logistical hassles do you.

The nice thing about vinyl is that the playlist is not simply going to be an inbox dump of whatever new indie has arrived this week, simply because I don't have all that much new music on vinyl.  Some, but not lots. 

Also, the electicism factor is massively increased, partly because my vinyl collection is downright eccentric, and partly because the very act of leafing through completely unsorted piles of records seems to make me lots more likely to pick something absolutely random which fits with nothing else at all and really has no excuse being anywhere near a haircut indie try-hard hipster podcast.  Which is of course exactly what this is.

01. Windsor Davies & Don Estelle - Whispering Grass (from It Ain't Half Hot, Mum) (00.29)
02. Eat Skull - Heaven's Stranger (06.27)
03. The Shop Assistants - Safety Net (12.50)
04. Beat the Devil - Mr. Ray (15.14)
05. King Creosote - The Right Form (25.47)
06. Seefeel - Faults (34.12)
07. The Japanese War Effort - Ribbit (39.09)
08. Edna McGriff - The Fool (44.29)
09. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Heart Like a Wheel (51.19)
10. Jimmie Lunceford & his Orchestra - Well Alright Then (62.43)

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Toadcast #156 - The Stallcast

The Stallcast you ask?  Yes indeed the Stallcast, because my brain is still stuck in neutral after the Christmas break and seems annoyingly resistant to being asked to function properly at the moment.  I've had half a week back 'at work', if I can really call it that, and I still feel like the the old grey custard is still spluttering a bit, rather than firing on all cylinders.

The playlist reflects this in many way too, because it's a bit all over the place.  Good tunes though, although I suspect those amongst you with Haircuts might not be as impressed as others.

Anyhow, the mission for this week is to get fucking moving, clean out the foostiness in the brain and properly embark upon 2011.  A jump start may be needed, however.

01. R.E.M. - It Happened Today (00.23)
02. Sin Fang - The Only Living Boy in New York (09.24)
03. Jamie Cameron - When You're Almost Done, Run (15.14)
04. Johnny Hawaii - The Lonely Smurfer (20.10)
05. Speak & the Spells - She's Dead (26.51)
06. Beth Gibbons & Rustin' Man - Tom the Model (35.34)
07. Future Bible Heroes - A Thousand Lovers in a Day (39.09)
08. Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever (43.15)
09. Charles Latham - Hard On (48.25)
10. FOUND - Machine Age Dancing (55.39)

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Toadcast #155 - Song, by Toad Records 2011

This is my annual World of Song, by Toad Records podcast, where I prattle on a bit about the stuff we have coming up in the new year.  I play a couple of things we released towards the tail end of the year, and some stuff by some of the new bands we're going to be working with for the first time in 2011.

I also prattle on at immensely tedious length about the ins and outs of running a record label, which may or may not actually interest you at all, but it's there whether you like it or not. 

We've got plans for some changes for the new year as well, with a new imprint for the label being launched, and a partnership with the Brothers Grimm for the creation of new lines of merch to go with every release.  It's going to be a bit exhausting, I think, but immense fun nevertheless.

01. King Post Kitsch - Eggshells (00.21)
02. Animal Magic Tricks - Heavenly Bodies (06.31)
03. The Savings and Loan - The Virgin's Lullaby (18.45)
04. Inspector Tapehead - Sugar on Your Sheets (22.00)
05. Rob St. John & the Braindead Collective - The Whites of Our Eyes (28.11)
06. Loch Lomond - Elephants and Little Girls (41.36)
07. Trips and Falls - This is All Going to End Badly (52.37)
08. Jesus H. Foxx - Plans (Alt. Version Demo) (54.59)
09. Meursault - Another (61.34)
10. Lach - I Want to Be With You (65.56)
11. Yusuf Azak - Lay Me Down (Demo) (76.49)

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