Toadcast #154 - The Couchcast

It's Christmas Day, we have had our breakfast of smoked salmon and poached eggs, and I decided I might as well settle down with a bottle of fizz and talk shite on the internet.  Given we opened all our presents and had a big meal when my parents were visiting last week, I figured I was obliged to do no more than get pissed and slowly waste away the day today, stopping only to gorge myself on roast lamb and some indeterminate point in the evening - whenever Mrs. Toad gets over last night's hangover I suppose.

I am lining up my stupid movies for tonight, as well, because that is all I intend doing this evening: watching intellectually vacant films whilst lolling about on the couch like a beached whale.  This, as far as I am concerned, is the True Meaning of Christmas (TM).

01. Stephen Malkmus - Baby C'mon (00.16)
02. Sylvain Chomet - L'Illusioniste (05.02)
03. Bloody Cassette Boy - Nigella's XXXmas (12.03)
04. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Cold White Christmas (13.50)
05. Kung Nai vs. Cambodian Space Project - Women (22.16)
06. King Koyote - La La La (27.33)
07. LY and SO - One Day This'll All be Fields (33.55)
08. Tommy Perman - Drive My Car (36.19)
09. Stoney & Meat Loaf - Jessica White (42.30)
10. The Wind-up Birds - In a Yorkshire Call Centre I Knelt Down and Wept (49.19)
11. The Mountain Goats - Tyler Lambert's Grave (54.35)

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Toadcast #153 - The Mobcast

I am not personally going to bother doing a 'Best of 2010' podcast based around my own choices.  Over the next couple of weeks you're going to get more than enough of that in text form anyway, so I think we can all live without a podcast as well.

What I thought I might do, though, was just do a quick rundown of the Song, by Toad Readers' song and album of the year voting because… well, why the fuck not, I suppose.  As much as anything I felt like doing it because there were a couple of surprises in there, a couple of omissions and a couple of disagreements, so I guess  it gives me something to whinge about when introducing the songs, eh.

01.The Japanese War Effort - Summer Sun Skateboard (00.21)
02. The National - England (06.05)
03. Foals - Spanish Sahara (11.17)
04. Broken Records - The Motorcycle Boy (24.31)
05. Kid Canaveral - Her Hair Hangs Down (29.06)
06. Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) (33.51)
07. Micah P. Hinson - My God, My God (41.13)
08. David Tattersall - The Typewriter Ribbon (43.44)
09. Meursault - What You Don't Have (52.46)
10. eagleowl - No Conjunction (60.54)

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Toadcast #152- The Savings and Loan Toad Session

Video: Vimeo - YouTube
Photos: Flickr
Audio: download links below

This Toad Session is something a little different, in that instead of setting up a studio environment in the house, we actually just recorded the songs at a house gig.  The gig was in fact also the band's first live appearance in four or five years.  So the whole atmosphere of the session is massively different to the usual ones we record. The interview took place all at once before the gig, rather than in and around the songs like it usually does, and for the podcast I have just spliced bits of it into the podcast as and when it seemed suitable.

We also webcast this live, which was kind of fun.  I am not sure how brilliant the image and sound were for everyone, but it was an extremely fun thing to do and something we'll be looking to do more of in the new year I hope.

It was a little tricky to ask people to take pictures in the middle of a performance, so we have a few photos by Anneli and Fiona but not very many.  As per usual we have videos of four songs, over and above the main video above.  Martin actually read some of his poetry before the gig started, so there's a little of that in the main video as well.  The session tracks are all downloadable for free below, as is the main interview podcast, with the full tracklist for that at the bottom of the page.  A large thank you to Fiona Buckle and Anneli Kuukka for their pictures, to Neil Pennycook for recording and mixing the songs and to Ben Clarke for helping with the filming.

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The Savings and Loan - These Hands/Catholic Boys in the Rain (Toad Session)

The Savings and Loan - Met (a Storm) (Toad Session)

The Savings and Loan - The Ropes (Toad Session)

The Savings and Loan - Her Window (Toad Session)

01. The Savings and Loan - These Hands/Catholic Boys in the Rain (Toad Session) (02.07)
02. Evan Crichton - Holiday Time (12.27)
03. Palace Brothers - Stable Will (17.16)
04. The Savings and Loan - Met (a Storm) (Toad Session) (27.24)
05. Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta - The Ragged Garden of Your Eye (32.46)
06. Otis Redding - That's How Strong My Love Is (37.34)
07. The Corries - Loch Tay Boat Song (40.04)
08. The Savings and Loan - The Ropes (Toad Session) (50.11)
09. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Darker With the Day (53.23)
10. Codeine - Broken Hearted Wine (60.22)
11. The Savings and Loan - Her Window (Toad Session) (69.52)

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Toadcast #151 - The Treecast

The Treecast is so named because we purchased and decorated our Christmas tree this afternoon.  It is an incoherent mess of all sorts of shite, stupid garish baubles, a weird peacock thingy and some foolish attempts at being tasteful which have been utterly overwhelmed by the utter cack which surrounds them.

My parents always did seriously tasteful trees actually, so I would imagine they will be downright ashamed of the half-arsed mess we have managed to create.  Actually, my dad is the world's biggest Grinch, so he won't give a shite, but my mum might be silently disappointed.

Nevertheless it now feels like Christmas has properly started.  We have orded a keg of beer for our Christmas party (our own one, not the label one) and for the New Year's piss up as well.  We'll have Jonnie Common, The Japanese War Effort and Neil fae Meursault playing a house gig that evening, and there will, it now appears, be shitloads of very tasty beer too.  Why the fuck would anyone bother with town?

01. Grandaddy - Now It's On (00.21)
02. Jason Lytle - D.U.I. BBQ Checkpoint (07.39)
03. Twilight Hotel - Mahogany Veneer  (12.25)
04. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Heart in Your Heartbreak (18.44)
05. Wolf Parade - Semi-precious Stone (22.36)
06. That Ghost - Older (30.17)
07. Grandaddy - Band Synergy (A Peek Inside the Magic) (35.34)
08. Grandaddy - You Know You're Fucked Up (38.50)
09. Crystal Stilts - Shake the Shackles (43.54)
10. The Monochrome Set - Jetset Junta (Remix) (48.19)
11. Gobble Gobble - Wrinklecarver (51.20)

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