Toadcast #146 - Inspector Tapehead Toad Session

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Every time a drum kit comes into our house I am kinda worried that the cafe downstairs is going to have a tantrum about the noise, but we've been lucky so far, and long may it continue.  More worrisome in this instance was probably Jonnie Common's incredible box of tricks.

In a slight change to the usual lineup, my wee brother happened to be over from the States visiting when we recorded this, so he did the sound for this.  He has his own company over there, called Red Cottage Audio, and spends most of his time as the sound designer/recording engineer for the Boston Ballet, so I am not sure quite how he took the change from that to trying make a bunch of pop songs sound good in our living room. Still, it's all about the results, and the results are fantastic.

The pictures are also especially good this time around.  Fee has contributed photos before - most notably to, I think, the Shenandoah Davis and Pictish Trail sessions - but this time she really has excelled herself.  I generally cut the photo sets down to about twenty pics, but in this case I really couldn't manage any fewer than thirty, I liked them that much.  Head over to Flickr to see the set.

As per usual, all the Toad Session recordings are made available for free sharing/downloading/whatever, just after the full interview podcast, which is below, and as well as the main video at the top of the page, we have individual videos of every song as well (see a bit further down) as well, finally, as the full tracklisting for the podcast itself at the bottom of the page. 

Oh, and this wouldn't be a proper plug if I didn't point out that Inspector Tapehead's debut album, Duress Code, can now be purchased from Song, by Toad Records.

Toadcast #146 - Inspector Tapehead Toad Session
Inspector Tapehead - Yarvil (Toad Session)

Inspector Tapehead - WCMJ (Toad Session)

Inspector Tapehead - A Fillet of Bozo (Toad Session)

Inspector Tapehead - Pherenzil Tear (Toad Session)

01. Inspector Tapehead - Yarvil (Toad Session) (05.37)
02. Adam Beattie & the Consultants - We'll Wave From the Shore (15.23)
03. Jonnie Common - Photosynth (19.24)
04. Inspector Tapehead - WCMJ (Toad Session) (28.27)
05. Charlot Webster - Stay What You Are (40.40)
06. dBASS - Garden (44.35)
07. Inspector Tapehead - A Fillet of Bozo (Toad Session) (56.59)
08. Django Django - WOR (63.51)
09. Inspector Tapehead - Pherenzik Tear (Toad Session) (80.24)

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Toadcast #145 - The Fallcast

 I seemed to forget why this was called the Fallcast until the very end, so it clearly isn't a very central concept to the podcast itself.  Basically, I just rattle on about some new music for a bit, which means there's hardly an excuse to call this bloody podcast anything, really.

Still, next week we have the Inspector Tapehead Toad Session, which is nearly finished, and then after that I was thinking about doing podcasts from vinyl.  I reckon I can probably just run a lead into to the microphone jack of the computer, straight from the Tape Out RCA connection on the back of the amp, although that may well not work I guess.  I could just get myself an mp3 turntable, but that's expensive.  Still, doing the podcasts straight from vinyl seems like a good idea to me for the future.

For now, though, it's just me sitting and talking shit to my computer, sorry.

01. Broken Records - Modern Worksong (00.17)
02. Kurt Vile - In My Time (09.09) 
03. Twin Shadow - When We're Dancing (12.28)
04. Husband - Feelings (20.39) 
05. Houses - Endless Spring (27.00)
06. Laku Noc - Sleep (29.53)
07. Brown Brogues - Treet U Beta (37.22)
08. Shapers - Virginia Reel (41.29)
09. FOUND - String Theory (44.33)
10. Ravens & Chimes - Division Street (54.31) 

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Toadcast #144 - The Fishcast

The Fishcast?  Yes, because the fishmonger opposite our house is today auctioning off for charity the largest lobster ever to be fished out of the Firth of Forth, and the fucking thing is ma-hooo-sive!  Honestly, if that little bastard ever got its claws on you I don't think you'd stand a fucking chance.

Anyhow, yes, I do know that a lobster isn't a fish, don't worry, but the Fishcast just had a better ring to it than the Fuckinggreatbiglobstercast, and the word Crustacean didn't seem to have an obvious way of crunching down into the Somethingcast.  So Fishcast it is, deal with it.

01. The Generationals - Trust (00.17)
02. The Divine Comedy - The Seafood Song (09.51)
03. The Driftwood Singers - Coco Ellis (17.33)
04.  The Tragically Hip - Chagrin Falls (25.59)
05. Toby Richardson - King of All the Moves (30.06) 
06. Utidur - Grasping for Thoughts (39.35) 
07. Slow Talk - Fashion Sense (42.43) 
08. King Post Kitsch - I'd Sooner Laugh (Demo) (53.34) 
09. Bear Driver - Golden Touch (Demo) (55.31) 
10. Saharan Gazelle Boy -Halfhair Girl (61.24) 

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Toadcast #143 - The Name Escapes Me

So, initially I was going to call this post the Gigcast because I have spent the last week furiously booking gigs, arranging gigs and very much hoping people will turn up to gigs.

Then, over the course of the podcast, I consistently forgot to actually talk about the Yusuf Azak tour I have been helping to book, the Honeytrap gig I have had to organise, the Savings and Loan House Gig I have been preparing and the Toad Records Christmas Party to try and find a home for.

This is all pretty much sorted by now I think - and I'll give you full details tomorrow in the Sunday Supplement - so what ended up dominating the podcast was me saying bone-headed things like 'the name escapes me' every time I had to refer to an album, a label, or pretty much anything over the course of the whole hour.  So in a last-minute change of emphasis I decided that by far the dominant feature of this podcast was not me talking about booking gigs or any of that rubbish, it was me being under-prepared and not knowing the things I was supposed to know.  Again.  Sorry.

01. Hot Panda - Mindlessnesslessness (00.03)
02. Cotton Jones - Somehow to Keep it Going (06.02)
03. Soft Cat - Dark When it Should be Violet Hour (15.37)
04. Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins - The Big Guns (19.44)
05. Family Fodder - Oneliest Thing (25.04)
06. Fire Engines - Meat Whiplash (31.44)
07. The Son(s) - Radar (38.26)
08. The Phantom Band - The None of One (41.29)
09. Jenny & Johnny - Wild is the Wind (52.12 )
10. Adam Beattie & the Consultants - Bone Dry (59.53) 

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Toadcast #142 - The Hoarsecast

Hoarse.  Horse.  Hoarse.  Horse.  Geddit geddit, see what I did there?  Yes, another tedious pun, but I know you know to expect no better from me these days.  Anyway, it's only called the Hoarsecast because I have a bit of a phlegmy flu which, whilst not fun, is hardly very debilitating so there is no need for me to moan really.  Not that this usually stops me, but anyhewww...

It's a funny old mix, this playlist.  I rearranged the songs time and again, swapped a few in and out here and there and just couldn't find a way to make them click together for some reason, so for all I like everything that's on here it is still a little bitty, as a single coherent mix.

Mind you, with me talking pish between all the songs, there's fuck all chance of these things really flowing in the first place.

01. Wilco - I Can't Stand It (00.17)
02. Hooray for the Riff-raff - Slow Walk (08.32)
03. Interpol - Evil (15.49)
04. Jose Delhart - Broken Hearted Chant (22.17)
05. Flower Orgy - Boneyard (25.12)
06. Willie Nelson - Good-hearted Woman (31.59)
07. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Notes From the Waiting Room (38.07)
08. Dumbo Gets Mad - Eclectic Prawn (40.33)
09. Sexual Objects - Here Come the Rubber Cops (47.56)
10. Grinderman - Star Charmer (57.53)

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