Toadcast #141 - The Eiggcast

So, we are off to Eigg this weekend for the Fence Away Game.  Being a gallant sort I booked tickets for Mrs. Toad as well, as I thought she would enjoy such a picturesque setting, but the grumbling noises emanating from my better half over the last week or so have suggested that she is planning on weaselling out at the last minute.  Fucking typical, is all I can say.

Anyhow, this week's podcast is the usual mixed bag of new stuff and old stuff, and also includes an expectation of the dubious concept of Mixtape Infidelity, as well as new tracks from Honeytrap, British Sea Power, Mount Erie, The Scottish Enlightenment and the Savings and Loan.

Please do not confuse this with the Eggcast, by the way.  I know the names are awfully similar, but I only have a limited imagination and couldn't be arsed thinking of anything more original.

01. Honeytrap - Roslin in a Cylon (00.17)
02. Mount Erie - I Whale (06.50)
03. Timber Timbre - Lay Down in the Tall Grass (15.17)
04. Wilmer Watts & the Lonely Eagles - She's a Hard-boiled R0se (20.12)
05. British Sea Power - Zeus (27.30)
06. The Scottish Enlightenment - Drip Feed (36.22) 
07. Grant Lee Buffalo - Crashing at Corona (45.45)
08. The Raincoats - Don't be Mean (49.47)
09. The Savings and Loan - Pale Water (58.01.)
10. Neutral Milk Hotel - Snow Song Pt.1 (63.15) 

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Toadcast #140 - The Romecast

Despite the title (and the first song) there is very little ranting about the fucking Pope on this podcast, I promise.  He may be a vicious, decaying old scorpion in charge of one of the most corrupt and evil institutions on Earth, but after a little bit of gentle joshing at the beginning I promise I do let it drop and carry on with the music.

We have a fair bit of new stuff this week, such as Belle & Sebastian, Broken Records, Li'l Daggers and various other bits, and then a brief detour into Mrs. Toad and my drunken late night vinyl escapades last night.


01. Tom Lehrer - The Vatican Rag (00.17)
02. Li'l Daggers - King Corpse (06.26) 
03. Bastardgeist - Flee to the Hills (11.26)
04. Belle and Sebastian - Write About Love (20.23)
05. Broken Records - Ailene (23.10)
06. The Walkmen - Blue as Your Blood (31.31)
07. Common Grackle - At the Grindcore Show (36.07)
08. The Meteors - Out of Time (40.42)
09. The Housemartins - Five Get Over Excited (43.46)
10. The Delfields - Claire (50.03)

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Toadcast #139 - The Comfortcast

 Having weaselled out of our Fresh Air show yesterday because I was too busy trying to get Loch Lomond sessions edited and generally ready to go away on holiday, so Ruth missed out on her weekly opportunity to take the piss out of me, which must have been a shame for the poor lass.

Anyhow, we decided to remedy this by recording a podcast for publishing while we're away, so Ruth came round with a CD of twenty songs and we bumbled our way through an evening chattering nonsense (as per usual).

We're a teeny-tiny bit short of cutting edge new tunes for this week, but I think we can live with that for a week, eh.  As Ruth would insist, her choices are all better than things I would have chosen anyway...

01. Animal Magic Tricks - Pinkening (05.04)
02. Eurythmics - Love is a Stranger (11.21)
03. Iron & Wine - Upward Over the Mountain (19.11) 
04. Mountain Man - Mouthwings (25.54)
05. Yo La Tengo - Take Care (28.04) 
06. Fred Astaire - Top Hat, White Tie & Tails (35.42) 
07. Gomez - 78 Stone Wobble (41.43) 
08. The Everley Brothers - Be Bop a-lula (49.21) 
09. Edith Piaf - Non, Je ne Regrette Rien (51.37) 
10. Pulp - The Boss (Demo) (58.23) 

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Toadcast #138 - Loch Lomond Toad Session

Video: Vimeo - YouTube
Photos: Flickr
Audio: freely downloadable below...

Loch Lomond came over to the UK in May to play some dates in Scotland, so we took the opportunity to record a Toad Session with them.  We first met the band when we went out to Pickathon in 2008 and interviewed them there.  Since then we have released a split 12" and an EP by them over here on Song, by Toad Records.

Elephants & Little Girls is actually from that split 12" release, but the other three songs are new, and from their next album.  That album has been finished for about three months now I believe, although I have yet to hear it, so all I know about it is from these three songs.

Many thanks to Gavin Tarling for recording and mixing the session, to Matthew Swan and Fiona Buckle for their help with the photography and video cameras, and to Chris Bryant for being in the band for the day.  Feel free to help yourselves to the downloads, and enjoy the videos.  The whole interview can be heard on the podcast below, the video at the top of the page is sort of a general video of the whole day, and those of the individual songs are embedded below.

01. Loch Lomond - Blood Bank (Toad Session) (04.39)
02. Run On Sentence - Out in the Woods (11.07)
03. Sallie Ford - Danger (14.35)
04. Loch Lomond - Egg Song (Toad Session) (22.10)
05. Vadoinmessico - In Spain (27.02)
06. Brothers Young - Good Deeds (32.35)
07. Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer (37.10)
08. Loch Lomond - I Love Me (Toad Session) (45.00)
09. The Generationals - When They Fight They Fight (48.24)
10. Loch Lomond - Elephants & Little Girls (Toad Session) (59.35)

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