Toadcast #137 - The Seendcast

I may only have lived in the Wiltshire village of Seend for about four or five months about ten years ago (seriously, ten?) but the fact that I had no job, nor was able to find one, meant that the music I listened to ended up with an extra resonance.

Apart from looking for jobs I didn't know how to find, I spent an inordinate amount of time browsing through copies of Uncut magazine, back before it turned to shit, and buying albums based on how well I liked the songs they chose for their covermount CDs.

There are a couple of other songs on this podcast, but I think the memories of Seend (including my goal in a 3-2 victory, having been 2-0 behind at half time) are still surprisingly strong.

01. Meursault - Bulletproof (La Roux/Radiohead Cover) (02.52)
02.The Czars - Lullaby 6000 (09.19)
03. Hamell on Trial - Choochtown (20.30)
04. Lambchop - Bon Soir, Bon Soir (24.10)
05. The Savings and Loan - The Virgin's Lullaby (31.09)
06. Phillistine's Jr. - The Bus Stop Song (36.55)
07. Vado in Messico - Sisma (38.50)
08. Billy Bragg - Take Down the Union Jack (47.12)
09. Kevin Tihista's Red Terror - Sucker (51.46)
10. Cinerama - Health and Efficiency (58.49)

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Toadcast #136 - The Haarcast

Contrary to what you might suspect from my location this week and the steady stream of silly videos from Anstruther , this podcast is not anything to do with the Fence Collective or Haarfest.

Actually, apart from a few brief intrusions from my pile of audio cassettes (a lot of time in the van, you see) this is generally just the usual stream of music news and new bits and pieces from my inbox. 

Actually, I am way behind my inbox at the moment, due to a week of holiday and now a week in Anstruther, and things aren't likely to get any better either, what with... oh never mind, you hear enough of my whining as it is.  Tunes...

01. Eels - Jungle Telegraph (02.32)
02. Les Shelleys - The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (07.22)
03. Broken Records - A Leaving Song (13.41)
04. Women - Heat Distraction (19.56)
05. Let's Talk About Trees - Wood of Rassay (23.50)
06. The Tragically Hip - Fireworks (31.57)
07. Grant Lee Buffalo - Testimony (35.48)
08. Inspector Tapehead - Grooming (44.48)
09. Nice Purse - Heart Medley (50.52)
10. Bombadil - Barcelona (54.55)

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Toadcast #135 - The Spaincast

Recorded for you from the sunny, blazing hot mountains of Andalucia, this one is a little late being uploaded because we only just got back to Scotland and I decided I might as well wait until we got home before uploading it rather than charge all around Spain trying to find somewhere to upload from and then sitting around for ages waiting for the damn thing to... well, you get the picture.

I actually spent much of the week editing Toad Session videos, which seems just a tiny little bit pathetic, even to me.  Still, editing video whilst sat on the terrace with a beer, overlooking spectacular valley scenery isn't exactly a hardship, but nevertheless, a holiday should be a bit more holiday-y than that I suppose.

I also think I may have happened to accidentally teach Mrs. Toad's oldest friend's kids some truly fucking appalling language too.  Honestly, who lets a retard like me anywhere near kids?

01. The Japanese War Effort - Summer Sun Skateboard (02:20)
02. Benni Hemm Hemm - Shipcracks (06:15)
03. Hobart Smith & Texas Gladden - Down in the Willow Garden (13.39)
04. Blind Willie Johnson - I'm Gonna Run to the City of Refuge (16.24)
05. The Beach Boys - Sloop John B (21.02)
06. Sebastian Dangerfield - The Sycamore Tree (24.49)
07. Animal Magic Tricks - Heavenly Bodies (30.57)
08. Keaton Henson - Oliver Dalston Browning (36.27)
09. Fists - Ace is the Way (40.23)
10. Honeytrap - Little Johnny Winter (45.02)

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Toadcast #134 - The Festicast

So, the Festival descendeth upon Edinburgh once more, and once more we are beset by London-based Home County Yahs braying their zany way through the city until finally someone snaps and sets fire to their stupid fucking stilts once and for all.

Actually, as I confess pretty sharpish, I am the classic Edinburgh Festival hypocrite, if I'm being honest with myself.  I love it as much as I loathe it and I enjoy moaning about it almost as much as I enjoy the Festival itself. 

As a native you really do have to have the right attitude though.  If you come from outside just for the Festival then there's little chance of you failing to take advantage of it, but if you live here the only way is to do it by extremes: either totally ignore it and stay as far away as you can, or just stop moaning, get stuck in, get pished and go to lots of shows.  I tend to prefer the latter option, but I'll confess I don't always do a good job of actually taking my own advice.

01. Thee Single Spy - OK Corral (02.53)
02. Lach - A Quiet Distance (11.50)
03. Bob Dylan - Man of Constant Sorrow (Live) (14.59)
04. Run On Sentence - Wide Open Sky (22.20)
05. Skeleton Bob - Findlove is a Housing Scheme (33.11)
06. Wounded Knee - Coffee Ballad (34.43)
07. The Delta Mirror - He Was Worse Than the Needle He Gave You (39.31)
08. Balkans - Georganne (45.50)
09. Modest Mouse - This Devil's Workday (50.33)
10. Eels - I Put a Spell on You (58.36)

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