Toadcast #115 - The Messcast

The Toadcasts stumble from one clusterfuck to the next, each one more incoherent than the last.  This, I think it's fair to say, makes the Homegame one look good by comparison.  Not that the songs aren't good, just that the instances of people talking over one another and two conversations going on at once and so on and so forth are notably worse on this.

However, the music is excellent, and surprisingly up to the minute by my standards.  We even managed to sneak the new National song in there, which they only released on Thursday - how's that for happening and newsworthy and so on and so forth.

We have some new Sam Amidon as well, a track by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti which dropped through my letterbox while I was away in Austin, and some splendid stuff by Harlem and Clogs.  If only it wasn't for the pish chat, this would be a great podcast, actually.

Toadcast #115 - The Messcast

1. Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou - Ruth Drink My Whisky (05.12) 2. The National - Blood Buzz Ohio (13.40) 3. Loch Lomond - Spine (MMIX) (25.50) 4. Sam Amidon - Way Go Lily (29.43) 5. Harlem - Friendly Ghost (34.49) 6. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round (44.02) 7. Ghostkeeper - By Morning (49.10) 8. Love is All - Bigger Bolder (53.57) 9. Grand Champeen - Broken Records (62.16) 10. Clogs - Last Song (68.24)

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Toadcast #114 - The South by Southcast

Another stunt podcast for you, this was recorded on Sunday night after and afternoon of beer and Margaritas on South Congress in Austin - probably the most enjoyable day of the whole festival for me actually, and one which involved no more music than walking past the queue for an Alejandro Escovedo show.

What it did involve, however, was breakfast tacos, a splendid Mexican tat shop, a Western supply shop full of incredibly cool cowboy boots and shirts and so on, and then an afternoon sitting in the sun and shooting the breeze with Peej, Vic, Alex from Fatcat and Ben from Instinctive Raccoon.  Oh, and repeatedly having people spill beer on my jeans, there was that as well.

Anyhow, in the evening we were joined by Stuart from the Scottish Arts Council (who does a highly passable impersonation of Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons) and recorded this rather messy podcast before, erm... going bowling with Broken Social Scene and We Were Promised Jetpacks, sort of.  Actually, that's rather an exaggeration.  We went to a fantastically cool bowling alley place to eat, and then those two bands, who seem to have become friends, wandered in, ate something, said hello and then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening bowling.  I wouldn't recognise Broken Social Scene of course, but apparently that's who they were, and it did lend the evening a slightly surreal tinge.

Toadcast #114 - The South by Southcast

01. We Were Promised Jetpacks - It's Thunder and it's Lightning (02.53)
02. The Entrance Band - Grim Reaper Blues (11.33)
03. Shearwater - Black Eyes (20.49)
04. Broken Social Scene - Let's Get Out of Here (Live at Radio Aligre) (24.17)
05. Hudson Mohawke - Fuse (33.59)
06. Midlake - Young Bride (41.31)
07. The Real Heroes - Baby Must've Known (46.07)
08. Plants & Animals - Jacques (56.19)
09. Dan Mangan - Robots (63.09)
10. Gay Witch Abortion - Down With Giants (73.07)

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Toadcast #113 - The Anstercast

We're in Anstruther this weekend for Homegame, and so we got incredibly pissed late at night and recorded a podcast for you all, just as a special extra Sunday Supplement.

This should give you a taste of our Homegame fun and, sadly, also an idea of just how much of a wreck we all make of ourselves in Fife once a year.
Honestly, this is my favourite festival in the fucking universe, possibly only equalled by Pickathon, which is incredibl e.

Toadcast #113 - The Rhubarbcast

01.Withered Hand - No Cigarettes (01.34)
02.Silver Columns - Yes and Dance (Silver Columns Remix) (08.31)
03.Findo Gask - Wrapped in Plastic (Live) (14.00)
04.Adem - Everything You Need (20.02)
05.Django Django - Love's Dart (29.52)
06.FOUND - Freaky Freaky Chancer (33.37)
07.Cold Seeds - The Perfume of Mexican Birds (43.43)
08.Love.Stop.Repeat - The Ghost of What You Used to Be (50.52)
09.FOUND & eagleowl - Some R. Kelly Cover (58.52)

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eagleowl Toad Session from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

Video: Vimeo - YouTube
Photos: Flickr - Blueback Hotrod
Audio: below

A large part of me thinks there should be an Eagleowl Interviewers' Support Group.  They are some of the loveliest people you will ever meet, but getting them to talk is like trying to learn Kung-Fu in an afternoon.   I've been down the pub with these guys, so I know it's not like they don't have anything to say for themselves, it's just that teasing it out of them with cameras and microphones present requires a black belt in interviewing people which I quite simply do not have yet.  Next time I will be prepared.  Possibly no more successful, but prepared nevertheless.

The music has come out beautifully, recorded by Neil Pennycook and Gavin Tarling, and mixed by Neil - eventually.  Dylan took the pictures, and I have a Song, by Toad set on our Flickr page, but Dylan's full set can be found on his own site at Blueback Hotrod.  I've made videos of the songs themselves and there is of course the main video at the top of the page which gives a not-entirely honest and rather heavily edited impression of what the whole day was like.

The playlist for the interview podcast is at the bottom of the page and as per usual all the Toad Session recordings are available for free for you to download and generally do as you please with.  Hope you like it.

Toadcast #112 - eagleowl Toad Session
eagleowl -Into the Fold (Toad Session)

eagleowl -Blanket (Toad Session)

eagleowl - Laughter (Toad Session)

eagleowl - Sleep the Winter (Toad Session)

Toadcast Playlist:

01. eagleowl - Into the Fold (Toad Session) (07.03)
02. Rob St. John - December & Whiskey (Live) (16.26)
03. Silver Jews - How to Rent a Room (19.31)
04. eagleowl - Blanket (Toad Session) (30.25)
05. Spokane - Proud Graduates (36.12)
06. eagleowl - Laughter (Toad Session) (49.21)
07. Adrian Crowley - Bless our Tiny Hearts (54.54)
08. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Willow Garden (57.34)
09. eagleowl - Sleep the Winter (Toad Session) (66.42)

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Toadcast #111 - The Beebcast

Well in all the chatter about the Beeb this week I was strongly considering ignoring it completely in this podcast and giving everyone a welcome break from the wailing and gnashing of teeth... but naah, that was never going to happen, was it.

So there's a lot of railing against the Beeb and the threat to 6Music and yaddah yaddah you know the script don't you.  Sadly, and somewhat ironically, we spend so much time talking about the state of the Beeb and the loss their support of small bands will represent, that we actually forgot to talk much about the small bands we ourselves put on the bloody podcast.

Toadcast #111 - The Beebcast

01. Ballboy - All the Records on the Radio are Shite (03.21)
02. Love is All - Bigger Bolder (13.02)
03. Fredrik - Vinterbarn (15.53)
04. Exrays - Everything Goes (27.16)
05. Phil Ochs - Automation Song (34.33)
06. Ghostkeeper - By Morning (37.26)
07. The Light Footwork - Carlsbad Irrigation Project (47.54)
08. Mondrian - Rise and Fall of a Golden Boy Seen by a Porn Star Using No Sextoy (50.21)
09. The Leaf Library - Losing Places (ISAN Remix) (63.00)

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