Toadcast #109 - The Suitcast

I don't know what the damn hell it is about dressing formally which makes me feel so uncomfortable, but it does.  Presumably just because I'm such a scruffy fucker for the entire rest of my life, those few hours every year I spend in a (vaguely) ironed shirt and pair of proper shoes just seem so completely out of character as to be really quite discomfiting.

Still, at our age everyone we know seems to be either getting married or breeding (and not infrequently both) so the old whistle is going to have to get used to seeing a little bit more action over the next few years, it seems.  The ludicrous thing is that I actually have a couple of really nice suits, but I never get round to wearing the fuckers because it just all seems too much like hard work.

This weekend, people.  In a suit.  Me!  Would you believe it.  I really should thank all these marrying bastards for saving my investment in suits from being complete waste of money it would be if I actually was left to my own devices.

Toadcast #109 - The Suitcast

01. Joker's Daughter - The Bouncing Liquorice (02.22)
02. Lloyd Cole - Undressed (05.52)
03. The Besnard Lakes - Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent Pt.1: The Innocent (11.53)
04. Shearwater - God Made Me (18.52)
05. King Post Kitsch - Alaska (24.52)
06. Cold Lake Flight School - Driftwood (30.16)
07. Dan Sartain - Ruby Carol (32.52)
08. The Japanese War Effort - Lanark (38.01)
09. Oreaganomics - Self-assembled Martyr (45.35)
10. The Stands - Some Weekend Night (53.45)

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