Toadcast #154 - The Couchcast

It's Christmas Day, we have had our breakfast of smoked salmon and poached eggs, and I decided I might as well settle down with a bottle of fizz and talk shite on the internet.  Given we opened all our presents and had a big meal when my parents were visiting last week, I figured I was obliged to do no more than get pissed and slowly waste away the day today, stopping only to gorge myself on roast lamb and some indeterminate point in the evening - whenever Mrs. Toad gets over last night's hangover I suppose.

I am lining up my stupid movies for tonight, as well, because that is all I intend doing this evening: watching intellectually vacant films whilst lolling about on the couch like a beached whale.  This, as far as I am concerned, is the True Meaning of Christmas (TM).

01. Stephen Malkmus - Baby C'mon (00.16)
02. Sylvain Chomet - L'Illusioniste (05.02)
03. Bloody Cassette Boy - Nigella's XXXmas (12.03)
04. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Cold White Christmas (13.50)
05. Kung Nai vs. Cambodian Space Project - Women (22.16)
06. King Koyote - La La La (27.33)
07. LY and SO - One Day This'll All be Fields (33.55)
08. Tommy Perman - Drive My Car (36.19)
09. Stoney & Meat Loaf - Jessica White (42.30)
10. The Wind-up Birds - In a Yorkshire Call Centre I Knelt Down and Wept (49.19)
11. The Mountain Goats - Tyler Lambert's Grave (54.35)

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Toadcast #153 - The Mobcast

I am not personally going to bother doing a 'Best of 2010' podcast based around my own choices.  Over the next couple of weeks you're going to get more than enough of that in text form anyway, so I think we can all live without a podcast as well.

What I thought I might do, though, was just do a quick rundown of the Song, by Toad Readers' song and album of the year voting because… well, why the fuck not, I suppose.  As much as anything I felt like doing it because there were a couple of surprises in there, a couple of omissions and a couple of disagreements, so I guess  it gives me something to whinge about when introducing the songs, eh.

01.The Japanese War Effort - Summer Sun Skateboard (00.21)
02. The National - England (06.05)
03. Foals - Spanish Sahara (11.17)
04. Broken Records - The Motorcycle Boy (24.31)
05. Kid Canaveral - Her Hair Hangs Down (29.06)
06. Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) (33.51)
07. Micah P. Hinson - My God, My God (41.13)
08. David Tattersall - The Typewriter Ribbon (43.44)
09. Meursault - What You Don't Have (52.46)
10. eagleowl - No Conjunction (60.54)

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Toadcast #152- The Savings and Loan Toad Session

Video: Vimeo - YouTube
Photos: Flickr
Audio: download links below

This Toad Session is something a little different, in that instead of setting up a studio environment in the house, we actually just recorded the songs at a house gig.  The gig was in fact also the band's first live appearance in four or five years.  So the whole atmosphere of the session is massively different to the usual ones we record. The interview took place all at once before the gig, rather than in and around the songs like it usually does, and for the podcast I have just spliced bits of it into the podcast as and when it seemed suitable.

We also webcast this live, which was kind of fun.  I am not sure how brilliant the image and sound were for everyone, but it was an extremely fun thing to do and something we'll be looking to do more of in the new year I hope.

It was a little tricky to ask people to take pictures in the middle of a performance, so we have a few photos by Anneli and Fiona but not very many.  As per usual we have videos of four songs, over and above the main video above.  Martin actually read some of his poetry before the gig started, so there's a little of that in the main video as well.  The session tracks are all downloadable for free below, as is the main interview podcast, with the full tracklist for that at the bottom of the page.  A large thank you to Fiona Buckle and Anneli Kuukka for their pictures, to Neil Pennycook for recording and mixing the songs and to Ben Clarke for helping with the filming.

Direct download: Toadcast #152 - The Savings and Loan Toad Session
The Savings and Loan - These Hands/Catholic Boys in the Rain (Toad Session)

The Savings and Loan - Met (a Storm) (Toad Session)

The Savings and Loan - The Ropes (Toad Session)

The Savings and Loan - Her Window (Toad Session)

01. The Savings and Loan - These Hands/Catholic Boys in the Rain (Toad Session) (02.07)
02. Evan Crichton - Holiday Time (12.27)
03. Palace Brothers - Stable Will (17.16)
04. The Savings and Loan - Met (a Storm) (Toad Session) (27.24)
05. Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta - The Ragged Garden of Your Eye (32.46)
06. Otis Redding - That's How Strong My Love Is (37.34)
07. The Corries - Loch Tay Boat Song (40.04)
08. The Savings and Loan - The Ropes (Toad Session) (50.11)
09. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Darker With the Day (53.23)
10. Codeine - Broken Hearted Wine (60.22)
11. The Savings and Loan - Her Window (Toad Session) (69.52)

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Toadcast #151 - The Treecast

The Treecast is so named because we purchased and decorated our Christmas tree this afternoon.  It is an incoherent mess of all sorts of shite, stupid garish baubles, a weird peacock thingy and some foolish attempts at being tasteful which have been utterly overwhelmed by the utter cack which surrounds them.

My parents always did seriously tasteful trees actually, so I would imagine they will be downright ashamed of the half-arsed mess we have managed to create.  Actually, my dad is the world's biggest Grinch, so he won't give a shite, but my mum might be silently disappointed.

Nevertheless it now feels like Christmas has properly started.  We have orded a keg of beer for our Christmas party (our own one, not the label one) and for the New Year's piss up as well.  We'll have Jonnie Common, The Japanese War Effort and Neil fae Meursault playing a house gig that evening, and there will, it now appears, be shitloads of very tasty beer too.  Why the fuck would anyone bother with town?

01. Grandaddy - Now It's On (00.21)
02. Jason Lytle - D.U.I. BBQ Checkpoint (07.39)
03. Twilight Hotel - Mahogany Veneer  (12.25)
04. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Heart in Your Heartbreak (18.44)
05. Wolf Parade - Semi-precious Stone (22.36)
06. That Ghost - Older (30.17)
07. Grandaddy - Band Synergy (A Peek Inside the Magic) (35.34)
08. Grandaddy - You Know You're Fucked Up (38.50)
09. Crystal Stilts - Shake the Shackles (43.54)
10. The Monochrome Set - Jetset Junta (Remix) (48.19)
11. Gobble Gobble - Wrinklecarver (51.20)

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Toadcast #150 - The Coldcast

On the drive back from Glasgow yesterday, after the second of Yusuf Azak's three album launch gigs, the snow started absolutely horsing it down, to the extent that all the traffic slowed to a sensible single file at about thirty miles an hour, and all you could see was little red tail-lights in the white.

It was, if I am being entirely honest, pretty cool. Although of course that's easy to say when you're no more than twenty miles from home and in no actual danger.

Anyway, this morning it's all turned icy outside and Mrs. Toad is complaining about the heating not being up to the job, so I think we can safely say that the rituals of Winter have begun! Hence, the Coldcast.

01. The Mountain Goats - You or Your Memory (00.28)

02. The 63 Crayons - Devils (07.02)
03. The Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant (15.50)
04. Brown Brogues - I Just Don't Know (19.07)
05. The Beatles - Dear Prudence (25.16)
06. Girl Problems - Sancho (31.49)
07. Thirty Pounds of Bone - A Lesson in Talking (41.21)
08. Willy Mason - Carry On (44.33)
09. Y Niwl - Dau (52.42)
10. Songdog - A Life Eroding (So Much Sorrow) (61.26)

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Toadcast #149 - The Rhonecast

Cotes du Rhone is our default red wine of choice in this house, and after yesterday's birthday celebrations being cut rather short due to my feeling shitty, we are having a quiet evening in with a couple of bottles of red wine, a bacony, beany stew and we are going to light the fire for the first time this Winter as well.

There is nothing remotely related to that on this podcast of course, but then these titles have become increasingly unrelated to the actual podcasts themselves recently so I doubt that'll surprise anyone.

In fact, given I've been talking about how when the weather gets cold I tend to listen to less new music and less raucous music, the lo-fi, rackety nature of this playlist is probably a total self-contradiction, but then, this is the fucking internet, what do you really expect?

01. Cerebral Ballzy - Insufficient Fare (00.12)
02. Crooked Scene - Male Bonding (05.53)
03. White Wishes - Hold Your Hand (13.36)
04. Johnny Reb - Nine on the Line (21.11)
05. The Dead Kennedys - Kill the Poor (25.03)
06. The Louche FC - Back Bedroom Casualty (32.14)
07. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Destroy the Evidence (38.49)
08. Carnivores - Dressed for the Rain (42.26)
09. Waylon Thornton & the Heavy Hands - Sixteen Dreams (48.17)
10. Heavy Hawaii - Teen Angel (56.36)

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Toadcast #148 - The Slobcast

 It's not going to surprise anyone at all that I am being an absolute slob today, is it?  Mrs. Toad got back from Australia around lunchtime, and after a few hours of pottering about she crashed out with jetlag, so I snuck off to record the podcast.  I am sure that soon enough she will wake and start demanding attention and general servitude soon enough, so I better get this over with quickly.

After that I am going straight back to bed to watch stupid films while my sweetheart dozes by my side, awaking occasionally to tell me off for not being comfortable enough, or to send me to fetch her things, or to just swear at me for taking all the covers or some other such sweet nothings of the kind she is wont to come out with from time to time.

01. Elvis Perkins in Dearland - Shampoo (00.21)
02. Elvis Costello - Couldn't Call it Unexpected No.4 (06.24)
03. Billie Holiday - Good Morning Heartache (13.17)
04. Smog - In the Pines (16.22)
05. My Tiny Robots - Ballad of the Mapmaker's Daughter (23.17)
06. Randolph's Leap - Going Home (32.19)
07. The Japanese War Effort - Face Like a Lemon (Ivor Cutler cover, live on Fresh Air Radio) (36.50)
08. Grass House - Lazy Bones (43.01)
09. Bob Dylan - I'll Keep it With Mine (49.23)
10. Bettye Swann - Don't Look Back (54.47)

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Toadcast #147 - The Rowiecast

This is er… well, "one of those podcasts". You know, the ones where you're half pissed before lunch and basically mumble your way through an hour or so of incoherent rambling?  Yes, one of those.

I even try and do something of a Cloud Sounds tribute by playing two songs available on 7" single from Cloud Sounds Records and then by playing two songs from bands I got into by listening to Cloud Sounds' podcast but unfortunately the fact that I am joined in this podcast by Andy and Paddy from Gerry Loves Records means that more or less any attempt to keep things on-topic, or indeed to have a topic at all, are pretty much doomed.

It's been a while since I did a proper train wreck podcast so all I can really do it apologise in advance and urge you to sit back and enjoy it!

01. The Generalissimos - The Men Behind the Man (00.04)
02. Onions - I Want to be a Dancer (06.07)
03. Sufjan Stevens - Vesuvius (12.36)
04. Tidy Kid - Smell (Bibio Remix) (23.32)
05. Roy Robertson - Icing (27.34)
06. Pregnant - Wiff of Father (35.09)
07. Sweet Baboo - I'm a Dancer Pt. 2 (46.48)
08. The Maladies of Bellafontaine - Black Biro (50.31)
09. James Yorkston - Lovely to be Here (Excerpt) (60.19)
10. Ringo Deathstarr - Imagine Hearts (69.43) 

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Toadcast #146 - Inspector Tapehead Toad Session

Videos: Vimeo - YouTube
Photos: Flickr
Audio: download for free below...

Every time a drum kit comes into our house I am kinda worried that the cafe downstairs is going to have a tantrum about the noise, but we've been lucky so far, and long may it continue.  More worrisome in this instance was probably Jonnie Common's incredible box of tricks.

In a slight change to the usual lineup, my wee brother happened to be over from the States visiting when we recorded this, so he did the sound for this.  He has his own company over there, called Red Cottage Audio, and spends most of his time as the sound designer/recording engineer for the Boston Ballet, so I am not sure quite how he took the change from that to trying make a bunch of pop songs sound good in our living room. Still, it's all about the results, and the results are fantastic.

The pictures are also especially good this time around.  Fee has contributed photos before - most notably to, I think, the Shenandoah Davis and Pictish Trail sessions - but this time she really has excelled herself.  I generally cut the photo sets down to about twenty pics, but in this case I really couldn't manage any fewer than thirty, I liked them that much.  Head over to Flickr to see the set.

As per usual, all the Toad Session recordings are made available for free sharing/downloading/whatever, just after the full interview podcast, which is below, and as well as the main video at the top of the page, we have individual videos of every song as well (see a bit further down) as well, finally, as the full tracklisting for the podcast itself at the bottom of the page. 

Oh, and this wouldn't be a proper plug if I didn't point out that Inspector Tapehead's debut album, Duress Code, can now be purchased from Song, by Toad Records.

Toadcast #146 - Inspector Tapehead Toad Session
Inspector Tapehead - Yarvil (Toad Session)

Inspector Tapehead - WCMJ (Toad Session)

Inspector Tapehead - A Fillet of Bozo (Toad Session)

Inspector Tapehead - Pherenzil Tear (Toad Session)

01. Inspector Tapehead - Yarvil (Toad Session) (05.37)
02. Adam Beattie & the Consultants - We'll Wave From the Shore (15.23)
03. Jonnie Common - Photosynth (19.24)
04. Inspector Tapehead - WCMJ (Toad Session) (28.27)
05. Charlot Webster - Stay What You Are (40.40)
06. dBASS - Garden (44.35)
07. Inspector Tapehead - A Fillet of Bozo (Toad Session) (56.59)
08. Django Django - WOR (63.51)
09. Inspector Tapehead - Pherenzik Tear (Toad Session) (80.24)

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Toadcast #145 - The Fallcast

 I seemed to forget why this was called the Fallcast until the very end, so it clearly isn't a very central concept to the podcast itself.  Basically, I just rattle on about some new music for a bit, which means there's hardly an excuse to call this bloody podcast anything, really.

Still, next week we have the Inspector Tapehead Toad Session, which is nearly finished, and then after that I was thinking about doing podcasts from vinyl.  I reckon I can probably just run a lead into to the microphone jack of the computer, straight from the Tape Out RCA connection on the back of the amp, although that may well not work I guess.  I could just get myself an mp3 turntable, but that's expensive.  Still, doing the podcasts straight from vinyl seems like a good idea to me for the future.

For now, though, it's just me sitting and talking shit to my computer, sorry.

01. Broken Records - Modern Worksong (00.17)
02. Kurt Vile - In My Time (09.09) 
03. Twin Shadow - When We're Dancing (12.28)
04. Husband - Feelings (20.39) 
05. Houses - Endless Spring (27.00)
06. Laku Noc - Sleep (29.53)
07. Brown Brogues - Treet U Beta (37.22)
08. Shapers - Virginia Reel (41.29)
09. FOUND - String Theory (44.33)
10. Ravens & Chimes - Division Street (54.31) 

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Toadcast #144 - The Fishcast

The Fishcast?  Yes, because the fishmonger opposite our house is today auctioning off for charity the largest lobster ever to be fished out of the Firth of Forth, and the fucking thing is ma-hooo-sive!  Honestly, if that little bastard ever got its claws on you I don't think you'd stand a fucking chance.

Anyhow, yes, I do know that a lobster isn't a fish, don't worry, but the Fishcast just had a better ring to it than the Fuckinggreatbiglobstercast, and the word Crustacean didn't seem to have an obvious way of crunching down into the Somethingcast.  So Fishcast it is, deal with it.

01. The Generationals - Trust (00.17)
02. The Divine Comedy - The Seafood Song (09.51)
03. The Driftwood Singers - Coco Ellis (17.33)
04.  The Tragically Hip - Chagrin Falls (25.59)
05. Toby Richardson - King of All the Moves (30.06) 
06. Utidur - Grasping for Thoughts (39.35) 
07. Slow Talk - Fashion Sense (42.43) 
08. King Post Kitsch - I'd Sooner Laugh (Demo) (53.34) 
09. Bear Driver - Golden Touch (Demo) (55.31) 
10. Saharan Gazelle Boy -Halfhair Girl (61.24) 

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Toadcast #143 - The Name Escapes Me

So, initially I was going to call this post the Gigcast because I have spent the last week furiously booking gigs, arranging gigs and very much hoping people will turn up to gigs.

Then, over the course of the podcast, I consistently forgot to actually talk about the Yusuf Azak tour I have been helping to book, the Honeytrap gig I have had to organise, the Savings and Loan House Gig I have been preparing and the Toad Records Christmas Party to try and find a home for.

This is all pretty much sorted by now I think - and I'll give you full details tomorrow in the Sunday Supplement - so what ended up dominating the podcast was me saying bone-headed things like 'the name escapes me' every time I had to refer to an album, a label, or pretty much anything over the course of the whole hour.  So in a last-minute change of emphasis I decided that by far the dominant feature of this podcast was not me talking about booking gigs or any of that rubbish, it was me being under-prepared and not knowing the things I was supposed to know.  Again.  Sorry.

01. Hot Panda - Mindlessnesslessness (00.03)
02. Cotton Jones - Somehow to Keep it Going (06.02)
03. Soft Cat - Dark When it Should be Violet Hour (15.37)
04. Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins - The Big Guns (19.44)
05. Family Fodder - Oneliest Thing (25.04)
06. Fire Engines - Meat Whiplash (31.44)
07. The Son(s) - Radar (38.26)
08. The Phantom Band - The None of One (41.29)
09. Jenny & Johnny - Wild is the Wind (52.12 )
10. Adam Beattie & the Consultants - Bone Dry (59.53) 

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Toadcast #142 - The Hoarsecast

Hoarse.  Horse.  Hoarse.  Horse.  Geddit geddit, see what I did there?  Yes, another tedious pun, but I know you know to expect no better from me these days.  Anyway, it's only called the Hoarsecast because I have a bit of a phlegmy flu which, whilst not fun, is hardly very debilitating so there is no need for me to moan really.  Not that this usually stops me, but anyhewww...

It's a funny old mix, this playlist.  I rearranged the songs time and again, swapped a few in and out here and there and just couldn't find a way to make them click together for some reason, so for all I like everything that's on here it is still a little bitty, as a single coherent mix.

Mind you, with me talking pish between all the songs, there's fuck all chance of these things really flowing in the first place.

01. Wilco - I Can't Stand It (00.17)
02. Hooray for the Riff-raff - Slow Walk (08.32)
03. Interpol - Evil (15.49)
04. Jose Delhart - Broken Hearted Chant (22.17)
05. Flower Orgy - Boneyard (25.12)
06. Willie Nelson - Good-hearted Woman (31.59)
07. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Notes From the Waiting Room (38.07)
08. Dumbo Gets Mad - Eclectic Prawn (40.33)
09. Sexual Objects - Here Come the Rubber Cops (47.56)
10. Grinderman - Star Charmer (57.53)

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Toadcast #141 - The Eiggcast

So, we are off to Eigg this weekend for the Fence Away Game.  Being a gallant sort I booked tickets for Mrs. Toad as well, as I thought she would enjoy such a picturesque setting, but the grumbling noises emanating from my better half over the last week or so have suggested that she is planning on weaselling out at the last minute.  Fucking typical, is all I can say.

Anyhow, this week's podcast is the usual mixed bag of new stuff and old stuff, and also includes an expectation of the dubious concept of Mixtape Infidelity, as well as new tracks from Honeytrap, British Sea Power, Mount Erie, The Scottish Enlightenment and the Savings and Loan.

Please do not confuse this with the Eggcast, by the way.  I know the names are awfully similar, but I only have a limited imagination and couldn't be arsed thinking of anything more original.

01. Honeytrap - Roslin in a Cylon (00.17)
02. Mount Erie - I Whale (06.50)
03. Timber Timbre - Lay Down in the Tall Grass (15.17)
04. Wilmer Watts & the Lonely Eagles - She's a Hard-boiled R0se (20.12)
05. British Sea Power - Zeus (27.30)
06. The Scottish Enlightenment - Drip Feed (36.22) 
07. Grant Lee Buffalo - Crashing at Corona (45.45)
08. The Raincoats - Don't be Mean (49.47)
09. The Savings and Loan - Pale Water (58.01.)
10. Neutral Milk Hotel - Snow Song Pt.1 (63.15) 

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Toadcast #140 - The Romecast

Despite the title (and the first song) there is very little ranting about the fucking Pope on this podcast, I promise.  He may be a vicious, decaying old scorpion in charge of one of the most corrupt and evil institutions on Earth, but after a little bit of gentle joshing at the beginning I promise I do let it drop and carry on with the music.

We have a fair bit of new stuff this week, such as Belle & Sebastian, Broken Records, Li'l Daggers and various other bits, and then a brief detour into Mrs. Toad and my drunken late night vinyl escapades last night.


01. Tom Lehrer - The Vatican Rag (00.17)
02. Li'l Daggers - King Corpse (06.26) 
03. Bastardgeist - Flee to the Hills (11.26)
04. Belle and Sebastian - Write About Love (20.23)
05. Broken Records - Ailene (23.10)
06. The Walkmen - Blue as Your Blood (31.31)
07. Common Grackle - At the Grindcore Show (36.07)
08. The Meteors - Out of Time (40.42)
09. The Housemartins - Five Get Over Excited (43.46)
10. The Delfields - Claire (50.03)

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Toadcast #139 - The Comfortcast

 Having weaselled out of our Fresh Air show yesterday because I was too busy trying to get Loch Lomond sessions edited and generally ready to go away on holiday, so Ruth missed out on her weekly opportunity to take the piss out of me, which must have been a shame for the poor lass.

Anyhow, we decided to remedy this by recording a podcast for publishing while we're away, so Ruth came round with a CD of twenty songs and we bumbled our way through an evening chattering nonsense (as per usual).

We're a teeny-tiny bit short of cutting edge new tunes for this week, but I think we can live with that for a week, eh.  As Ruth would insist, her choices are all better than things I would have chosen anyway...

01. Animal Magic Tricks - Pinkening (05.04)
02. Eurythmics - Love is a Stranger (11.21)
03. Iron & Wine - Upward Over the Mountain (19.11) 
04. Mountain Man - Mouthwings (25.54)
05. Yo La Tengo - Take Care (28.04) 
06. Fred Astaire - Top Hat, White Tie & Tails (35.42) 
07. Gomez - 78 Stone Wobble (41.43) 
08. The Everley Brothers - Be Bop a-lula (49.21) 
09. Edith Piaf - Non, Je ne Regrette Rien (51.37) 
10. Pulp - The Boss (Demo) (58.23) 

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Toadcast #138 - Loch Lomond Toad Session

Video: Vimeo - YouTube
Photos: Flickr
Audio: freely downloadable below...

Loch Lomond came over to the UK in May to play some dates in Scotland, so we took the opportunity to record a Toad Session with them.  We first met the band when we went out to Pickathon in 2008 and interviewed them there.  Since then we have released a split 12" and an EP by them over here on Song, by Toad Records.

Elephants & Little Girls is actually from that split 12" release, but the other three songs are new, and from their next album.  That album has been finished for about three months now I believe, although I have yet to hear it, so all I know about it is from these three songs.

Many thanks to Gavin Tarling for recording and mixing the session, to Matthew Swan and Fiona Buckle for their help with the photography and video cameras, and to Chris Bryant for being in the band for the day.  Feel free to help yourselves to the downloads, and enjoy the videos.  The whole interview can be heard on the podcast below, the video at the top of the page is sort of a general video of the whole day, and those of the individual songs are embedded below.

01. Loch Lomond - Blood Bank (Toad Session) (04.39)
02. Run On Sentence - Out in the Woods (11.07)
03. Sallie Ford - Danger (14.35)
04. Loch Lomond - Egg Song (Toad Session) (22.10)
05. Vadoinmessico - In Spain (27.02)
06. Brothers Young - Good Deeds (32.35)
07. Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer (37.10)
08. Loch Lomond - I Love Me (Toad Session) (45.00)
09. The Generationals - When They Fight They Fight (48.24)
10. Loch Lomond - Elephants & Little Girls (Toad Session) (59.35)

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Toadcast #137 - The Seendcast

I may only have lived in the Wiltshire village of Seend for about four or five months about ten years ago (seriously, ten?) but the fact that I had no job, nor was able to find one, meant that the music I listened to ended up with an extra resonance.

Apart from looking for jobs I didn't know how to find, I spent an inordinate amount of time browsing through copies of Uncut magazine, back before it turned to shit, and buying albums based on how well I liked the songs they chose for their covermount CDs.

There are a couple of other songs on this podcast, but I think the memories of Seend (including my goal in a 3-2 victory, having been 2-0 behind at half time) are still surprisingly strong.

01. Meursault - Bulletproof (La Roux/Radiohead Cover) (02.52)
02.The Czars - Lullaby 6000 (09.19)
03. Hamell on Trial - Choochtown (20.30)
04. Lambchop - Bon Soir, Bon Soir (24.10)
05. The Savings and Loan - The Virgin's Lullaby (31.09)
06. Phillistine's Jr. - The Bus Stop Song (36.55)
07. Vado in Messico - Sisma (38.50)
08. Billy Bragg - Take Down the Union Jack (47.12)
09. Kevin Tihista's Red Terror - Sucker (51.46)
10. Cinerama - Health and Efficiency (58.49)

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Toadcast #136 - The Haarcast

Contrary to what you might suspect from my location this week and the steady stream of silly videos from Anstruther , this podcast is not anything to do with the Fence Collective or Haarfest.

Actually, apart from a few brief intrusions from my pile of audio cassettes (a lot of time in the van, you see) this is generally just the usual stream of music news and new bits and pieces from my inbox. 

Actually, I am way behind my inbox at the moment, due to a week of holiday and now a week in Anstruther, and things aren't likely to get any better either, what with... oh never mind, you hear enough of my whining as it is.  Tunes...

01. Eels - Jungle Telegraph (02.32)
02. Les Shelleys - The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (07.22)
03. Broken Records - A Leaving Song (13.41)
04. Women - Heat Distraction (19.56)
05. Let's Talk About Trees - Wood of Rassay (23.50)
06. The Tragically Hip - Fireworks (31.57)
07. Grant Lee Buffalo - Testimony (35.48)
08. Inspector Tapehead - Grooming (44.48)
09. Nice Purse - Heart Medley (50.52)
10. Bombadil - Barcelona (54.55)

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Toadcast #135 - The Spaincast

Recorded for you from the sunny, blazing hot mountains of Andalucia, this one is a little late being uploaded because we only just got back to Scotland and I decided I might as well wait until we got home before uploading it rather than charge all around Spain trying to find somewhere to upload from and then sitting around for ages waiting for the damn thing to... well, you get the picture.

I actually spent much of the week editing Toad Session videos, which seems just a tiny little bit pathetic, even to me.  Still, editing video whilst sat on the terrace with a beer, overlooking spectacular valley scenery isn't exactly a hardship, but nevertheless, a holiday should be a bit more holiday-y than that I suppose.

I also think I may have happened to accidentally teach Mrs. Toad's oldest friend's kids some truly fucking appalling language too.  Honestly, who lets a retard like me anywhere near kids?

01. The Japanese War Effort - Summer Sun Skateboard (02:20)
02. Benni Hemm Hemm - Shipcracks (06:15)
03. Hobart Smith & Texas Gladden - Down in the Willow Garden (13.39)
04. Blind Willie Johnson - I'm Gonna Run to the City of Refuge (16.24)
05. The Beach Boys - Sloop John B (21.02)
06. Sebastian Dangerfield - The Sycamore Tree (24.49)
07. Animal Magic Tricks - Heavenly Bodies (30.57)
08. Keaton Henson - Oliver Dalston Browning (36.27)
09. Fists - Ace is the Way (40.23)
10. Honeytrap - Little Johnny Winter (45.02)

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Toadcast #134 - The Festicast

So, the Festival descendeth upon Edinburgh once more, and once more we are beset by London-based Home County Yahs braying their zany way through the city until finally someone snaps and sets fire to their stupid fucking stilts once and for all.

Actually, as I confess pretty sharpish, I am the classic Edinburgh Festival hypocrite, if I'm being honest with myself.  I love it as much as I loathe it and I enjoy moaning about it almost as much as I enjoy the Festival itself. 

As a native you really do have to have the right attitude though.  If you come from outside just for the Festival then there's little chance of you failing to take advantage of it, but if you live here the only way is to do it by extremes: either totally ignore it and stay as far away as you can, or just stop moaning, get stuck in, get pished and go to lots of shows.  I tend to prefer the latter option, but I'll confess I don't always do a good job of actually taking my own advice.

01. Thee Single Spy - OK Corral (02.53)
02. Lach - A Quiet Distance (11.50)
03. Bob Dylan - Man of Constant Sorrow (Live) (14.59)
04. Run On Sentence - Wide Open Sky (22.20)
05. Skeleton Bob - Findlove is a Housing Scheme (33.11)
06. Wounded Knee - Coffee Ballad (34.43)
07. The Delta Mirror - He Was Worse Than the Needle He Gave You (39.31)
08. Balkans - Georganne (45.50)
09. Modest Mouse - This Devil's Workday (50.33)
10. Eels - I Put a Spell on You (58.36)

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Toadcast #133 - The Tapecast

This is called the Tapecast because last night, for the first time in about ten years, I made a mixtape.  Because of the van having a tape player there is actually a point to making these bloody things now, so we got hammered and listened to records all night (again), only this time I recorded them all onto a C-90!  

There is something so stupidly fascinating about making tapes in the first place, but there is certainly something surreal in resurrecting what genuinely was dead technology.  It is far from easy to actually buy blank tapes these days.  I ended up recording over a shite old one I had to hand, and there is only a limited supply of ones hanging around which I would be happy to tape over.

It was bloody fun though, so I think it might well happen again! 

01. The Humms - Blood Sucking Vampire (02.30)
02. We Can't Enjoy Ourselves - Put Your Blue Dress On (11.19)
03. Ezequiel Ezequiel - Dear Permafrost (15.03) 
04. Small Town Boredom - Apologies for Apathy (22.32)
05. Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights (30.59)
06. The Dodos - Walking (35.59)
07. Trips and Falls - I Learned Sunday Morning, on a Wednesday (41.57)
08. Br'er - Whitewash (48.41)
09. Efren - Stay High (53.22)
10. Donny Hue & the Colors - Wild Again (59.22) 

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Toadcast #132 - The Fuzzcast

This wasn't particularly supposed to be all fuzzy and noisy, and in actual fact is probably isn't, except for in bits. I have been listening to the Male Bonding album a lot this week, and then the split single from Thee Ludds and The No-Brainers dropped into my inbox, and then I became fascinated by the splendid mess that is I'llfinishyrfinish and suddenly I realised I had a podcast which was pretty much all over the place.

So I decided to embrace it, go for it and just appreciate the noise. There is some acoustic fuzz too, and a song by Grandaddy who can be fuzzy but often aren't, but in general if you like your music to be played on a tape recorder down the back of the sofa in the next room, you should like this.

Oh, and we have the new Walkmen track and the new Cotton Jones one and all sorts. Aren't we clever. Actually, who the fuck am I calling 'we', anyway?

01. The Walkmen - Stranded (02.20)
02. Grandaddy - Fuck the Valley Fudge (09.02)
03. Male Bonding - Your Contact (16.19)
04. Navigator - Headless Horseman (The Microphones cover) (19.44)
05. Grizzly Prospector - Oh! Grizzly Me (Slow) (Live) (21.06)
06. Cotton Jones - Glorylight and Christie (24.09)
07. The Sound of the Ladies - The 40s Never Died (27.35)
08. Thee Ludds - I'm a Moron (34.42)
09. The Walkmen - Thinking of a Dream I Had (42.06)
10. Ace Bushy Striptease - I'llfinishyrfinish (I'll Finish You) (49.32)

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Toadcast #131 - The Brocast

My brother heads off today, so I figured we'd take one last chance to do a podcast while we can.  This is mostly new stuff and inbox though, so I am not sure how he'll react.

Actually, he was in the room last week while I went through my inbox, played stuff, replied to emails, deleted things, and so on and so forth.  I think his response was that he simply wouldn't be able to handle the avalanche of shit I have to get through, and that it would simply turn him off music completely.

I don't mind that, I have to confess, because although some people do send me wildly inappropriate things, after two hours of listening to one 'psychedelic rock band who are blazing a trail across the LA scene right now' after another I then open an email from Allister Izenberg, which was possibly the most terse, abrupt and non-sugar-coated promo email I have ever read, even including Trips and Falls.  It was such a bad email actually that even before listening I had a sneaky suspicion I was going to really like the music, and boy oh boy was I right.  It makes all the 'rock, hip-hop, funk fusion's next big thing' emails easily worthwhile.

01. Hot Lava - Pink Lemonade (02.52)
02. Burnt Island - Hiding Out (07.42)
03. King Post Kitsch - Monomaniac (11.26)
04. Glass Animals - Leaflings (19.17)
05. Allister Izenberg - Little Swan (24.24)
06. Television Keeps us Apart - Voices (33.22)
07. Ola Belle Reid - High on a Mountain (41.01)
08. Clarence Ashley - Cuckoo Bird (51.54)
09. Willard Grant Conspiracy & Telefunk - The Cuckoo (54.23)
10. Soft Cat - Blackbird (62.41)

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Toadcast #130 - The Poshcast

My little brother is in town visiting, and he is the sound designer for the Boston Ballet, and on Wednesday night (I think) we got obliterated on gin and had something of a musical duel; each taking turns on the stereo, me playing some of the weirder stuff I listen to and him playing bits of classical music.  Honestly, it was fucking ace.  As a DJ set it would have absolutely delighted me anyway, even if everyone else ended up fucking off, but nevertheless, that evening was what music fandom is really about for me.

So this podcast isn't really a recreation by any means (we are far, far too sober and nothing like argumentative enough for starters) but I thought it would be nice to do a podcast along those lines.  Personally, it's maybe not even as classical as I might personally have liked it to be, but never mind, I really like it.

And, as usual, there is a correction to be made.  We describe the them tune to Star Trek Deep Space Nine as Theme for the Common Man, and apparently it isn't that at all.  What it is is heavily heavily borrowed from Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man.  So the bit of classical music Ben describes hearing before we play that song must actually have been Fanfare for the Common Man, which only reminded him of the Deep Space Nine theme without actually being it.  Whoops.  Next time research before talking!


01. Mozart - Requiem in D Minor (02.40)
02. Yann Tiersen - La Lettre d'Explication (16.18)
03. The Flaming Lips - Watching the Planets (23.33)
04. Theme to Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (28.47)
05. Les Têtes Raides - Manuela (38.49)
06. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Proposition #1 (49.13)
07. The Books - S is for Everysing (52.29)
08. Nico Muhly - The Only Tune (64.00)

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Housecast?  Well, yes.  One of the things I have been trying to do since I left my grown up job is get our house vaguely under control.  I have mananged to get the boxes of albums out of the hallway and into the office now, but there is still all manner of paperwork and assorted other shit all over the place.

Also, my folks are visiting at the end of next week, and you know what that means: the famous Mother-in-Law Clean.  Mrs. Toad isn't exactly a domesticated young lady, but she will be setting about the house with a bucket of bleach and a million fistfuls of wire wool over the course of the next few days I would imagine.

I, on the other hand, just have to destroy the ropey old oven in the back garden with a pick axe.  Sometimes it rocks to get the man jobs!


01. Perfume Genius - Mr. Petersen (03.44)
02. Bottle of Evil - Same Old Story (10.02)
03. Cate Le Bon - Shoeing the Bones (15.17)
04. Warm Ghost - So Sick of the Sun (18.34)
05. Andrew Cedermark - Masterpieces (23.41)
06. Micah P. Hinson - Seven Horses Seen (29.12)
07. Yusuf Azak - Thin Air (34.23)
08. Kid Canaveral - Cursing Your Apples (38.55)
09. Communist Daughter - The Lady is an Arsonist (41.52)
10. Richard Hawley - The Ellen Vannin Tragedy (feat. the Smoke Fairies) (49.20)

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Toadcast #128 - The Glastocast

So, erm, yes, this podcast should really have happened on Sunday, but it was so unspeakably bakingly hot (alright, in all honesty it was only about 28 degrees, but it felt much fucking hotter, okay) that there was basically no fucking chance it was going to happen.

I've also been adjusting to not having a day job, which in its own way made this easier.  I'd write posts when I could during the day, but at the moment my only job is Song, by Toad so I have focussed entirely on the important jobs, not on the day to day business of posting on the site.

Also, this is late and it may be (early) Thursday, but there will still be a podcast on the weekend, but I thought this was an opportunity which should not be passed up.  It's Glastonbury for fuck's sake, and it really did need its own podcast pretty sharpish, even if just to wonder why one Earth Glastonbury needs its own podcast when there are so many better festivals out there!

Toadcast #128 - The Glastocast

01. Radiohead - Idioteque (06.55)
02. Flaming Lips - God Walks Among Us Now (19.26)
03. Eels - Looking Up (24.06)
04. The Avett Brothers - Murder in the City (39.57)
05. The National - England (42.57)
06. The Books - A Cold Freezin' Night (57.02)
07. Devendra Banhart - The Charles C Leary (70.57)
08. Broken Social Scene - 7/4 (shoreline) (73.34)
09. Wild Nothing - Your Rabbit Feet (81.06)
10. LCD Soundsystem - All Your Friends (96.59)

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Toadcast #127 - The Eggcast

I remember when I first started writing Song, by Toad, people when they first latched onto the site would occasionally refer to the not all that infrequents bursts of rage and frustration with the music industry as 'a breath of fresh air' and stuff like that, for the simple reason that if I thought something was fucking shit, then I would say so.

I had noticed that sort of post becoming less frequent myself over the last couple of years, and even Mrs. Toad remarked the other day that random outbursts of rage were becoming really quite rare.

I thought about this, and I think that the reason no-one in the music industry has any balls when it comes to the simple task of telling it like it is - on the face of it, quite a simple thing to do - is the same as the reason that I tend to be quite tame these days myself: you get to know everyone, you become friends with them, and it becomes almost impossible.

If I turn around and say 'all the venues in Edinburgh are shit', what does that say to my friend Nick, who works his arse off to make Sneaky Pete's one of the best.  And what if I say 'the NME is fucking rubbish' and someone thinks, 'oh, I might review this nice album by Inspector Tapehead, but I wonder what this Song, by Toad thing is...' You get my point.

Toadcast #127 - The Eggcast

01. Arcade Fire - Month of May (01.37)
02. Takeda - A Million Years (10.58)
03. Adelaide's Cape - Anchored Down (15.55)
04. Yo La Tengo - Outsmartener (26.44)
05. Skuobhie DUbh Orchestra - Eggshell Miles (33.49)
06. The Last Battle - Ruins (36.44)
07. The Mountains and the Trees - More and More and More (47.11)
08. Liars - The Overachievers (50.45)
09. The Recovery Club - Rest and Be Thankful (53.54)
10. Meursault - Hey Joe (Daniel Johnston Cover) (62.49)

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 This is another chatty podcast, recorded in the hostel room of the lovely (and somewhat creepy) Lloyd from Peenko and Ian from Have Fun at Dinner on Friday afternoon at GoNorth.

In terms of creepy, we were all kind of  creeped out by the industry reacharounds which seemed to be going on left right and centre though.  Who do you know, who likes who best blah blah blah blah blah.

I think that me and everyone I know have all decided to just fuck all this industry bollocks and do what the fuck we please.  Honestly, it's all just far far too much eating of crow for me.  Fuck.  Right.  Off.

Toadcast #126 - The Schmoozecast

01. Woodenbox With a Fistful of Fivers - Draw a Line (03.49) 02. Fiona Soe Paing - Deep Song (14.45) 03. The Seventeenth Century - Roses in the Park (17.40) 04. Kid Canaveral - And Another Thing!! (24.58) 05. Miaoux Miaoux - Snow (34.23) 06. Admiral Fallow - Subbuteo (38.18) 07. Mitchell Museum - Tiger Heartbeat (48.45) 08. Randolph's Leap - Squeamish (57.53)

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Toadcast #125 - The Whorecast

This is a not entirely accurately-titled podcast, in that the whoring only takes place over a couple of songs at the tail end and does not at all influence any of the rest of the playlist.

What am I talking about, you ask?  Well when I played a few trendy songs a few months back the listership of the podcast doubled over the course of a few weeks.  I noticed this back when I was a bit more rigorous about the blog in the early days: if I reviewed high-profile new releases in the week of release it generated a large spike in readership.

So I've dropped a couple of very hype-friendly songs into the end of this podcast to see if that actually has any influence on anything at all.  I found nice ones - ones I actually like, I mean - so don't worry, your normally glittering listening experience will not be tarnished one bit.  But bear in mind that this week we are all the guineau pigs in a silly internet hit-whoring experiment.  Sorry.

Toadcast #125 - The Whorecast

01. Burnt Ones - Sunset Hill (03.46)
02. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat (09.34)
03. Girls Names - You Should Know by Now (18.32)
04. Pagan Wanderer Lu - Banish Negative Thoughts (20.26)
05. The Cure - Pictures of You (28.01)
06. Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (35.37)
07. Taken by Trees - Watch the Waves (42.12)
08. Wild Nothing - Summer Holiday (49.21)
09. The Beets - What Did I Do (53.20)
10. Silver Columns - Warm Welcome (56.17)
11. Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs (62.41)

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Toadcast #124 - The Dolecast

This is called the Dolecast for... well, for obvious reasons.  I am on the downward slope to imminent joblessness, with my last day at Proper Job now pencilled in for the 23rd of June - the day before Glastonbury, rather handily.

Actually festivals are something of a feature this Summer, as there's that one, Kelburn, Rockness, Fusion out in Germany, and then Knockengorroch, which I will be driving out to the very second I hit 'post' on this.  We're also looking at going out to Musicfest Northwest this year as well, and of course the rather splendid Fence Away Game.

So erm, yes, maybe I should have called this the Festcast or something like that.

Toadcast #124 - The Dolecast

01. The Wave Pictures - I Shall be a Ditchdigger (03.09)
02. Fur Hood - Tweetle Beetle Battle Beetles (12.27)
03. Fear the Fives - Devil's Tongue (15.39)
04. Southern Tenant Folk Union - South Ythsie (20.19)
05. Benni Hemm Hemm - Retaliate (29.11)
06. The Douglas Firs - Grow Old and Go Home (33.09)
07. Magic Bullets - Lying Around (37.12)
08. Perfume Genius - Lookout, Lookout (41.25)
09. The Effort - Adjust (46.54)
10. Tusk Tusk - Crazy Little Birthmarks (55.56)

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Toadcast #123 - The Drivecast

Having spent the week driving Loch Lomond around the country I figured that some sort of driving-themed nonsense would be in order for this week's podcast.

Driving music (NOT in the Top Gear sense) tends to stick in your head, probably because when listening to it there is nothing else to do but sit and absorb the whole album.  I know most musicians would probably blanche somewhat at the idea of having their work enjoyed over the thrum of wind noise, tyre noise and a grumbling engine, but a long drive is still probably one of the best places to listen to music.

Oh, and the 'character'is supplied by all the fuckers outside having fun while I DO FUCKING WORK FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT OF YOU UNGRATEFUL INTERNET BASTARDS.  Erm, sorry.  I'm tired.

Toadcast #123 - The Drivecast

01. The Twilight Sad - The Wrong Car (01.53)
02. Bear Driver - A Thousand Samurais (09.12)
03. The National - Terrible Love (14.37)
04. Band of Horses - Infinite Arms (19.11)
05. The Wedding Present - Drive (25.07)
06. The French Wives - Me vs Me (28.54)
07. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Davy's on the Road Again (Live) (35.01)
08. Foon Yap - Gabriel Moody (41.49)
09. The Goodnight Loving Supper Club - The Pan (50.14)
10. The Men They Couldn't Hang - A Map of Morocco (54.27)

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Toadcast #122 - The Greencast

This podcast is called the Greencast because we have the most hobbled government in recent memory - Cameron has kinda, sorta, maybe won, in the sense that he is actually the PM.

On the other hand Clegg, having been butchered at the polls, after a promising campaign, is now in a position of more influence than he was ever likely to gain from the election alone.

And yet Labour, despite being deposed, seem to have come out of it all better than anyone.  They may be out of power, but they are free from the millstone of the next few years of cuts, they can sit back and watch the Tories and the Lib Dems squabble for a couple of years and achieve nothing at all, and once the coalition has made fools of themselves for a couple of years Labour can pop up again with a new, smooth, television-friendly leader and trade on the inevitable failure of the preceding government.

So, as read in the Guardian, Labour may actually have won by losing.  And here are some tunes.  Utterly unrelated tunes!

Toadcast #122 - The Greencast

01. Loch Lomond - Spine (05.49)
02. The Man From Delmonte - Drive Drive Drive (13.00)
03. The Magnetic Fields - Drive On Driver (15.24)
04. Modernaire - Bloodshed in the Woodshed (21.27)
05. Rats With Wings - Hungry Like the Wolf (29.27)
06. Pet Shop Boys - Rent (36.09)
07. David Bowie - Let's Dance (40.59)
08. Huey Lewis & the News - The Power of Love (54.50)
09. Glaciers - Brooklyn (61.15)
10. The Moulettes - Bloodshed in the Woodshed (71.25)

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Toadcast #121 - The Votecast

I will be in Macclesfield at Unconvention, pretending to know what the fuck I am talking about when it comes to new music business models when you come to listen to this.

I do get a shiny new pair of Converse, courtesy of the sponsors, which is cool.  But above all, me, the chance to talk shit... well, it's just a match made in heaven isn't it.

My Granddad lives in Manchester too, which is rather convenient, so on Sunday I will go round to his house and say hello.  Who knows, it might even shunt me slowly out of the Bad Son status I have been occupying for all these years.

This playlist is largely composed of new stuff which has appeared in my inbox recently, and a couple of bizarre wild cards - two covers,

Toadcast #121 - The Votecast

01. Yusuf Azak - Turn on the Long Wire (06.23)
02. Micah P. Hinson - 2s and 3s (12.50)
03. Nina Nastasia - Cry, Cry, Baby (17.58)
04. Emit Bloch - Milkshake vs. Passenger (Kelis & Iggy Pop) (23.50)
05. Run on Sentence - Out in the Woods (30.16)
06. eagleowl - Morpheus (33.43)
07. David Tattersall - The Old Family (39.15)
08. Los Hombres - Let it Out (Let it All Hang Out) (41.36)
09. Male Bonding - Year's Not Long (46.12)
10. Willie Nelson - Smells Like Teen Spirit (49.22)
11. Super Adventure Club - Pick Up Sticks (57.03)

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Toadcast #120 - The Swing-O-Cast

We have been collecting for the lifeboats today and as usual we have had a massive, lovely meal prepared by my darling Mrs. Toad.  It was fucking awesome, I have to tell you, and anyone who wasn't here truly did miss out.

We, and the RNLI, owe a massive debt of thanks to Sharon from the Wirral, Euan from The Kays Lavelle (and many other things), Peter from next door, Matthew from Glasgow (as of last week), Ella from the Last Battle, Lucy and Catherine from Mrs. Toad's Finance Corp., Jamie from Broken Records, and Dylan and Ed who turned up and were nice but didn't really do much.

In terms of actually making a difference, it's worth pointing out that the collection in Stockbridge has hovered around the £200 mark for about the last thirty years, but since us young 'uns have been involved that number has almost tripled, which is sort of nice.  It actually does make a big difference when you all turn up and show some enthusiasm and commit even just a few hours to helping out.  Charity people can be a bit pushy at times, so it gets a bit of a bad rap, but it really does make an important difference.  So thank you.  And hopefully we'll see you all again next year.

Toadcast #120 - The Swing-O-Cast

1. The Bonzo Dog Band - No Matter Who You Vote For, the Government Always Gets In (5.35)
2. Billy Bragg - The Marching Song of the Covert Battalions (13.27)
3. Wham! - Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) (22.23)
4. Pet Shop Boys - Opportunites (28.59)
5. The Dead Kennedys - Kill the Poor (41.00)
6. Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City (44.04)
7. REM - Ignoreland (52.33)
8. Pearl Jam - Bu$hleaguer (60.39)
9. Gao Yuqian, Liu Changyu, Qian Haoliang - The Party Has Taught Your Son to be a Man of Iron (80.01)
10. Erase Errata - Another Genius Idea from our Government (81.44)

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Toadcast #119 - The Popcast

Tomorr... yesterday I flew out to Paris to see Mrs. Toad, who has been stuck in God Bless America for the last two weeks because of Iceland's seismic indiscipline.  We are going to have dinner and walk together and hold hands and generally act like a couple of idiots.  More or less like we always do.  For a couple of curmudgeonly old fuckers who spend their entire lives swearing at one another, we are a pretty sentimental pair, really.

This podcast is mostly based around my Dad and his music.  For my early years I was well into my Mum's stuff, but as I got older I got more into my Dad's kind of stuff - Tom Waits, Dylan, Neil Young and all that.  When I really, really got into music it was never into contemporary, modern or trendy stuff, it was always the old shite my parents were into.

I repay them the favour nowadays, or at least, I try to, but I never really picked up on music from my peers, it was always from my folks.  Hence this podcast.

Toadcast #119 - The Popcast

01. Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road (05.16)
02. The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (13.27)
03. Willie Nelson - Mommas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys (16.53)
04. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Walking Song (24.12)
05. Tom Waits & Thelonious Monster - Adios Lounge (32.54)
06. Elton John - Ballad of a Well Known Gun (41.21)
07. Bob Dylan - Days of 49 (46.07)
08. Elvis Perkins in Dearland - I Heard Your Voice in Dresden (53.49)
09. The Builders & the Butchers - Barcelona (57.51)
10. Jackson Browne - Fountain of Sorrow (66.15)

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Toadcast #118 - The Ashcast

Mrs. Toad has been stranded in God Bless America by that infernal cloud of Icelandic ash, so I am home alone for the last week and all of the next one.  This is very much Not Fun, because as much as she's a mean old bitch, I do seem to have developed a grudging affection for the silly old mare so a fortnight apart is very much unappreciated.  It's about time those Icelanders re-established some bloody discipline, honestly.

Anyhew, there is some excellent stuff on this podcast, even though it really doesn't hang together around a particular theme as they sometimes do.  In actual fact, I don't think I've done a themey one for a while - might give that a go next week.

Toadcast #118 - The Ashcast

01. Johnny Flynn - Kentucky Pill (4.11)
02. Burnt Island - A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again (10.51)
03. Draw Me Stories - Becomes the Hunted (18.25)
04. Haunted Stereo - Lock the Doors (22.29)
05. Ragged Claws - Lamed Wufniks (30.44)
06. Fleet Foxes - Silver Dagger (36.07)
07. Hezekiah Jones - I Love My Family (40.13)
08. Cocorosie - Lemonade (42.14)
09. Br'er - Crocus (50.41)
10. Devolver - Promise (56.24)
11. Giant Sand - Anarchistic Bloshevistic Cowboy Bundle (58.44)

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Toadcast #117 - Mumford & Sons Toad Session

Video: VimeoYouTube
Photos: FlickrBlueback Hotrod
Audio: below

This was without a shadow of a doubt the most scary level of military efficiency that anything even slightly Toad-related has ever achieved.  Mumford & Sons were playing to a sold-out Queen's Hall in the evening, so we had to have them in and out of the door within an hour and a half, and we actually bloody managed it!  As the like of the Pictish Trail, who left Toad Hall completely plastered after his session, can testify, this isn't really what we're good at around here.

So, not only did they go to extreme lengths to actually make time to record this, they did a fucking lovely job of it as well.  If you watch the video for Untitled, embedded below, you'll see that they rattled our floors so hard that something actually falls off the shelves behind Marcus at the end of the video.  Gavin has done a lovely job of the recording and mixing, and many thanks to Dylan for the photography and Matthew for help with the filming.

As usual with the Toadcasts, there is a full set of pictures on our Flickr page, Dylan's own choices on his Blueback Hotrod page, freely downloadable and shareable mp3s of the session tracks below, a full podcast of the interview, with playlist at the bottom of the page, and videos of the individual songs themselves embedded below.  I've also made a video of the whole day, with bits of interviews and excerpts from the songs, and that is embedded at the top of the page.  Enjoy!

Toadcast #117 - Mumford & Sons Toad Session
Mumford & Sons - Untitled (Toad Session)

Mumford & Sons - Dance Dance Dance (Neil Young Cover) (Toad Session)

Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page (Toad Session)

Mumford & Sons - Awake My Soul (Toad Session)

Podcast Playlist:
01. Mumford & Sons - Untitled (Toad Session) (04.26)
02. Vampire Weekend - UR a Contra (13.29)
03. Love.Stop.Repeat - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (17.52)
04. Mumford & Sons - Dance Dance Dance (Neil Young Cover) (Toad Session) (21.54)
05. Billie Holiday - God Bless the Child (26.42)
06. Eels - In the Beginning (29.49)
07. Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page (Toad Session) (36.27)
08. My Kappa Roots - It was Rough When the Rain Came (41.19)
09. Mumford & Sons - Awake My Soul (Toad Session) (50.23)

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Toadcast #116 - The Dead Calmcast

It's been a very, very long time since we had a nice simple podcast of me just chattering about music without extraneous distractions of various drunken people babbling to one another over the top of it.

Last week was Ruth, Michael and Dylan, the week before that was Vic and Peej, then me and Mrs. Toad and then there was the one from Homegame, which was nuts, so this one is just calm and sensible and plain vanilla and basically just me playing some songs, wondering how to pronounce names like Borcherdt, and talking pish like usual.

Next week will be the Mumford & Sons Toad Session, which is nice.

Toadcast #116 - The Dead Calmcas

01. The Van Allen Belt - The Way You Look (02:14)
02. Songdog - Gene Autry's Ghost (08.50)
03. Over the Wall - Settle Down (16.56)
04. Deathpodal - Squirrel and the Fox (20.55)
05. Brian Borcherdt - While I was Asleep (28.27)
06. Emit Bloch - Dorothy (34.34)
07. David Thomas Broughton - Perfect Louse (40.49)
08. Mat Riviere - FYH (43.09)
09. Member of the Wedding - New Century (51.37)
10. The Sequins - Offside & Beautiful (57.09)

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Toadcast #115 - The Messcast

The Toadcasts stumble from one clusterfuck to the next, each one more incoherent than the last.  This, I think it's fair to say, makes the Homegame one look good by comparison.  Not that the songs aren't good, just that the instances of people talking over one another and two conversations going on at once and so on and so forth are notably worse on this.

However, the music is excellent, and surprisingly up to the minute by my standards.  We even managed to sneak the new National song in there, which they only released on Thursday - how's that for happening and newsworthy and so on and so forth.

We have some new Sam Amidon as well, a track by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti which dropped through my letterbox while I was away in Austin, and some splendid stuff by Harlem and Clogs.  If only it wasn't for the pish chat, this would be a great podcast, actually.

Toadcast #115 - The Messcast

1. Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou - Ruth Drink My Whisky (05.12) 2. The National - Blood Buzz Ohio (13.40) 3. Loch Lomond - Spine (MMIX) (25.50) 4. Sam Amidon - Way Go Lily (29.43) 5. Harlem - Friendly Ghost (34.49) 6. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round (44.02) 7. Ghostkeeper - By Morning (49.10) 8. Love is All - Bigger Bolder (53.57) 9. Grand Champeen - Broken Records (62.16) 10. Clogs - Last Song (68.24)

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Toadcast #114 - The South by Southcast

Another stunt podcast for you, this was recorded on Sunday night after and afternoon of beer and Margaritas on South Congress in Austin - probably the most enjoyable day of the whole festival for me actually, and one which involved no more music than walking past the queue for an Alejandro Escovedo show.

What it did involve, however, was breakfast tacos, a splendid Mexican tat shop, a Western supply shop full of incredibly cool cowboy boots and shirts and so on, and then an afternoon sitting in the sun and shooting the breeze with Peej, Vic, Alex from Fatcat and Ben from Instinctive Raccoon.  Oh, and repeatedly having people spill beer on my jeans, there was that as well.

Anyhow, in the evening we were joined by Stuart from the Scottish Arts Council (who does a highly passable impersonation of Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons) and recorded this rather messy podcast before, erm... going bowling with Broken Social Scene and We Were Promised Jetpacks, sort of.  Actually, that's rather an exaggeration.  We went to a fantastically cool bowling alley place to eat, and then those two bands, who seem to have become friends, wandered in, ate something, said hello and then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening bowling.  I wouldn't recognise Broken Social Scene of course, but apparently that's who they were, and it did lend the evening a slightly surreal tinge.

Toadcast #114 - The South by Southcast

01. We Were Promised Jetpacks - It's Thunder and it's Lightning (02.53)
02. The Entrance Band - Grim Reaper Blues (11.33)
03. Shearwater - Black Eyes (20.49)
04. Broken Social Scene - Let's Get Out of Here (Live at Radio Aligre) (24.17)
05. Hudson Mohawke - Fuse (33.59)
06. Midlake - Young Bride (41.31)
07. The Real Heroes - Baby Must've Known (46.07)
08. Plants & Animals - Jacques (56.19)
09. Dan Mangan - Robots (63.09)
10. Gay Witch Abortion - Down With Giants (73.07)

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Toadcast #113 - The Anstercast

We're in Anstruther this weekend for Homegame, and so we got incredibly pissed late at night and recorded a podcast for you all, just as a special extra Sunday Supplement.

This should give you a taste of our Homegame fun and, sadly, also an idea of just how much of a wreck we all make of ourselves in Fife once a year.
Honestly, this is my favourite festival in the fucking universe, possibly only equalled by Pickathon, which is incredibl e.

Toadcast #113 - The Rhubarbcast

01.Withered Hand - No Cigarettes (01.34)
02.Silver Columns - Yes and Dance (Silver Columns Remix) (08.31)
03.Findo Gask - Wrapped in Plastic (Live) (14.00)
04.Adem - Everything You Need (20.02)
05.Django Django - Love's Dart (29.52)
06.FOUND - Freaky Freaky Chancer (33.37)
07.Cold Seeds - The Perfume of Mexican Birds (43.43)
08.Love.Stop.Repeat - The Ghost of What You Used to Be (50.52)
09.FOUND & eagleowl - Some R. Kelly Cover (58.52)

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eagleowl Toad Session from Song, by Toad on Vimeo.

Video: Vimeo - YouTube
Photos: Flickr - Blueback Hotrod
Audio: below

A large part of me thinks there should be an Eagleowl Interviewers' Support Group.  They are some of the loveliest people you will ever meet, but getting them to talk is like trying to learn Kung-Fu in an afternoon.   I've been down the pub with these guys, so I know it's not like they don't have anything to say for themselves, it's just that teasing it out of them with cameras and microphones present requires a black belt in interviewing people which I quite simply do not have yet.  Next time I will be prepared.  Possibly no more successful, but prepared nevertheless.

The music has come out beautifully, recorded by Neil Pennycook and Gavin Tarling, and mixed by Neil - eventually.  Dylan took the pictures, and I have a Song, by Toad set on our Flickr page, but Dylan's full set can be found on his own site at Blueback Hotrod.  I've made videos of the songs themselves and there is of course the main video at the top of the page which gives a not-entirely honest and rather heavily edited impression of what the whole day was like.

The playlist for the interview podcast is at the bottom of the page and as per usual all the Toad Session recordings are available for free for you to download and generally do as you please with.  Hope you like it.

Toadcast #112 - eagleowl Toad Session
eagleowl -Into the Fold (Toad Session)

eagleowl -Blanket (Toad Session)

eagleowl - Laughter (Toad Session)

eagleowl - Sleep the Winter (Toad Session)

Toadcast Playlist:

01. eagleowl - Into the Fold (Toad Session) (07.03)
02. Rob St. John - December & Whiskey (Live) (16.26)
03. Silver Jews - How to Rent a Room (19.31)
04. eagleowl - Blanket (Toad Session) (30.25)
05. Spokane - Proud Graduates (36.12)
06. eagleowl - Laughter (Toad Session) (49.21)
07. Adrian Crowley - Bless our Tiny Hearts (54.54)
08. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Willow Garden (57.34)
09. eagleowl - Sleep the Winter (Toad Session) (66.42)

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Toadcast #111 - The Beebcast

Well in all the chatter about the Beeb this week I was strongly considering ignoring it completely in this podcast and giving everyone a welcome break from the wailing and gnashing of teeth... but naah, that was never going to happen, was it.

So there's a lot of railing against the Beeb and the threat to 6Music and yaddah yaddah you know the script don't you.  Sadly, and somewhat ironically, we spend so much time talking about the state of the Beeb and the loss their support of small bands will represent, that we actually forgot to talk much about the small bands we ourselves put on the bloody podcast.

Toadcast #111 - The Beebcast

01. Ballboy - All the Records on the Radio are Shite (03.21)
02. Love is All - Bigger Bolder (13.02)
03. Fredrik - Vinterbarn (15.53)
04. Exrays - Everything Goes (27.16)
05. Phil Ochs - Automation Song (34.33)
06. Ghostkeeper - By Morning (37.26)
07. The Light Footwork - Carlsbad Irrigation Project (47.54)
08. Mondrian - Rise and Fall of a Golden Boy Seen by a Porn Star Using No Sextoy (50.21)
09. The Leaf Library - Losing Places (ISAN Remix) (63.00)

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Toadcast #110 - The Pervcast

You know, I'm not exactly naive when it comes to the internet.  I've done perfectly innocent Google image searches at work and then hurriedly had to cover up or stove in my monitor as all manner of filth made its appearance, irrespective of the tame nature of the search terms.

So I was up quite late recording this podcast and because only pervs and loonies seem to be up late* using the internet I reckoned that this should be called the Pervcast.  Particularly as I recorded most of it with a glass of wine in one hand and my nuts in the other - hey, it's just comfortable alright, stop being so judgmental.

Anyhow, the minute I hit return on the search for a banner image for this Toadcast... well, I realised my mistake pretty much immediately.  I didn't even realise most of that shit was even physically possible, never mind sought after.  Yeauch.  You internet people - you're all wrong 'uns, that's what you are!

Toadcast #110 - The Pervcast

01. The Silver Columns - Brow Beaten (04.50)
02. The Morning Benders - Promises (14.10)
03. Inspector Tapehead - Phenrenzik Tear (17.10)
04. Amanaz - Khala My Friend (28.15)
05. The Tim & Sam Band - Choices (34.57)
06. Japandroids - Art Czars (48.24)
07. Waskerley Way - Yonder (52.19)
08. Fire Engines - Get Up and Use Me (56.32)
09. Patrick Bower & the World Without Magic - One Day Soon, I Will Break You (58.37)
10. Woozy Viper - Whoah, Baby! (66.12)

*Yes, I know, it was made up for (faintly) comical purposes - fuck off.

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Toadcast #109 - The Suitcast

I don't know what the damn hell it is about dressing formally which makes me feel so uncomfortable, but it does.  Presumably just because I'm such a scruffy fucker for the entire rest of my life, those few hours every year I spend in a (vaguely) ironed shirt and pair of proper shoes just seem so completely out of character as to be really quite discomfiting.

Still, at our age everyone we know seems to be either getting married or breeding (and not infrequently both) so the old whistle is going to have to get used to seeing a little bit more action over the next few years, it seems.  The ludicrous thing is that I actually have a couple of really nice suits, but I never get round to wearing the fuckers because it just all seems too much like hard work.

This weekend, people.  In a suit.  Me!  Would you believe it.  I really should thank all these marrying bastards for saving my investment in suits from being complete waste of money it would be if I actually was left to my own devices.

Toadcast #109 - The Suitcast

01. Joker's Daughter - The Bouncing Liquorice (02.22)
02. Lloyd Cole - Undressed (05.52)
03. The Besnard Lakes - Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent Pt.1: The Innocent (11.53)
04. Shearwater - God Made Me (18.52)
05. King Post Kitsch - Alaska (24.52)
06. Cold Lake Flight School - Driftwood (30.16)
07. Dan Sartain - Ruby Carol (32.52)
08. The Japanese War Effort - Lanark (38.01)
09. Oreaganomics - Self-assembled Martyr (45.35)
10. The Stands - Some Weekend Night (53.45)

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Toadcast #108 - The Boabycast

Hooray for us - possibly the vilest and least romantic Valentine's Day Podcast yet!  And before anyone whinges about that picture, go to fucking Wikipedia and complain, because that's where we bloody got it from.  I know!  Scandalous!  Someone should complain.

So erm, yes.  I don't think we left anyone unoffended this year.  I sincerely hope not because I don't like to think of people out there nurturing an anticipated false outrage complex only to be let down.

We do not like romance, we do not like being told when to have fun by people who are simply hoping to exploit our disposable income, we do not like it being implied that being single is some sort of failure, we do not like people measuring their self-worth by how much their partner can be emotionally blackmailed into spending on them, we do not like having to live up to commercially defined standards to demonstrate that we love one another, we do not like having to skip the football just cos we're supposed to behave one some particular day or other, we do not like fucking teddy bears or fucking chocolates, we do not like sitting in tumbleweed-infested restaurants whilst people glance nervously around them wondering if they've done it right, and we do not like having a list of things to live up to before our relationship is considered functional thank you very fucking much.

We do like lazy Saturdays in the garden, crackling fires, meals with friends, new places, fresh flowers when we feel like it and walks on Porty beach that just happen.  Listening to vinyl so loud the floor shakes, a bit too much to drink with people that you really like, laughing at films, arguing about the side of the bed, swearing blind it's not your turn with the chores when you know damn well it is, drinking coffee in the garden when it's sunny, slagging off almost everyone, shouting at reactionaries on TV, emailing stuff that interests us, insulting the cat (he is an inbred retard, I like to think he's a member of the Royal Family), surprise cups of tea, buying shit on the internet when we're drunk, coping with the washing mountain when it threatens to start a SARs epidemic, watering the plants only minutes before death and walking hand in hand through the park and peering at cool old dudes chuntering around at the allotments or sailing model boats in the park pond.

Now, isn't that a better basis for a relationship than trotting out a box of chocolates 1/365?

Toadcast #108 - The Boabycast

01. Cracker - Mr. Wrong (03.10) 02. Billy Bragg & Wilco - Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key (09.57) 03. The Smiths - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (17.11) 04. Eels - Love of the Loveless (20.16) 05. The Clash - Brand New Cadillac (29.40) 06. Bill Hicks - Pussywhipped Satan (31.41) 07. Evan Dando - Hard Drive (44.33) 08. The Coathangers - Nestle in My Boobies (48.11) 09. Virgin of the Birds - She's in the Moon Again (59.10) 10. David Cross - Your Baby is FUCKING BORING! (65.59)

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Toadcast #107 - The Tardicast

Erm, really sorry that this is so very, very late, but life rather caught up with me this week.  So I never quite managed to find time to get my shit together until this evening, unfortunately.

It's surprising how much of my time these weekly podcasts seem to take up - it can be quite hard to find an evening every single week to record these things.  What I find amazing is that I don't run out of blather.  I don't recall ever saying anything profound or all that intelligent either, so this little collection must represent hours and hours of inconsequential rambling.

On Friday a nice young lady in the pub asked me "Has anyone ever told you that you talk loads and loads."  I suppose, looking back at a hundred and some podcasts the miracle is that actually the answer to that question is 'no, not really, not that I can remember'.

Oh, and yes, that is Tina Turner and Kim Carnes you see there.  Suck it up, hipsters.

Toadcast #107 - The Tardicast

01. The Walkmen - This Job is Killing Me (03.30)
02. Grandaddy - Hey Cowboy, the Phone's For You (09.57)
03. Comaneci - Satisfied Girl (15.51)
04. Tina Turner - Private Dancer (17.50)
05. Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou - England (27.33)
06. Ruth Theodore - False Alarm (34.09)
07. The Waterboys - Sweet Thing (40.54)
08. Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes (48.04)
09. R.E.M. - Half a World Away (53.55)
10. Radiohead - Creep (Acoustic) (59.59)

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Toadcast #106 - The Sinocast

Mrs. Toad has been away in China for the last week or so and, frankly, I am jealous.  I am wedded to Edinburgh now, for fairly obvious reasons, but I have always been something of a gypsy, as have my parents, and as such China has held a pretty significant fascination for several years now.

I spent three years in Singapore between the ages of eleven and fourteen and I absolutely loved the place.  Not just Singapore, but all the travelling we did in South East Asia - I was absolutely captivated. 

Honestly, if it were not for you musical muppets I would be pestering Mrs. Toad for us to move to China already.

Toadcast #106 - The Sinocast

01. T'Pau - China in Your Hand (5.12)
02. I Am Oak - Ohayo (10.49)
03. Django Django - Love's Dart (13.27)
04. Django Reinhart - China Boy (22.49)
05. Clem Snide - Wal-Mart Parking Lot (31.22)
06. Frightened Rabbit - Fun Stuff (33.51)
07. The Shop Assistants - Somewhere in China (41.07)
08. David Bowie - China Girl (46.26)
09. Lincoln - Great Wall of China (51.47)
10. Snapline - S2 (65.31)

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Toadcast #105 - The Myopiacast This podcast is slightly kinda somewhat about about the myopia of the London media, in particular as to how it pertains to Scotland and Scottish music, and slightly about the Glasgow media.  There are a number of different triggers for this, starting with this article in the Scotsman's Under the Radar blog last year about the rejection by the editor of a London glossy of an article on four up-and-coming Scottish bands, made even more offensive by the fact that said editor had requested the damn article in the first place.

Of course, anyone who reads the London glossies knows they don't half cover an awful lot of shite themselves, so they really are in no position to pass judgment, but these things are about personal taste at the end of the day and you really can't force anyone to like stuff. 

Then of course there was a wee bit of chatter about the Glasgow focus of the media in Scotland - like and endless set of Russian dolls - particularly focussed on the remarkable Glasgow-centrism of The List's Hot 100 list and then some stupid woman on BBC radio sneering at the Edinburgh music scene despite knowing no more of Glasgow than Mogwai or Franz Ferdinand. 

So yes, there's a bit of that going on as well, but for the most part it's surprisingly non-confrontational given the level of annoyance I felt with both the BBC lady and the List list at the time. 

Toadcast #105 - The Myopiacast
01. James Yorkston - A Man of My Skills (04.26)
02. Frightened Rabbit - The Greys (10.22)
03. Orange Juice - Blue Boy (16.02)
04. The Pogues - Rake at the Gates of Hell (18.53)
05. Fang Island - Life Coach (27.56)
06. Her Name is Calla - Long Grass (30.51)
07. Fire Engines - Get Up and Use Me (37.59)
08. Last Battle - Ward 119 (47.44)
09. Sebastian Dangerfield - Morris (49.53)
10. Sigur Ros - Gong (58.05)
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Toadcast #104 - The Bleepcast This is all about my beepy-bloopy tendencies and how I got into the stuff in the first place.

I better point out, right at the beginning, that I don't see there being any difference between indie and electronica exactly.  Or at least, the dividing line is so blurred and there is so much crossover that the distinction is completely pointless, really.

I think the only reason I really make a distinction myself is because I became a music obsessive by listening to the likes of Dylan and Tom Waits and so on, and then moved onto the like of The Pogues and the Waterboys - not a beep in sight, basically.

Consequently, when I heard bands like Saint Etienne, although I loved lots of it I didn't explore much further because I just wasn't to electronic noises.  In actual fact, by the end of the podcast I think I come to the conclusion that it was actually an electronic beat which I really wasn't used to, mostly, but in any case, I found it quite hard to get into anything vaguely electro for ages.  Given that I could barely make a distinction between the two these days, that seems kind of odd, too.

Toadcast #104 - The Bleepcast

01. The Pet Shop Boys - Rent (03.46)
02. Stereolab - The Light That Will Cease to Fail (12.09)
03. Dubstar - St. Swithin's Day (15.25)
04. U2 - Lemon (23.05)
05. Jason Lytle - On a Piece of Wood I Go (30.49)
06. The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (35.57)
07. LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum (40.42)
08. Money Can't Buy Music - We Are All Asphyxiate (48.59)
09. Magic Arm - Daft Punk is Playing at My House (52.41)
10. Parts & Labour - Fractured Skies (.)
11. Jon Hopkins - Circle My Demise (King Creosote) (65.13)

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Toadcast #103 - Baby, it's Cold Outside It's freezing outside and (just slightly) covered in snow (about half an inch) so naturally the entire nation has ceased to function.  Erm, okay, it really isn't that cold and the snow really isn't that big a deal in all honesty but of course given the worst weather conditions we usually have to deal with are constant and life-sapping drizzle it seems that it's all come as a bit of a shock to the nation as a whole.

We live in a city by the sea of course, which means that we never get the sunshine which is promised and sadly, during the winter, we never get the snow or the cold either.  In the countryside it may occasionally be dangerous, but in the city it's never much more than a stunningly picturesque inconvenience, and the bastard stuff will all have melted by next week anyway, so we might as well enjoy it while we still can.

This week the podcast is not themed at all, it's just new and interesting stuff from my inbox.  I tend not to just slap up promo tracks emailed to me by PR chappies on the blog because, frankly, I really have nothing to say about them yet and I don't really like firing out posts on the site when I don't really have an opinion, right wrong or otherwise, to accompany it.  Podcasts, on the other hand, are a bit more spontaneous so they seem like a more suitable place to put new and interesting stuff before I have any real chance to figure out whether or not I actually like it properly.

Toadcast #103 - Baby, it's Cold Outside

01. Timber Timbre - Magic Arrow (Daytrotter Session) (01.47)
02. Drew Danburry - Many are Cold, but Few are Freezing (11.11)
03. Barton Carroll - The Poor Boy Can't Dance (14.57)
04. Kid Canaveral - Good Morning (21.50)
05. The Middle East - The Darkest Side (28.19)
06. Eluvium - The Motion Makes Me Last (38.04)
07. Final Fantasy - Lewis Takes Action (43.12)
08. Rachael Dadd - Table (50.13)
09. Woodpigeon - Music Belongs to Those Who Make It (56.15)
10. Samamidon - How Come That Blood (62.32)

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Toadcast #102 - Song, by Toad Records  I do try and avoid shilling for the label on this blog, because no-one wants to read a twice-daily sales pitch, but I reckon it's okay to have a look forward at what we've got planned for the year.  That's what the new year is for, really, isn't it?

So I've got a nice big release schedule drawn up, just like real record labels do, and honestly it scares the shite out of me.  I can pretty much plan out my free time for the whole of the next twelve months just looking at it, but there are some great releases in there.

By the end of 2010 we are going to have a back catalogue to be bloody proud of, honestly, especially when you consider that we had only been a record label for about a month at this time last year.

Toadcast #102 - Song, by Toad Records
01. Trips and Falls - We Were Like Strangers Today (05.30)
02. Maxwell Panther - My Ex-Identity (09.02)
03. Cold Seeds - Leave Me to Lie Alone in the Ground (17.19)
04. Jesus H. Foxx - This is Not a Rental Car (26.43)
05. Animal Magic Tricks - Smallish Hooves (29.35)
06. The Savings and Loan - Virgin's Lullaby (36.36)
07. Inspector Tapehead - Sugar on Your Sheets (40.02)
08. Loch Lomond - Holiday (48.25)
09. Meursault - What You Don't Have (Live on Fresh Air Radio) (58.34)
10. Nightjar - Sweet Annie Lee (66.56)
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