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Shenandoah Davis plays the piano, and needless to say, we don't just happen to have one in the house.  So given she was on a Summer tour of Europe, and given we'd invited her to Edinburgh to record a Toad Session we needed a Plan B.  That Plan B came in the form of Penicuik Town Hall.  Our friend Ben comes from Penicuik and his dad was able to secure three hours in the Town Hall for us to rock up in the Toad Van, unpack like some sort of alcoholic SWAT team, record our session, and bugger off before we were chased off.

Fortunately it has all worked out extremely well, with the usual videos below to be watched, or alternatively you can find them on the Song, by Toad page at either Vimeo or YouTube.  As you probably know, we always make individual videos of the songs and then an overall video of the whole day - sort of like Jools Holland, but with more gin and far less boogie-woogie piano.

The excellent photos were taken by Dylan from Blueback Hotrod and Fiona Buckle, and the main set can be found on the Song, by Toad Flickr page, with Dylan's full set available on his own site.  As ever the session tracks are all freely downloadable and pass-roundable, and the podcast tracklist can be found at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy!

Toadcast #100 - Shenandoah Davis Toad Session
Shenandoah Davis - Proof (Toad Session)

Shenandoah Davis - Our Favourite Idols (Toad Session)

Shenandoah Davis - Milagros (Toad Session)

Shenandoah Davis - We, Camera (Toad Session)

Below I have embedded all the videos, starting with the overall session video, and followed by those for the individual songs.

Toadcast playlist:
01. Shenandoah Davis - Proof (Toad Session) (04.25)
02. Hello, Broken Arrow - Golden Fools (10.57)
03. Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel (13.46)
04. Shenandoah Davis - Our Favourite Idols (Toad Session) (20.37)
05. Grand Hallway - Blessed Be, Honey Bee (24.49)
06. Shenandoah Davis - Milagros (Toad Session) (36.56)
07. Christopher Bell - All My Ghosts (40.31)
08. Anni Rossi - Glaciers (47.47)
09. Shenandoah Davis - We, Camera (Toad Session) (58.44)

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