Toadcast #101 - Boxing Day I recorded this podcast marooned in the middle of France at my parents' house, with no more musical resources than the compilation CDs I've been taking them constantly since I left home. It was quite weird to poke through all the old songs I've sent home over the years, actually. There's something unavoidably honest about the mixes you make for other people. Look back on the year or the decade yourself and you apply hindsight, selective memory and all sorts, but if you look at the stuff you send to other people then you don't get the chance to quietly forget the shite because it looks a little unfashionable in hindsight. Of course, due the benefits of hindsight and making sure I save face I am not playing you any of the shite because my ego is fragile and couldn't stand the mockery if I told you the absolute and honest truth. So here is a version of the music I used to send to my parents, handily sanitised so I don't make a total tit out of myself. Right, happy Christmas, I'm off to watch Back to the Future... Toadcast #101 - Boxing Day 01. Sparklehorse - Eyepennies (02.48) 02. Evan Dando - Hard Drive (11.57) 03. Jay Farrar - Fool King's Crown (14.57) 04. Lucky Jim - You Stole My Heart Away (21.31) 05. Mark Lanegan - Wedding Dress (29.39) 06. Grand National - Boner (32.34) 07. Arizona Amp & Alternator - Baby, it's Cold Outside (41.29) 08. The Zincs - Finished in This Business (46.50) 09. Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel (54.10) 10. Tom Waits - The Part You Throw Away (61.23)
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Video: Vimeo - YouTube
Photos: Flickr - Blueback Hotrod
Audio: below

Shenandoah Davis plays the piano, and needless to say, we don't just happen to have one in the house.  So given she was on a Summer tour of Europe, and given we'd invited her to Edinburgh to record a Toad Session we needed a Plan B.  That Plan B came in the form of Penicuik Town Hall.  Our friend Ben comes from Penicuik and his dad was able to secure three hours in the Town Hall for us to rock up in the Toad Van, unpack like some sort of alcoholic SWAT team, record our session, and bugger off before we were chased off.

Fortunately it has all worked out extremely well, with the usual videos below to be watched, or alternatively you can find them on the Song, by Toad page at either Vimeo or YouTube.  As you probably know, we always make individual videos of the songs and then an overall video of the whole day - sort of like Jools Holland, but with more gin and far less boogie-woogie piano.

The excellent photos were taken by Dylan from Blueback Hotrod and Fiona Buckle, and the main set can be found on the Song, by Toad Flickr page, with Dylan's full set available on his own site.  As ever the session tracks are all freely downloadable and pass-roundable, and the podcast tracklist can be found at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy!

Toadcast #100 - Shenandoah Davis Toad Session
Shenandoah Davis - Proof (Toad Session)

Shenandoah Davis - Our Favourite Idols (Toad Session)

Shenandoah Davis - Milagros (Toad Session)

Shenandoah Davis - We, Camera (Toad Session)

Below I have embedded all the videos, starting with the overall session video, and followed by those for the individual songs.

Toadcast playlist:
01. Shenandoah Davis - Proof (Toad Session) (04.25)
02. Hello, Broken Arrow - Golden Fools (10.57)
03. Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel (13.46)
04. Shenandoah Davis - Our Favourite Idols (Toad Session) (20.37)
05. Grand Hallway - Blessed Be, Honey Bee (24.49)
06. Shenandoah Davis - Milagros (Toad Session) (36.56)
07. Christopher Bell - All My Ghosts (40.31)
08. Anni Rossi - Glaciers (47.47)
09. Shenandoah Davis - We, Camera (Toad Session) (58.44)

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Toadcast #99 - The Decade Before you break out into a cold sweat about having to sit through another list of the best albums of the decade, don't worry, this is not one of those.  Although most of these songs would be there or thereabouts if I were actually compiling a favourite songs of the decade list, that's not why they're here.

Basically, rather than try and rank anything against anything else, all this is is a meander through the last ten years and me chattering about how my relationship with music has changed and what sort of stuff I was into at what times of my life.

Basically, this is the soundtrack to a perfectly normal, albeit enthusiastic, music fan's descent into full-on deranged internet mania.

Toadcast #99 - The Decade
01. Eels - A Daisy Through Concrete (04.09)
02. Goldfrapp - Pilots (10.04)
03. Grandaddy - The Crystal Lake (14.17)
04. Lift to Experience - To Guard and to Guide You (23.13)
05. Interpol - NYC (30.46)
06. Tom Waits - Kommienezuspadt (34.57)
07. The Decemberists - Red Right Ankle (40.41)
08. The Walkmen - The Rat (44.06)
09. The Mountain Goats - Dilaudid (51.20)
10. Broken Records - Lies (Demo Version) (57.07)
11. The Savings and Loan - Christmastime in the Mountains (64.11)
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Toadcast #98 - Randomness I get an awful lot of stuff in my inbox.  When I get jaded and fed up it seems like a bit of a burden, in all honesty, like I owe it to every band and every publicity monkey who ever gets in touch with me to give them complete attention and the time to let the music sink in and all these things which just aren't possible.

Sometimes, though, I get in the right mood and having an inbox full of bits and bobs is an indulgent treat.  This week is one of those weeks, where I am enjoying pottering through my inbox and having a listen to this and that and basically, it's just a bit of a treat.

So, after weeks of structured and themed stuff, this week I am basically playing whatever the fuck it is I fancy.  No theme, no plan no goal and no coherence in particular

Toadcast #98 - Randomness

01. Stanley Brinks - The End of the World (01.42)
02. Tune Yards - Hap-B (08.09)
03. eagleowl - Laughter (17.00)
04. Stringjammer - Long Road Home (19.45)
05. Eels - Little Bird (26.09)
06. Fang Island - Daisy (31.32)
07. Candy Claws - Island Grows (41.30)
08. Animal Collective - Bleeding (43.41)
09. Dylan in the Movies - Josephine (52.53)
10. Clues - Perfect Fit (61.20)

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