Toadcast #90 - Honeytrap Toad Session We'd already recorded the FOUND Toad Session earlier this same day, and Honeytrap had just recorded their session with Off the Beaten Tracks.  So basically, the sun was baking and we were all absolutely shit-faced.  Consequently, to describe the interview as any sort of conversation as opposed to some kind of deranged, cataclysmic cluster-fuck would be to massively flatter it.  In all honesty, this is a complete and completely splendid mess - enjoy!

Again, all the videos can be seen on the Song, by Toad Vimeo or YouTube pages, and the photo galleries can be perused on our Flickr page.  Dylan from Blueback Hotrod took all the photos, and the set he has posted has a few more pics than the one on the Toad Flickr page, so go and have a look to view the full set.  The whole interview is below, in the podcast file, and after that there are all the session mp3s which you are welcome to pass around as you see fit.  Good luck with the interview; it's fucking mental.

Toadcast #90 - Honeytrap Toad Session
Honeytrap - Roslin is a Cylon (Toad Session)

Honeytrap - Death Before the Silver Screen (Toad Session)

Honeytrap - Hours With the Masters (Toad Session)

Honeytrap - Broken Violin (Toad Session)

Now we have the increasingly chaotic session video first, and then three session videos for Roslin is a Cylon, Death Before the Silver Screen and Hours With the Masters.

01. Honeytrap - Roslin is a Cylon (Toad Session) (8.15)
02. Kate Bush - Army Dreamers (14.08)
03. Jack Charman - Wibbly Wobbly Walk (16.54)
04. Honeytrap - Death Before the Silver Screen (Toad Session) (25.03)
05. The Sequins - Let's Go Drinking in the Morning (28.43)
06. Dirty Projectors & David Byrne - Knotty Pine (31.39)
07. Honeytrap - Hours With the Masters (Toad Session) (41.29)
08. Beach Boys - Honkin' Down the Highway (50.22)
09. Prince - Raspberry Beret (52.57)
10. Honeytrap - Broken Violin (Toad Session) (66 39.)

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