Toadcast #80 - The Jailcast

When we were out in Italy on our holidays Mrs. Toad and I had very few CDs with us but one of them was an Uncut compilation of prison blues and murder ballads which, amazingly, given the very promising subject matter, really wasn't very good.  In fact, it was rotten, so I've made a podcast based on the self same concept, but with what I personally think are vastly better songs.

Most  obviously, to my mind, there were very few contemporary songs in there, and I thought that was a little weird.  Now, I actually think that the level of political commentary in popular music is just a little weak at the moment, but there are nevertheless some amazingly good prison and criminal justice-related songs to be had, and certainly some exceptional murder ballads, although I must confess that the most recent bit of genuine social commentary here pre-dates the 1990s by a couple of years.  There was probably more recent material I could have used, it just didn't spring to mind at the time I'm afraid.

So here we have the Jailcast, complete with some largely incoherent ranting about politics and my own stupid fucking jail story which Mr.s Toad takes such delight in sniggering about at every available opportunity, the bitch.  It's not that exciting, really it isn't.

Toadcast #80 - The Jailcast

01. Tom Waits - Jockey Full of Bourbon (02.05)
02. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Drunkard's Prayer (08.37)
03. Pulp - Down by the River (16.14)
04. Bob Dylan & the Rolling Thunder Revue - The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll (Live, 1975) (19.42)
05. The Pogues - Streets of Sorrow/Birmingham Six (31.36)
06. Bruce Springsteen - Vigilante Man (Woody Guthrie Cover) (39.33)
07. The Radiators - Prison Bars (43.34)
08. Enfant Bastard - Compilation Tapes (50.10)
09. Nightjar - The Hanging Tree (55.30)
10. Pete Wylie - Stay Free (Clash Cover) (60.49)

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