Toadcast #63 - Sprrring is Here!

Spring makes a fucking colossal difference, doesn't it.  People have been tripping around Edinburgh with a spring in their step for the last week, when the sun has come out and the air, whilst it may still be a little chilly, is notably warmer.  It's gentler, I suppose, is the main difference.  There's something of a release about Spring, as if all the uncomfortable restraint of Winter no longer has to be acknowledged.  Does anyone remember that episode of Northern Exposure when the ice melted?  Everyone went nuts, and the relieved exhalation we all express on the coming of the sunshine does remind me in many ways of a tame version of the exact same mania depicted in that episode of, erm, a serialised drama from the, er, mid ah nineties...  anyone still reading?  Never mind.

In any case, this is a purposeless but musically excellent podcast which is something of a lazy one, if I'm honest.  Frankly though, I think I deserve it after the effort put into the Pictish Session, so fuck you if you have an issue with that.  Tee hee.  There's a lot of new release stuff on here, a couple of bands reviewed recently on the site, and a couple who are going to be reviewed later this week. Next week I'll think of a theme. Promise.

Toadcast #63 - Sprrring is Here!

01. The Soft Pack - Right & Wrong (01.33)
02. Maxwell Panther - A Shade Away (08.24)
03. Phil & the Osophers - They Threw a Shoe at You (11.16)
04. The Felice Brothers - The Big Surprise (15.34)
05. The Empty Set - Alice & Bob (Forlorn Photo Love) (24.01)
06. The Van Allen Belt - The Revolution Will be Merchandised (27.24)
07. Meursault (no, not that Meursault) - Blindfolds (33.31)
08. Outlaw Con Bandana - Rainy Season (37.16)
09. Dame Satan - Ghost Dance (39.25)
10. Peter Doherty - 1939 Returning (49.30)

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