Toadcast #43 - The Fightcast

The Fightcast?  Yes, the fucking Fightcast.  Why?  Well because mp3 bloggers have been taking it in the arse with some force over the last week.  Posts are being deleted left right and centre, so presumably the major labels have decided to declare all-out war on blogs.  This is because they are scabby old unwashed cheesy penises.  This is not slander, I can prove it with charts and graphs.

Ultimately this is about corporate control of culture.  I don't want to sound like a ranting conspiracy theorist, but put simply, this is how it works.  People pay for things they feel passionate about.  People feel passionate about art, the creation thereof and the participation therein.  Consequently any company vaguely engaged in cultural endeavours desperately wants to own the loyalty and devotion of as many people as possible, and anyone participating in this arena is a threat.  Because grassroots art has more emotional resonance with people it is an ever bigger threat and must be exterminated.

They want blogs to exist inasmuch as we provide free market research and free A&R, but if we think we have any influence, any rights, or indeed any genuine loyalty, they wish us dead.  Fuck them, fuck their little games and fuck the horse they rode in on, they are whores.  If they don't want to play with normal people then let them withdraw.  Let them take REM and U2 and fuck off.  I would rather form a massive great list of small independent record labels that do want to play nicely and only ever cover them and unsigned bands, and let the big boys compete with the X-Factor, if they think they can.  Fuck them, let them drown in their own greed.

Toadcast #43 - The Fightcast

01. The Love Language - Lalita (02.20)
02. Honey Claws - Shout Out (07.14)
03. Findo Gask - One Eight Zero (10.56)
04. The Avett Brothers - Murder in the City (23.25)
05. Yusuf Azak - Ursa Major (28.02)
06. Miracle Fortress - Have You Seen in Your Dreams (30.53)
07. How To Swim - From Here to Dundee/Eternity (33.55)
08. Jib Kidder - Flip Flap (45.09)
09. Situationists - Onwards & Upwards (46.17)
10. Yusuf Azak - 19.19 (53.45)
11. The Avett Brothers - The Greatest Sum (Acoustic) (62.02)

Song, by Toad

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