Toadcast #39 - Orphaned Songs

This podcast contains a large number of songs from albums which I didn't really enjoy enough to want to review, but which nevertheless contained some excellent songs.  I never want to give a small or emerging band a shitty review because it just feels mean.  For me there's a certain threshold to be reached, after which you are fair game for anything I feel like saying because, frankly, why would you care, but smaller bands are never going to get a really hard time on this site.  Unless they behave like dicks of course, but I digress.

A lot of these albums contain songs I really like, but only one or two, and I really wanted them to be heard.  Also, give that your music taste and mine probably only partially overlap anyway (otherwise it would just be creepy) I think it's quite possible you might disagree and want to explore further.  It always amazes me how seriously people can take even my opinion, as some sort of self-appointed arbiter of musical worthiness, when neither I nor any other critic is any better placed or more worthy to judge than any random fanny off the street.  The only thing that sets us apart is not musical judgment, it's the slightly dubious compulsion to constantly be writing or talking about it for some unknown reason.

Anyway, that's only about half a dozen songs on this list, the rest are just there either because they don't entirely belong anywhere else, hence the Orphaned Songs title, and partly because I just felt like it.  Enjoy...

Toadcast #39 - Orphaned Songs

01. Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shivers - Let the Fever Out (HearYa Live Session) (02.40)
02. Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (07.30)
03. The Hurricanes - Down Below (13.46)
04. Simon Bookish - Dumb Terminal (21.30)
05. Adam & the Amethysts - Bumble Bee (23.49)
06. KiNo - Won't Do (29.29)
07. Rags & Feathers - Silent Movie Starlets (33.04)
08. Woodpigeon - Home as a Romaticised Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always & Forever (37.39)
09. Eagle Seagull - I'm Sorry but I'm Beginning to Hate Your Face (44.56)
10. Meursault - Westward, Ho (51.53)
11. Sun Kil Moon - Carry Me Ohio (57.26)

Song, by Toad

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