Toadcast #38 - The Deathcast

Yes, another podcast dedicated entirely to the End of the Road Festival.  I did the very same last year because I do rather love this festival, and the sheer quality of the lineup easily merits a podcast to itself.

Unlike last year, Mrs. Toad actually came with me this time around.  We drove this stupid old 1960s VW camper van down there, and Christ knows how we didn't die in the process.  The fucking thing steered like a bathtub full of water, there were no brakes at all and the only crumple zone was us.  The other disconcerting thing is the fact that VW campers are something of a community, so everyone who passed us in one would flash their lights and wave with the sort of sincere enthusiasm that made us mortally ashamed to be mere renters - mere passengers in a club full of such obviously devoted members, Christ we felt like charlatans.

Anyway, ignore our guilt and enjoy the podcast.  There's some fucking great music on this one.  And why is it called the Deathcast?  Because that blasted camper van we drove down in was an absolute death trap.  Honestly, want to die in a nasty accident?  Try driving a 60s VW camper van around the English countryside in the middle of the night in the pissing rain.

Toadcast #37 - The Oddcast[audio]

01. Micah P. Hinson - Patience (03.17)
02. Nick Cave & the Dirty Three - Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum (09.41)
03. The Young Republic - Shiloh (20.19)
04. Over the Wall - Thurso (23.22)
05. British Sea Power - Carrion (29.40)
06. The Pictish Trail - All I Own (36.50)
07. Shearwater - Levithan, Bound (41.31)
08. Jeffrey Lewis - Do They Owe (45.50)
09. The Wave Pictures - Leave That Scene Behind (50.39)
10. Richard Hawley - Coming Home (53.21)
11. Calexico - Minas de Cobre (For Better Metal) (59.55)

Song, by Toad

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