Toadcast #28 - The Fencecast

The 28th Toadcast is all about the Fence Collective. People who read this site regularly must know them, I assume, but I’ve been intending to do this post for a while as they might be my favourite label in music at the moment.

After Kenny Anderson’s last band fell apart about ten years ago or more, he started releasing his own stuff on hand made CD-Rs under the name of King Creosote and between him and his brothers and some of the other local musicians he’d grown up with in Fife, a collective started to form which has grown and grown. Now, thanks to the spotlight cast their direction by Kenny’s brother Gordon’s involvement with The Beta Band and The Aliens, the success of King Creosote and James Yorkston, and the rising of KT Tunstall (also a Fence alumnus, believe it or not) Fence Records have turned into one of the most beloved record labels in the country.

And actually, I think their approach of building a community rather than just pimping product might just have the potential to make them one of the success stories of Music 2.0, although that’s another story. So this podcast is all about Fence Records and the bands I have discovered due to their hard work, and why I think they’re great. What an arse-kisser I’ve turned into.

(Warning: I’m drunker than I sound and there is way too much talking in this one.)

Toadcast #28 - The Fencecast

01. Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra - Our Last Needle (03.17)
02. King Creosote - You’ve No Clue Do You (09.21)
03. James Yorkston & the Athletes - St. Patrick (16.33)
04. Art Pedro - Joanne (21.19)
05. MC Quake - It Feels Good to Be In Scotland (27.57)
06. Down the Tiny Steps - Handstand (36.44)
07. Adam Beattie - Bank Street (46.39)
08. Player Piano - Mercy (AC Mix) (49.35)
09. Candythief - A Good Day (56.47)
10. Rob St. John - Tipping In (60.06)
11. Adrian Crowley - Star of the Harbour (65.11)
12. Eagleowl - This is Not Your Lucky Day (67.47)
13. OLO Worms - Fingers & Thumbs (77.04)
14. HMS Ginafore - You Built a City Inside of Me (85.41)
15. Gummi Bako - She’s the Carrot & I’m the Stick (87.44)
16. The Pictish Trail - Words Fail Me Now (94.39)
17. Rich Amino - Chicken & Chips (99.02)
18. Sara Lowes - Uniform Days (104.22)
19. Magic Arm - Outdoor Games (108.11)
20. King Creosote - I’ll Fly By the Seat of My Pants (115.32)

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Well, perhaps Europop isn't quite the right term. Eurindie perhaps. This podcast is stuffed full of splendid tracks from the rest of the European continent which we, as marvellously parochial and narrow-minded Brits, seem to forget exists half the time.

I have no real idea how much this music actually intersects with any of the local scenes to which it might belong, but it is certainly nicely in tune with the British scene as I know it at the moment. Scandinavia is inevitably rather over-represented, but I have managed to track down a Belgian, a little Dutch and something (tangentially) Italian to throw into the mix as well. And a special secret bonus surprise for right at the end, but wait for it patiently and don't ruin it for yourselves by peeking.

The big thing I can't get over is just how much I had to leave out of this podcast actually.  I'd lazily assumed that it might be a little tricky to fill an entire playlist, but I could just as easily have filled two.  So don't whinge about what's not on there, because I know, I know! 

Toadcast #27 - Europop

01. The Divine Comedy - Europop (00.06)
02. Mikrofisch - The Kids Are All Shite (05.52)
03. A Classic Education - Stay, Son (10.40)
04. Wolfkin - These Are Illusions (14.14)
05. Tafra - Cheesy Epic View (19.47)
06. Kottarashky - Chetiri (21.32)
07. Teitur - Catherine the Waitress (29.40)
08. Jens Lekman - No Time For Breaking Up (35.44)
09. Shout Out Louds - Parents' Living Room (40.01)
10. The Tellers - Hugo (45.34)
11. Cats on Fire - Born Again Christian (49.47)
12. Yann Tiersen - Ginette (57.21)
13. Air - Alpha Beta Gaga (61.44)
14. The Raveonettes - That Great Love Sound (70.33)
15. Die Ärzte - Quark (73.41)
16. Bettie Serveert - I'll Keep it With Mine (77.19)
17. Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band - Doom City (82.46)
18. Röyksopp - Remind Me (87.36)
19. Sigur Rós - Untitled (?lafoss) (90.50)
20. Snapline - S2 (102.59)

Song, by Toad

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