Here we go folks: the first ever Toad Session, with local band and all-round Toad pals Broken Records. These sessions are generally going to take place in my living room, but seeing as these guys were quite keen to record one and their single release is imminent, it seemed sensible to rush things a little. So given my equipment has yet to arrive, we went down to Banana Row Studios and recorded four session tracks and had a bit of chat, and this is the result.

There's a full podcast, mp3s of the individual songs, a Flickr photo gallery and couple of videos of the whole business, so there's lots and lots of stuff to play with. I think in terms of workload I can possibly manage about one of these per month, so keep an eye out in the future.

Toadcast #26 - Broken Records Toad Session

The mp3s include their forthcoming single If the News Makes You Sad Don't Watch It, a couple of new tracks, Wolves and They All Fell Into the Sea, and a special Toad request, the truly beautiful Out on the Water.

Broken Records - If the News Makes You Sad, Don't Watch It
Broken Records - And They All Fell Into the Sea
Broken Records - Wolves
Broken Records - Out on the Water

The videos are all posted on the main Song, by Toad YouTube page. There are session videos of Out on the Water and Wolves, but the video of the whole session will be posted a little bit later. We're new to this, so the video editing is taking a little bit of time. It should be up in two weeks', hopefully, so you'll have to gird your loins until then I'm afraid, but I promise to let you know as soon as it makes an appearance.

Toadcast #26 Playlist:
01. Broken Records - If the News Makes You Sad, Don't Watch It (03.34)
02. Broken Records - A Good Reason (07.28)
03. Micah P. Hinson & the Gospel Of Progress - Don't You Forget (14.33)
04. John Cale - Paris 1919 (24.32)
05. The Moulettes - The Cannibal Song (29.40)
06. Yann Tiersen - Comptine D'un Autre Ete - L'apres-Midi (39.08)
07. Broken Records - And They All Fell Into the Sea (40.21)
08. Beirut - Elephant Gun (45.24)
09. The Waterboys - Sweet Thing (52.11)
10. Broken Records - Wolves (63.23)
11. My Latest Novel - When We Were Wolves (66.34)
12. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Love Letter (72.39)
13. Broken Records - Out On the Water (83.16)

If I have one slight issue with these it's that they're a little too polished and sensible, really. Not enough of the rude, random style I tend to think gives this site its character. Maybe recording them in the house will change this, but then the recordings won't be as good. Thoughts?  Too shiny?  Good like this?  Let me know what you think.

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