Bugger me, what fun! How about a podcast! By Me! With mandatory exclamation marks! Lots of them!!

Sorry about this chaps, but in truly characteristic all-or-nothing fashion, instead of getting my miserable arse in gear to record a meagre intro for the splendid Contrast Podcast I have, on my first outing, gone right out and recorded an entire podcast of my own. Bloody typical. I tell you what, if I don't finally get off my lazy, disorganised and generally fucking useless arse come the next Contrast Podcast time then I deserve to be tarred and feathered, so please hold me to that, I bloody deserve it.

And you've got to tell me what you think too, because believe me this is far more personal than blogging - shit, my own actual voice! The shield of a computer screen and four thousand miles' distance is some insulation believe me, whereas all you lot listening to me talk idiotically to myself in the middle of my own living room, well quite frankly it scares the shit out of me. So let me know - good? bad? indifferent? more? never again? It's in your hands, people, so make your voices heard.

Fancy a listen? Well click like fiends, Toadlets, like fiends!

Here's the tracklisting:

1. The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic (01.22)
2. Bishop Allen - Like Castanets (07.10)
3. Jet - Lazy Gun (10.21)
4. The Sequins - Patients (17.40)
5. Grandaddy - Broken Household Appliance National Forest (25.53)
6. The Wedding Present - Corduroy (30.25)
7. The Sequins - Nobody Dreams About Me (35.22)
8. The Shaky Hands - Whales Sing (38.30)
9. The Scottish Enlightenment - Eyes (44.02)
10. Sons & Daughters - Johnny Cash (48.55)

Song, by Toad

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