Toadcast #88 - The Manchester Podcast Right, given we've come down to Manchester for the Meursault gig, I thought I might make a podcast based around the two years I spent living here.  As I mentioned on this week's Friday Five, however, those were really not very happy times so basically this podcast is just a great big hour-long whinge about how shit my life was a couple of times a few years ago.

Nah, not really.  I mean, I do describe why life was tough then but it really isn't just a great big moan, I promise.  For some reason the music in my life at those times seems to have really stuck in my head and become incredibly strongly associated with the period in question.  Partly, I suppose, because the emotional succour you get from music when things are a bit rough is something you're grateful enough for for it to really form an important connection.

The other aspect is that on both those occasions I had so little music with me that the stuff I did have got played over and over again, so a really small amount of stuff really dominated my listening habits at that point, and became incredibly strongly intertwined with all of my memories of the time.  So, er, yes.  Here you go: The Manchester Podcast.

Toadcast #88 - The Manchester Podcast

01. Pearl Jam - Dissident (03.16)
02. The Newcranes - Box of Shadows (08.53)
03. James - Say Something (17.17)
04. The Lemonheads - Into Your Arms (20.30)
05. Blur - Clover Over Dover (27.00)
06. Yo La Tengo - On Our Way to Fall (39.47)
07. Moby - Southside (41.31)
08. Calexico - Removed (48.10)
09. Jolene - Constantinople (51.46)
10. The Magnetic Fields - Yeah! Oh, Yeah! (57.57)

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