Toadcast #77 - The Grouchcast

Sorry, I know this is going up late, but I have been working on the promotional material for the Jesus H. Foxx EP release.  There's a fair bit still to be done, but for the time being I am cautiously optimistic that it is going to look fucking brilliant.  There will be a lot of painting to be done though, so putting the final touches on the thing is going to take bloody ages, but I think it is going to be easily worth it.

In other news, this week's podcast is a prolonged chat with Euan (of Kays Lavelle, Trampoline, Steinberg Principle and Woodenbox fame) as a way of rounding up the excellent fortnight he spent feeding and changing Song, by Toad whilst Mrs. Toad and I were off gallivanting.  So, rather than make his usual grouchy, joyless comments on posts I thought I might invite him to make his grouchy joyless comments on a podcast.  So he came round and complained and complained and generally sulked his way through the whole thing, which was nice.

Oh alright, of course he didn't. But it just wouldn't be fun for me if I didn't make fun of Euan for being grouchy long past the time anyone else has ceased to find it funny. 

Oh stop sulking.  You're turning into him.  All of you.  Shame on you, people, shame on you.  Cheer the fuck up for God's sake.

Toadcast #77 - The Grouchcast

01. Wilco - Bull Black Nova (06.39)
02. The Kays Lavelle - Scars From the City (15.14)
03. There Will Be Fireworks - We Sleep Through the Bombs (27.37)
04. Beerjacket - Father (31.46)
05. iLiKETRAiNS - Terra Nova (39.36)
06. Andrew Bird - The Giant of Illinois (50.10)
07. Finn - The Fourth the Fifth (61.47)
08. Fleet Foxes - Oliver James (65.29)
09. Tom Waits - Temptation (74.12)

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