Toadcast #67 - The Wuzzlecast

This podcast is sort of like the Clustercast should have been.  I haven't actually listened to it yet, so I don't know if it's any good, but it sort of felt better, somehow.  It isn't anything like that incoherent and garbled anyway, which is a relief.

We spent the day collecting for the lifeboats, along with some excellent help from our pals Dylan from Blueback Hotrod, Neil from Meursault, Ed from 17 Seconds, Dave, Michael and the Stormettes from The Stormy Seas and Morgan from, erm, Glasgow.  I have to point out how important their help was as well.  It's easy to talk a good game and then to pussy out at the last minute, but despite the fact that both Neil and Ed had other things on today, everyone made the time to come down and help out, which is bloody good of them.  We collected a fair chunk of cash - Mrs. Toad's pretty blonde colleague collected the most, rather predictably.  Maybe we need fewer beardy alt-folkies and more hot babes next year.

Enjoy the podcast, then; we've got a lot of nautically-themed songs this week and could have had even more.  There are loads of songs, and we had far more on the list before trimming.  It's a bit out of control, this podcast, but actually I think it's quite good.  Dylan's roving reporter slots are just... well, they're just.  They're just. That's what they are.  Experience them for yourself.  Good luck.

Podcast #67 - The Wuzzlecast

01. The Pogues - The Ship Comes In (05.57)
02. Sad Day For Puppets - Big Waves (09.07)
03. Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (17.44)
04. James Yorkston - Sir Patrick Spens (26.22)
05. The Second Hand Marching Band - Not Yet (38.40)
06. The Stormy Seas - The Sea Wind (42.40)
07. Ute Lemper - Little Water Song (50.31)
08. Frightened Rabbit - Floating in the Forth (57.25)
09. Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians - The Wreck of the Arthur Lee (64.53)
10. American Music Club - The Song of the Rats Leaving the Sinking Ship (75.43)
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