Toadcast #58 - The Livecast

Live recordings - in fact, specifically, live albums - came up in a recent post on Song, by Toad and the idea of doing a podcast composed entirely of live recordings really appealed to me because there are so many great ones. 

That said, on the post in question there arose a debate, one voice expressing my deepest hatreds of the genre, and another being perhaps over-generous in the other direction.  Frankly, I despise the vast majority of live albums.  Mostly they are shit recordings of songs we already know, released for the sole reason of fleecing fans whose devotion has already been established, and whose wallets can clearly be plundered for a few more empty sheckles. 

Despite that, of course, there are some truly stunning live recordings.  In fact, I'd argue that some of the most memorable, legendary recordings of all  time are in fact live ones.  Bob Dylan live at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester in 1966.  Bruce Springsteen pretty much any time in the seventies.  Basically, for all live recordings are mostly rip-off bollocks, there are some truly phenomenal live albums, ones which open your eyes to the artist, ones which fill in that artist's musical upbringing, and some which are just genuinely amazingly wonderful recordings in their own right.  Therefore we bring to you the Livecast.  Enjoy, Toadlings...

Toadcast #57 - Production Values

01. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - 10th Avenue Freeze Out (04.09)
02. Andrew Bird - Why (11.47)
03. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Papa Won't Leave You Henry (16.22)
04. The Moulettes - Country Joy Song (25.29)
05. Colin Meloy - Blues Run the Game (32.49)
06. Quasar Wut-Wut - The Partisan (35.45)
07. Jeff Mangum - Two Headed Boy (43.04)
08. Tom Waits - Diamonds on My Windshield (54.37)
09. Billy Bragg - Days Like These (DC Remix) (56.46)
10. Ben Folds Five - Satan is My Master (60.15)
11. Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone (64.16)

Song, by Toad

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