Samamidon Toad Session

The day after his amazing live set at the Bowery, Sam Amidon came round to the house to record a Toad Session.  He didn't have all that much time, and I don't think he quite knew what he'd let himself in for either, so this one is pretty brief.  Still, between this and the footage from the live show I think we have a really nice portrait of the guy, who is so different in person from his recordings.  Whilst the latter may be beautiful, and whilst All Is Well is an amazingly lovely album, his personality dominates his live show so much it gives you such a different perspective on his music.

As per usual, we have the session podcast below, and after that the Toad Session mp3 files, which you are free to pass around as you please.  The videos are posted below that, and can all be found on the Song, by Toad Vimeo page (recommended) as well as the YouTube page (shit, but popular, so I have to put them there too).  There's also a series of photos from the session, which can be found on our Flickr page.  The tracklisting for the podcast is at the bottom of this post - enjoy!

Toadcast #55 - Samamidon Toad Session

And the downloadable, shareable, huggable mp3s from the session:

Samamidon - 1842 (Toad Session)

Samamidon - Pretty Fair Damsel (Toad Session)

Samamidon - Fiddle Mayhem (Toad Session)

And the videos:

This is the main Toad Session video.

Samamidon's live Toad Session version of 1842, recorded in January 2009 for songbytoadcom.

During his Toad Session we persuaded Sam to play his fiddle, and believe me it's something to behold. He switches from these perfect reels into abstract experimentalism and back and, as long as the screeching doesn't put you off, it's truly amazing to see. Recorded for in January 2009.

Samamidon's live Toad Session version of Pretty Fair Damsel, recorded in January 2009 for

And the playlist for Toadcast #55 - Samamidon Toad Session:

01. Samamidon - 1842 (Toad Session) (05.23)
02. Peter & Mary Alice Amidon - True Born Sons of Levi (10.23)
03. Mary Margaret O'Hara - When You Know Why You're Happy (12.49)
04. Shirley Collins - Lovin' Hannah (18.17)
05. Samamidon - Pretty Fair Damsel (Toad Session) (24.16)
06. Othar Turner & The Rising Star Fife And Drum - Bouncin' Ball (33.20)
07. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Swimming Song (36.29)
08. Doveman - Happy (38.53)
09. Samamidon - Fiddle Mayhem (Toad Session) (47.49)

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