Hello and welcome back to the Toad Sessions. I was a little drunk when I noticed that Alela Diane was playing in Edinburgh as part of the Triptych Festival, so the idea of emailing her label and inviting her to do a Toad Session didn't seem quite so preposterous. In the morning, I thought I was mad and would be laughed at, but amazingly they agreed, and now here it is. This one was also recorded by Nick at Bananarow and he's done another amazing job - the songs sound absolutely gorgeous. Dylan's pictures can be found at the Flickr page, and we have some more videos at the Song, by Toad YouTube page. Here's the interview podcast, with the tracklisting at the bottom of the page. Toadcast #30 - Alela Diane & Mariee Sioux Toad Session Here are the sessions tracks themselves. The Cuckoo is a traditional song, and Dry Grass & the Shadows is from Alela's new album which should hopefully be out later this year. Mariee's songs are Flowers & Blood from her recent album Faces in the Rocks, whereas the gorgeous Icarus Eye is an old song from a home release. Alela Diane - Dry Grass & the Shadows Alela Diane - The Cuckoo Mariee Sioux - The Icarus Eye Mariee Sioux - Flowers & Blood Here are the videos, all hosted at the YouTube page. Again, the interview is going to have to go up later because I seem to have entirely lost Morgan, my resident editing expert, so I've had to cobble these things together myself. I am going to work on the interview movies as best I can, so they should hopefully be available in a week or two. Alela Diane - Dry Grass & the Shadows movie. Mariee Sioux - The Icarus Eye movie. 01. Alela Diane - Dry Grass & the Shadows (Toad Session) (04.51) 02. The Shaky Hands - Summer's Life (08.36) 03. Johnny Cash - I See a Darkness (11.45) 04. The Holy Modal Rounders - Hesitation Blues (20.42) 05. Neutral Milk Hotel - The Communist's Daughter (24.10) 06. Mariee Sioux - Flowers & Blood (Toad Session) (26.07) 07. Hem - Half Acre (32.29) 08. Bonnie Prince Billy - No Bad News (41.41) 09. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Twistification (46.05) 10. Vashti Bunyan - Glow Worms (53.35) 11. Mariee Sioux - The Icarus Eye (Toad Session) (58.10) 12. Alela Diane - The Cuckoo (Toad Session) (62.56) Well I hope you like these. The next session is going to be with local band Meursault, and will be the first one to be recorded in Toad Hall. Very exciting!
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