Toadcast #131 - The Brocast

My brother heads off today, so I figured we'd take one last chance to do a podcast while we can.  This is mostly new stuff and inbox though, so I am not sure how he'll react.

Actually, he was in the room last week while I went through my inbox, played stuff, replied to emails, deleted things, and so on and so forth.  I think his response was that he simply wouldn't be able to handle the avalanche of shit I have to get through, and that it would simply turn him off music completely.

I don't mind that, I have to confess, because although some people do send me wildly inappropriate things, after two hours of listening to one 'psychedelic rock band who are blazing a trail across the LA scene right now' after another I then open an email from Allister Izenberg, which was possibly the most terse, abrupt and non-sugar-coated promo email I have ever read, even including Trips and Falls.  It was such a bad email actually that even before listening I had a sneaky suspicion I was going to really like the music, and boy oh boy was I right.  It makes all the 'rock, hip-hop, funk fusion's next big thing' emails easily worthwhile.

01. Hot Lava - Pink Lemonade (02.52)
02. Burnt Island - Hiding Out (07.42)
03. King Post Kitsch - Monomaniac (11.26)
04. Glass Animals - Leaflings (19.17)
05. Allister Izenberg - Little Swan (24.24)
06. Television Keeps us Apart - Voices (33.22)
07. Ola Belle Reid - High on a Mountain (41.01)
08. Clarence Ashley - Cuckoo Bird (51.54)
09. Willard Grant Conspiracy & Telefunk - The Cuckoo (54.23)
10. Soft Cat - Blackbird (62.41)

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