Toadcast #127 - The Eggcast

I remember when I first started writing Song, by Toad, people when they first latched onto the site would occasionally refer to the not all that infrequents bursts of rage and frustration with the music industry as 'a breath of fresh air' and stuff like that, for the simple reason that if I thought something was fucking shit, then I would say so.

I had noticed that sort of post becoming less frequent myself over the last couple of years, and even Mrs. Toad remarked the other day that random outbursts of rage were becoming really quite rare.

I thought about this, and I think that the reason no-one in the music industry has any balls when it comes to the simple task of telling it like it is - on the face of it, quite a simple thing to do - is the same as the reason that I tend to be quite tame these days myself: you get to know everyone, you become friends with them, and it becomes almost impossible.

If I turn around and say 'all the venues in Edinburgh are shit', what does that say to my friend Nick, who works his arse off to make Sneaky Pete's one of the best.  And what if I say 'the NME is fucking rubbish' and someone thinks, 'oh, I might review this nice album by Inspector Tapehead, but I wonder what this Song, by Toad thing is...' You get my point.

Toadcast #127 - The Eggcast

01. Arcade Fire - Month of May (01.37)
02. Takeda - A Million Years (10.58)
03. Adelaide's Cape - Anchored Down (15.55)
04. Yo La Tengo - Outsmartener (26.44)
05. Skuobhie DUbh Orchestra - Eggshell Miles (33.49)
06. The Last Battle - Ruins (36.44)
07. The Mountains and the Trees - More and More and More (47.11)
08. Liars - The Overachievers (50.45)
09. The Recovery Club - Rest and Be Thankful (53.54)
10. Meursault - Hey Joe (Daniel Johnston Cover) (62.49)

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