Toadcast #120 - The Swing-O-Cast

We have been collecting for the lifeboats today and as usual we have had a massive, lovely meal prepared by my darling Mrs. Toad.  It was fucking awesome, I have to tell you, and anyone who wasn't here truly did miss out.

We, and the RNLI, owe a massive debt of thanks to Sharon from the Wirral, Euan from The Kays Lavelle (and many other things), Peter from next door, Matthew from Glasgow (as of last week), Ella from the Last Battle, Lucy and Catherine from Mrs. Toad's Finance Corp., Jamie from Broken Records, and Dylan and Ed who turned up and were nice but didn't really do much.

In terms of actually making a difference, it's worth pointing out that the collection in Stockbridge has hovered around the £200 mark for about the last thirty years, but since us young 'uns have been involved that number has almost tripled, which is sort of nice.  It actually does make a big difference when you all turn up and show some enthusiasm and commit even just a few hours to helping out.  Charity people can be a bit pushy at times, so it gets a bit of a bad rap, but it really does make an important difference.  So thank you.  And hopefully we'll see you all again next year.

Toadcast #120 - The Swing-O-Cast

1. The Bonzo Dog Band - No Matter Who You Vote For, the Government Always Gets In (5.35)
2. Billy Bragg - The Marching Song of the Covert Battalions (13.27)
3. Wham! - Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) (22.23)
4. Pet Shop Boys - Opportunites (28.59)
5. The Dead Kennedys - Kill the Poor (41.00)
6. Bruce Springsteen - Atlantic City (44.04)
7. REM - Ignoreland (52.33)
8. Pearl Jam - Bu$hleaguer (60.39)
9. Gao Yuqian, Liu Changyu, Qian Haoliang - The Party Has Taught Your Son to be a Man of Iron (80.01)
10. Erase Errata - Another Genius Idea from our Government (81.44)

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