Toadcast #114 - The South by Southcast

Another stunt podcast for you, this was recorded on Sunday night after and afternoon of beer and Margaritas on South Congress in Austin - probably the most enjoyable day of the whole festival for me actually, and one which involved no more music than walking past the queue for an Alejandro Escovedo show.

What it did involve, however, was breakfast tacos, a splendid Mexican tat shop, a Western supply shop full of incredibly cool cowboy boots and shirts and so on, and then an afternoon sitting in the sun and shooting the breeze with Peej, Vic, Alex from Fatcat and Ben from Instinctive Raccoon.  Oh, and repeatedly having people spill beer on my jeans, there was that as well.

Anyhow, in the evening we were joined by Stuart from the Scottish Arts Council (who does a highly passable impersonation of Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons) and recorded this rather messy podcast before, erm... going bowling with Broken Social Scene and We Were Promised Jetpacks, sort of.  Actually, that's rather an exaggeration.  We went to a fantastically cool bowling alley place to eat, and then those two bands, who seem to have become friends, wandered in, ate something, said hello and then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening bowling.  I wouldn't recognise Broken Social Scene of course, but apparently that's who they were, and it did lend the evening a slightly surreal tinge.

Toadcast #114 - The South by Southcast

01. We Were Promised Jetpacks - It's Thunder and it's Lightning (02.53)
02. The Entrance Band - Grim Reaper Blues (11.33)
03. Shearwater - Black Eyes (20.49)
04. Broken Social Scene - Let's Get Out of Here (Live at Radio Aligre) (24.17)
05. Hudson Mohawke - Fuse (33.59)
06. Midlake - Young Bride (41.31)
07. The Real Heroes - Baby Must've Known (46.07)
08. Plants & Animals - Jacques (56.19)
09. Dan Mangan - Robots (63.09)
10. Gay Witch Abortion - Down With Giants (73.07)

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