Toadcast #104 - The Bleepcast This is all about my beepy-bloopy tendencies and how I got into the stuff in the first place.

I better point out, right at the beginning, that I don't see there being any difference between indie and electronica exactly.  Or at least, the dividing line is so blurred and there is so much crossover that the distinction is completely pointless, really.

I think the only reason I really make a distinction myself is because I became a music obsessive by listening to the likes of Dylan and Tom Waits and so on, and then moved onto the like of The Pogues and the Waterboys - not a beep in sight, basically.

Consequently, when I heard bands like Saint Etienne, although I loved lots of it I didn't explore much further because I just wasn't to electronic noises.  In actual fact, by the end of the podcast I think I come to the conclusion that it was actually an electronic beat which I really wasn't used to, mostly, but in any case, I found it quite hard to get into anything vaguely electro for ages.  Given that I could barely make a distinction between the two these days, that seems kind of odd, too.

Toadcast #104 - The Bleepcast

01. The Pet Shop Boys - Rent (03.46)
02. Stereolab - The Light That Will Cease to Fail (12.09)
03. Dubstar - St. Swithin's Day (15.25)
04. U2 - Lemon (23.05)
05. Jason Lytle - On a Piece of Wood I Go (30.49)
06. The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist (35.57)
07. LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum (40.42)
08. Money Can't Buy Music - We Are All Asphyxiate (48.59)
09. Magic Arm - Daft Punk is Playing at My House (52.41)
10. Parts & Labour - Fractured Skies (.)
11. Jon Hopkins - Circle My Demise (King Creosote) (65.13)

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