Toadcast #103 - Baby, it's Cold Outside It's freezing outside and (just slightly) covered in snow (about half an inch) so naturally the entire nation has ceased to function.  Erm, okay, it really isn't that cold and the snow really isn't that big a deal in all honesty but of course given the worst weather conditions we usually have to deal with are constant and life-sapping drizzle it seems that it's all come as a bit of a shock to the nation as a whole.

We live in a city by the sea of course, which means that we never get the sunshine which is promised and sadly, during the winter, we never get the snow or the cold either.  In the countryside it may occasionally be dangerous, but in the city it's never much more than a stunningly picturesque inconvenience, and the bastard stuff will all have melted by next week anyway, so we might as well enjoy it while we still can.

This week the podcast is not themed at all, it's just new and interesting stuff from my inbox.  I tend not to just slap up promo tracks emailed to me by PR chappies on the blog because, frankly, I really have nothing to say about them yet and I don't really like firing out posts on the site when I don't really have an opinion, right wrong or otherwise, to accompany it.  Podcasts, on the other hand, are a bit more spontaneous so they seem like a more suitable place to put new and interesting stuff before I have any real chance to figure out whether or not I actually like it properly.

Toadcast #103 - Baby, it's Cold Outside

01. Timber Timbre - Magic Arrow (Daytrotter Session) (01.47)
02. Drew Danburry - Many are Cold, but Few are Freezing (11.11)
03. Barton Carroll - The Poor Boy Can't Dance (14.57)
04. Kid Canaveral - Good Morning (21.50)
05. The Middle East - The Darkest Side (28.19)
06. Eluvium - The Motion Makes Me Last (38.04)
07. Final Fantasy - Lewis Takes Action (43.12)
08. Rachael Dadd - Table (50.13)
09. Woodpigeon - Music Belongs to Those Who Make It (56.15)
10. Samamidon - How Come That Blood (62.32)

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