What a weird, monumentally depressing and yet slightly hopeful few days we've had. A majority elected Tory government basically labels whatever percent of the imbecilic British people who voted for them as rapacious, bullying, socially vindictive, economically illiterate idiots. And there is literally nothing to be happy about in them being elected to govern Britain again. Nothing.

But on the other hand, where Labour destroyed themselves by failing to refute plainly ridiculous Tory fairy tales about the economy, and by being cowed into bowing to their (plain stupid as well as utterly immoral) program of increased welfare cuts, and their (plain stupid as well as utterly immoral) crusade against immigration and asylum, at least Scotland massively embraced the most vocal, credible alternative in the whole conversation.

This shouldn't be seen as a wholesale endorsement of all SNP policies, or even their track record. I don't want to live in a one-party state, and I think we'll see a far more politically diverse result during the Scottish Parliament elections, not least because we embrace proportional representation up here, and that the country will be the better for it.

What this was was a complete rejection of a long-discredited economic dogma and an utterly regressive social narrative spun by one vindictive and avaricious party and barely countered at all by the self-described alternative. It was a rejection of the Lib Dems for their spineless support for a Tory government and complete abandonment of their election promises. It was basically a backlash against two parties who have show their spinelessness in the face of the other, and the narrow cowardice of the Westminster consensus.

It may not fix much in and of itself, but at least up here people have called bullshit as loudly and unanimously as possible. 

01. Breakfast Muff - Dishes (00.22)
02. Onions - You're Not As Boring As (06:15)
03. Joey Fourr - My Dolphins (10.00)
04. Crystal Shipsss - Drum (14.44)
05. Min Diesel - War Band (25.51)
06. Klangstof - Hostage (33.09)
07. Leisure - Got it Bad (38.41)
08. Coin Locker Kid - Boy Toy Pts. 1&2 (45.04)
09. Supermoon - Sarah (Toad Session) (56.55)
10. Trupa Trupa - Halleysonme (1.00.55)

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